R2K's St.George Leagues Club Board candidates and policies

R2K (Return to Kogarah) staged its 2008 St.George Leagues Club policy launch yesterday afternoon at the Kogarah Hotel Inn.

Photos are available here: http://www.r2k.info/gallery/2008launch.html

R2K announced its final two candidates for the March ballot after announcing Graeme Fleming as a candidate earlier in the week.

Graeme Fleming is the son of the late John Fleming, who was in charge of the St.George Dragons when they won their last premiership in 1979 and when they won their last silverware - the Panasonic Cup in 1988.

Along with Fleming, Lachlan McLean (R2K President) and Paul Blair are the three R2K candidates that will challenge the incumbents of Jim Grant, Jim Farmer and Peter Black at the March elections.

The R2K candidates outlined a new vision for the St.George Leagues Club, with an emphasis on new facilities and services for loyal club members.

Lachlan McLean co-founded R2K in 2000 and is employed as a Superannuation Project Manager in a Human Resources Department. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University and holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Superannuation) and a Certificate of Public Relations. He is the former Secretary and Public Officer of the Kogarah Cougars and has been actively involved in a number of local community groups.

Paul Blair is probably best remembered as the Dragon Army member who launched the original big jersey in 1999. He holds a Diploma in Information Technology (Network Engineering) and is employed by the World