QLD Junior Rugby League Carnival

A 36-YEAR rugby league tradition continues next week when the Zone 5 Under 10 years (35kg) Junior Rugby League Carnival kicks off at the Charleville Showgrounds.

The carnival, which will run from June 25th - 30th, will see 150 young footballers in 10 teams from across southern Queensland come together in what is well known as the family Carnival.

For many young players it is a first taste of representative football, but while the youngsters will be testing each other at their competitive best, the Carnival is a proven achiEver as a cultural exchange.

Players will be representing country areas from as far afield as host centre Charleville, Cunnamulla, Roma, Central Downs (Allora, Clifton, Warwick,Killarney), Western Downs (Tara, Chinchilla, Wondoan, Miles, Jandowae, Taroom), McIntyre (Inglewood, Texas, Goondiwindi) & Balonne-Barwon (St.George, Dirranbandi, Mungindi, Lightning Ridge), along with metropolitan areas including Redcliffe, Wynnum & Murrumba.

The city boys mix with the country boys for five days of footy, and will also take in all that Charleville has to offer which should include some stargazing at the Cosmic Centre.

The Carnival is a whole community event, receiving tremendous support from everyone in town along with sponsorship from many local businesses.

In what is the first time Charleville has hosted the Zone 5 Under 10 Years (35kg) Carnival since being admitted in 2001, Carnival Convenor Brian Parr and his assistants have done a mighty job having everything prepared for what will be a real showpiece for junior rugby league in the west.

Redcliffe hosted the carnival last year and will be looking to retain the Champions title they won on home turf.

Competing teams:

Balonne-Barwon: Jacob Dewburry, Brodie Lamb, Eddie Cleary, Clinton Cumner, Todd Ellis, Robert Lane, Zac Knox, Jakson Tooth, Matt Bass, William Oliver, Patrick Smith, Logan Taylor, Alex Jakins, Tim Houston, Nangarra Barker. Coach: Tim Knox. Manager: Rob Houston.

Central Downs: Joseph Morris, Mitchell Young, Thomas Henry, Neil Ranger, Luke Keogh, Jeremy Wright, Joseph Hibberd, Luke Donn, Mitchell Rabbitt, Jacob James, Chad Banks, Mitchell McMahon, Cory Fogarty, Joshua Teuthof, George Hoey. Coach: Neil Wilson. Manager: Bob Shannon. Trainer: Jack Duggan.

Charleville: Hobie Pegg, Daniel Bruce, Trae Carter-Lewis, Dusty Allwood, Joe Hennessy, Daniel Jennings, Matt Adcock, Ben Carmichael, Nick Spencer, Johnathon Still, Ben Tully, Tom Dawson, Jack Illguth, Jack Roberts, Chris Doyle. Coach: Jeff Spencer. Manager: Cameron Adcock.

Cunnamulla: Addison Mitchell, Curtis Gaulton, Andrew Cavanough, Terence Smith, Darren Munn, Cameron Mitchell, Shannon Robinson, Molly O'Connell, Ben Mitchell, Dylan Jenson, Kaleb Wessling, Timothy Irvin, Casey Smart, Clinton Cavanough, Camdon Mitchell. Coach: Kevin Mitchell,Manager: Rebecca Brice.

McIntyre: Saul Whiley, Tim Einam, Brayden McGrady, D.J. Paton, Alex Sinclair, Will Gilbert, Ben Braden, Thomas Smith, Will Carter, Jordan Lowe, Jamie Rodilossi, Bo Moorcroft, Jacob Wise, Kallan Ashton, Tom Landers. Coach: Duncan Braden. Manager: Greg Gilbert. Trainer: Michael Wise.

Murrumba: Hayden Bishop, Luke Neilson, Lachlan Bowes, Jack Perrett, David Chew, Casey Boardman, Shaun Spiers, Tyson Gamble, Bradley Boyes, Jordan Vanbiuggen, Jack Miers, Clayton Sampson, Steele Hemmings, Slade Price, Cody Pechey Coach: Darcy Roberts. Manager: Debra Turnbull. Trainer: Graham Turnbull.

