Put on the brakes

Whilst the Dragons are on fire and all of us fans are getting pumped about our prospects the reality is we have not achieved anything of substance as yet and it is important everyone involved with the Club; players, management, coaches and supporters keep our feet on the ground and focus on the hard slog ahead.

It may be the oldest adage in sport but it really is a week to week prospect, and that can be no truer than this week when we take on the team that inflicted on thee Bulldogs their biggest loss in seventy years. While the Dogs were injury ravaged, as a club they have faced many crisis before and never stooped this low, so to under-estimate Parra both this week and in the finals will be at our peril.

As Dragons supporters we should know better than anyone that finishing the season high up the ladder is no guarantee of a grand final birth and that making a grand final doesn?t guarantee us a win. In 1999 and stretching back to 96 and 92 S George finished down the ladder and managed to beat the teams who performed all year to make grand finals. And the Steelers in 1992 and St George in 1993 proved that top of the table finishes doesn?t guarantee a premiership either.

To get to the finish line we need to focus on the process each week and the results will follow. Beating Parramatta will be a huge effort and we will need to do all the little things right to get over the line. Then we have a week to take stock and focus on a Knights team who if not for a horror start would be a contender for the title this year. If we win both games we are a strong chance of a Top 2 finish and after last years painful experience we know better than any other club how valuable a second chance is if you have a disaster 20 minutes.

So, sorry to bring the mood down everyone but I have my eye on the real prize, and the only way to get there is to win the smaller prize available each week on the path to the glory we so richly deserve.

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