Prince masterclass dismisses inept Raiders

Tonight, the Gold Coast Titans have produced a clincal and patient display to defeat an inept Canberra Raiders side 24-4 at Skilled Park. Gold Coast started on fire, getting several opportunities with the football and marched upfield after Anthony Laffranchi intercepted a ball and Scott Prince slotted the penalty goal to give the Titans an early advantage. Titans continued to mount set after set through the kicking of Prince and finally the pressure was too much, with Prince himself taking an inside ball and strolling over for the only try of the first half. The rest of the half, was tackling practice for the Raiders because if they weren't dropping it out, they were dropping it in early in the tackle count. One positive from the first half for the Raiders, was Campese's 40/20 and the fact they didn't allow the Titans anymore points. Halftime couldn't come quick enough for the Raiders, who were only down 8-0 at the break. The second half started off brighter for Canberra, they got repeat sets through some drop ball but couldn't capitalise but finsally when Gold Coast got some ball they piled on the points with tries to Tomane off a great catch and pass from Bird, Kevin Gordon who got some good early ball and put an in and out on Canberra fullback Josh Dugan and finally David Mead who strolled over untouched. The game got a bit undisciplined once the Titans gained a huge lead but Canberra after camping down on the Titans line for the last few minutes got a consolation try through Daniel Vidot but they will have to sit down and examine their ball control and attacking structures after tonight's game before taking on the Tigers at home. Gold Coast on the otherhand will travel north to Townsville to face a downbeat Cowboys side.

Match Details Gold Coast Titans 24 defeated Canberra Raiders 4 National Rugby League - NRL - Round 3 - Saturday March 27, 2010 9:30pm Venue: Skilled Park Referee: Ben Cummins and Chris James Video Referee: Chris Ward Touch Judges: Grant Atkins and Luke Phillips Crowd: 11521 Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 8 Canberra Raiders 0 players of the match:

3 Points - Scott Prince (1 Try, 3 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)

2 Points - Joseph Tomane (1 Try)

1 Point - Josh Dugan

Gold Coast Titans (24)
Tries: Scott Prince, Joseph Tomane, Kevin Gordon, David Mead
Field Goals: Scott Prince (0/1)
Conversions: Scott Prince (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Scott Prince (1/1)

