Presidents year in review 2004

September 2004 saw the official registration and opening of the Rugby League Association (Singapore) - RLAS

Originally started almost a year before as a conversation between Phill Browne and some of the local Singapore residents both expats and local lads playing rugby union the conversation took on the possibility of rugby league starting up in Singapore.

The above conversation has led to reality and rugby league is here in Singapore to stay.


After explaining to so many people that rugby league to rugby union is like coffee to tea I leave it to your imagination as to the difficulties of trying to promote "The Best Game In The World" (hope we don't get a bill for using that line). So after a few months of explaining and promoting league into Singapore we were (With lots of help from Phill Browne, Martin Meredith and Paul (Dutch) Holland) able to rally a small number of people to kick things off.


After a few months of planning and setting up the management committee team the following months were as expected trying times to gather momentum and keep it going. Starting with mainly young energetic, and enthusiastic polytechnic students (volunteers from the Singapore Polytechnic) the RLAS started off with a clinic for coaching and referees, a clinic from the British Police Rugby League Team, big guys with big hearts we hope to see again, and some local tournaments that were sanctioned by the RLAS. RLAS has still got a long road to follow but with the current management team we hope to smoothen out all the bumps along the way and move forward with our vision and look forward to a good 2005 (which by the way starts after the Lunar New Year otherwise known as Chinese New Year)

Best regards to all and Gong Xi Fa Chai


Phill Browne RLAS International Liason Director [email protected]