Redcliffe: Jamie Hilliar, Nash Hawthorne, Tyson Smith-Webster, Benjamin Hughes, Ayden Mitchell, Patrick Hinds, Cody Moore, Calvin Boutlon, Matthew Dwyer, Sam Malcolm, Zach Costello, Dylan Bullock, Zac Smithers, Michael Screnci. Coach: David Martin. Manager: Tanya Hilliar.

Roma & District: Jack Just, Lachlan Thompson, Scott Evans, Michael Hancock, Jaydin Walker, Ben Stanford, Sam Leach, John Wheaton, Hunter Eccleston, Kyle Mitchell, Aaron Lane, Brodie Hourn, Cody Close, Ted Bright, Braden Collins. Coach: Tony Collins. Asst. Coach: Tony Klein. Manager: Jo Bright.

Western Downs: Peter Kuhl, Sam McCosker, Brendon Dann, William Robinson, Kieran Boshammer, Beau Luther, Joseph Peters, Harry Dickman, Daniel Merker, Lachlan Mayer, Lachlan Schonrock, Matthew Redgen, Lachlan Deane, Wade Franklin, Clancy Stanford. Coach: Kel Gaske. Manager: Paul Gunnis.

Wynnum: Conor TeMiha, Jackson Buchanan, Ezra Ulale, Jamie Lawson, Jett Dieudonne, Ezekiel Thompson, Brian King, Baily Griffiths, Tama TeMiha, Kahn Tangney Mokaraka, Jon Lowry, Marley Wilson, Luke Modini, Austin Fisher, Nathan Woolley. Coach: Mark Tombs. Manager: Cheryl Raftos. Trainer: Gawain Griffiths.


Monday 26th June Round 1 8.00am: McIntrye v Roma, 8.50am: Cunnamulla v Wynnum, 9.40am: Murrumba v Redcliffe, 10.30am: Balonne-Barwon v Western Downs, 11.20am: Central Downs v Charleville.

Round 2 1.00pm: Murrumba v Roma, 1.50pm: Redcliffe v Western Downs, 2.40pm: Central Downs v McIntyre, 3.30pm: Charleville v Cunnamulla, 4.20pm: Balonne-Barwon v Wynnum.

Tuesday 27th June Round 3 8.00am: Balonne-Barwon v Central Downs, 8.50am: Charleville v McIntyre, 9.40am: Murrumba v Wynnum, 10.30am: Roma v Western Downs, 11.20am: Cunnamulla v Redcliffe.

Round 4 1.00pm: McIntyre v Wynnum, 1.50pm: Balonne-Barwon v Murrumba, 2.40pm: Cunnamulla v Roma, 3.30pm: Charleville v Western Downs, 4.20pm: Central Downs v Redcliffe. 5.30pm: Athletics Carnival & Tug-O-War Competition.

Wednesday 28th June Round 5 8.00am: Balonne-Barwon v Roma, 8.50am: Central Downs v Western Downs, 9.40am: McIntyre v Redcliffe, 10.30am: Cunnamulla v Murrumba, 11.20am: Charleville v Wynnum.

Round 6 1.00pm: McIntyre v Western Downs, 1.50pm: Balonne-Barwon v Cunnamulla, 2.40pm: Redcliffe v Wynnum, 3.30pm: Charleville v Roma, 4.20pm: Central Downs v Murrumba.

Thursday 29th June Round 7 8.00am: Murrumba v Western Downs, 8.50am: Roma v Wynnum, 9.40am: Balonne-Barwon v McIntyre, 10.30am: Central Downs v Cunnamulla, 11.20am: Charleville v Redcliffe.

Round 8 1.00pm: McIntyre v Murrumba, 1.50pm: Balonne-Barwon v Charleville, 2.40pm: Cunnamulla v Western Downs, 3.30pm: Central Downs v Wynnum, 4.20pm: Redcliffe v Roma.

Friday 30th June

Round 9 8.00am: Cunnamulla v McIntyre, 8.50am: Balonne-Barwon v Redcliffe, 9.40am: Central Downs v Roma, 10.30am: Western Downs v Wynnum, 11.20am: Charleville v Murrumba.

12.30pm City vs. Country

1.30pm Presentations & Official Closing