QRL & Intrust Super Cup clubs in discussions

Today's meeting provided a forum for robust and frank discussion involving all Intrust Super Cup Clubs and the QRL Board.

Both bodies are now committed to a course of action to challenge the decision of the ARL preventing dual registration, and to establish a position that will preserve a national open market in which the ISC Clubs can exist as development clubs.

Both bodies will work to establish a position that will re-establish the ability of the ISC Clubs to have a relationship involving financial benefits and the sharing of players, with any NRL club.

Today the Board of the QRL presented to the ISC Clubs some elements of a Succession Plan regarding the future leadership and structure of the QRL.

Further details will be supplied through the QRL in due course. The ISC Clubs have reserved their position as outlined in their recent letter pending some further consideration of the outcomes arising out of today's meeting and the plans disclosed in the course of today's discussion.

The QRL has further endorsed plans to financially underscore the tenure of the current 12 team competition including timelines for applications, licensing and mutual disclosure.