Quentin Pongia retires

Quentin Pongia today advised the Wigan Club of his wish to retire from Rugby League.

Speaking on the Clubs website, Quentin Pongia said "I have been thinking for the past two weeks about the game in general in connection with my recent problem with Hepatitis B. Although I desperately want to play again, I am aware of the mass publicity surrounding myself and my health".

Pongia continued, "I have nothing but praise for the Wigan Club and the medical team who have supported me but I realize that if I started playing again there would be many people who do not fully understand my complaint or its treatment and it would inevitably be the subject of ill formed opinion.

I would be in a glare of publicity as would my Club and my team-mates, I do not want the game or the club to suffer unnecessary publicity and I have decided not to play again this season. I had intended to retire at the end of the season and I am sorry it has to be under these circumstances but I think it is best for all concerned. I would not want the game to be submerged in argument or debate and there would inevitably be lots of people who would not understand that my treatment has been successful".

"I want to thank everyone who has supported me including many fans and I am just sorry that I will not be there to help the Wigan Club in its final push for success".