QRL U/16 and U/18 Carnival kicks off on Saturday

Draw for the QRL Under 16 and Under 18 carnival in Proserpine.


Day 1 - Saturday, 3 May

10.30am Under 16 Capras v Bulls 11.45am Under 18 Capras v Bulls 1.00pm Under 16 Mustangs v Poinsettias 2.15pm Under 18 Mustangs v Poinsettias 3.30pm Under 16 Marlins v Kookaburras 4.45pm Under 18 Marlins v Kookaburras

Day 2 - Sunday, 4 May

9.30am Under 16 Mustangs v Bulls 10.45am Under 18 Mustangs v Bulls 12.00pm Under 16 Poinsettias v Kookaburras 1.15pm Under 18 Poinsettias v Kookaburras 2.30pm Under 16 Marlins v Capras 3.45pm Under 18 Marlins v Capras


(a) Period of Play

Each Under 16 and Under 18 match will be played in 30 minute halves with no Like

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