Prophecies from the Penninsula

Newcastle Knights members, for the sake of your club, get out and vote tonight at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre!

For too long one of rugby league's strongholds, the Hunter Valley, has been represented by a club that has been walking with a limp. A lack of financial strength has weighed down the Newcastle Knights, so much so that they now have debts of around $4m. This financial hardship has not allowed the Newcastle administration to present their team and support staff with the necessary environment to thrive in the NRL.

Tonight it could all change, tonight could potentially be the greatest night in the history of the Newcastle Knights since their last premiership win in 2001.

From 7pm, Knights members will be able to submit their vote concerning the proposed takeover by Nathan Tinkler through his Tinkler Sports Group.

For the takeover to take effect, Tinkler will need 75% of the votes to fall in his favour, the same number barely grasped by Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court when they were granted ownership of South Sydney by its members.

Since talks of the takeover first emerged there has been a feeling of apprehension from more than a few in the Newcastle community, a small portion believe they are justified in resisting, and to their detriment, will not budge, some have been unable to get over the feeling that they will be losing