Canberra Raiders (4)
Tries: Daniel Vidot
Conversions: Terry Campese (0/1) Live Commentary Welcome to a beautiful Skilled Park for the last of three games of Super Saturday and both sides in tonight's clash are named as per program.
Earlier in the u20's Canberra won a low scoring thriller 14-12 over the Titans.
1 min: Canberra get us underway here at Skilled with Ashley Harrison a very late scratching with Will Matthews slotting onto the bench and Sam Tangataese starting.
2 min: A good hit by the Titans forces the ball free and swooped on by the Titans. First opportunity of the game goes to the Gold Coast.
3 min: Good end to their first set for the Titans, dribbling it in goal and forcing a repeat set.
5 min: Prince launches it across field for Tomane who spins out of one tackle but is held up by Croker and Picker.
5 min: Raiders get some help out of their own end, with a Titan player having his hand on the ball and gets penalised.
6 min: Titans march downfield after Anthony Laffranchi intercepts the ball and they get a penalty for being offside. Play is stopped so Shaun Fensom can recieve some attention.
After Fensom gets back into the line, Prince opts for the penalty and slots it easily.
Gold Coast Titans 2-0
9 min: Sam Tagataese is having a wow of a start, making another break and giving to Prince to lay it in-goal for a second drop out.
10 min: Croker knocks the ball down which heads into the in-goal and Dugan is caught but NO! tries to get out but is caught in the end for a third dropout.
12 min: Canberra are defending their line with some great conviction, finally getting a reprieve after Titans knock it on in-goal.
16 min: Gold Coast receive six again after it's touched by Canberra and are storming into Raiders area.
17 min: Another drop out coming for the Titans after Dugan knocks it dead and hits his head on the ground.
19 min: TRY
Raiders finally crack here, with Prince taking a nice inside ball from Rogers to score. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Gold Coast Titans 8-0
21 min: Troy Thompson, fresh onto the field drops it with his first touch, adding to the defense the Raiders have to do.
22 min: Prince is again pin-point with his kick to trap McCrone in goal for the Raider's fifth dropout of the night already.
23 min: If it's not drop out's it's penalties causing the Raiders to defend another set of six.
23 min: Finally some relief for the Raider, with Sam Tanagtaesae, trying to play it too quick and dropping the ball.
25 min: Terry Campese kicks it deep and it bounces down into the 20m line, to give Raiders their first attacking set after 25 minutes!
26 min: Josh McCrone has a brain snap and kicks it on third tackle when they had the overlap to the right.
29 min: Terry Campese launches a huge bomb which is batted down by Tomane into Mead who is offside for a penalty. Canberra drop it off the resulting set to relief the pressure.
30 min: Raiders compound the mistake with a penalty, allowing the titans to march upfield and on fifth launch a bomb which is knocked on, 20m tap to Canberra.
33 min: Canberra get another penalty after Luke Bailey trips a Canberra player and is put on report.
34 min: Jarrod Croker wastes the momentum from the penalty, dropping the ball.
35 min: Matt Rogers takes a pass but juggles it a few times before dropping it cold. Canberra on the attack.
36 min: Canberra recieve a second straight penalty with the Titans never being onside. Raiders spread it with Dugan floating to Stuart who steps in but is held up,
39 min: Off the massive kick downfield by Campese, Campbell sends the Titans upfield and Mead is away! He has Dugan to beat but he draws him near the sideline and makes a great tackle taking him into touch!
Canberra drop it with 30 seconds to go, allowing one more raid for the Titans and Prince tries to slot a field goal but it is wide!
Gold Coast Titans 8-0
40 min: HALFTIME - A spirited defensive effort by Canberra to only let in one try even after five dropouts. Titans will be disappointed they couldn't score some more points.
41 min: The Titans get us underway for a second half, with the Raiders having first use of the ball and it's dropped by Tilse.
42 min: The ball will be given straight back to the Raiders after the Titans knock it on.
43 min: Canberra continue on where they left off and drop it on their second set in the second half.
45 min: Preston Campbell juggles a kick return and knocks it on, giving Raiders some premium possession but right off the scrum, Alan Tongue drops it!
46 min: An obstruction penalty as a Titans player tries to run around Brad Meyers, deemed to be gaining an advantage.
50 min: Josh Dugan puts his body on the line to stop Preston Campbell who grubbered through and get the Raiders some possession.
52 min: A nice movement by Canberra, sending Vidot on the run but he is roped in by two Titan defenders and taken into touch.
54 min: David Mead puts on a magical play to kick and re-gather the ball but unfortunately he put a foot into touch. Canberra hang on again.
55 min: Canberra shooting themselves in the foot again, trying to play the ball too quickly and it's deemed a knock on.
58 min: TRY
Canberra's line finally cracks after a nice catch and pass by Greg Bird, puts Tomane in right in the corner. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Gold Coast Titans 14-0
60 min: Travis Waddell is hammered throwing a pass for Josh McCrone who knocks on the ball. Waddell is looking a tad worse for wear.
62 min: Canberra finally get the ball out of their area, with a penalty but they can't even make it to touch! Canberra rectify this though through Thurling who dislodges the ball from Campbell to give Raiders back the possession.
63 min: Josh Dugan takes the line on and kicks it in-goal, gifting the Raiders their first repeat set in the game.
65 min: Campese tries a short kick on the third tackle but it goes dead before Tongue can reel it in.
67 min: TRY
Titans recieve a penalty for the Raiders not retreating the ten. Titans off the next set, throw it to Gordon who puts an in and away on Dugan to score and definitely lock up the game for the Gold Coast Titans. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince unsuccessful.
Gold Coast Titans 18-0
69 min: The errors continue for the Raiders, this time Dugan knocks on in goal to give the Titans another dropout.
71 min: TRY
It's becoming a rout now, with Joseph Tomane jumping high for the bomb and offloading it for Mead who crosses untouched. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Gold Coast Titans 24-0
75 min: Gotten a tad sloppy since the result ins't in doubt now.
77 min: Raiders get another repeat set and off the first run Troy Thompson gets hit high and recieves the penalty.
78 min: Another set to the Raiders after a hit off the ball on Fensom. Can Canberra put some points on the board.
80 min: TRY
Canberra finally get on the board for a consolation try, after a short side play for Vidot to score. Conversion attempt by Campese unsuccessful.
Gold Coast Titans 24-4
80 min: FULLTIME - Canberra just weren't in the game at anytime, dropped ball and repeat sets were the killer. Titans were clincial in their execution.

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