R2K lodges lighting petition with
Kogarah Council

R2K has lodged a petition with Kogarah Council in support of the upgraded floodlighting at OKI Jubilee Stadium. The petition, which attracted in excess of 1,300 signatures, was lodged with Kogarah Council this morning (31/01/2005).

Over 340 of the signatures are from Kogarah Council's North Ward where Oki Jubilee Stadium is situated. R2K has informed all twelve Kogarah Councillors of the lodgement of the petition.

The petition has garnered support from streets in Kogarah and Carlton such as Jubilee Avenue, Park Street, English Street, Garden Street, High Street, Prince Edward Street, Hampton Court Road, Anglo Square, Wheeler Street, O'Meara Street, Bellevue Street, Bowns Road,Nielsen Avenue and Colvin Crescent.

The petition also received strong support from the business community with a high number of businesses from Carlton and Kogarah signing the petition in support of the upgraded floodlighting.

This key improvement to Oki Jubilee Stadium attracted wide support throughout the greater St.George region, with residents under the administration of Hurstville and Rockdale supporting the petition in high numbers. This indicates that the lighting at Kogarah is of significant regional importance to St.George as a whole.

R2K would like to thank those who assisted with the process of organising the petition, with special thanks to John Butler, Pat Cummins, Alena Hill, Jeanette McLean, Mark McWhinney, Justin Mining, John Ormsby and Fay Perridge.

As the petition has now been submitted, R2K is no longer able to accept any additional petition forms.