Rabbitoh Fans Fuming At Walker

South Sydney's decision to grant gifted centre Chris Walker a release from his lucrative contract on Thursday has enraged supporters of the struggling National Rugby League club.

Disgruntled fans flooded South Sydney's unofficial website with emails expressing their displeasure.

"Hellmanfrommars" was seething at the Queensland State of Origin star for putting the Rabbitohs "in the papers again for all the wrong reasons".

"Sure he was having a lean time but he was starting to show some potential for the Bunnies and then ... he walks," he wrote.

"I hope the blurb about him having personal issues is not just an excuse because he's not happy with the club, the coach, etc.

"Because I swear if he shows up playing for another club, I will personally go to the game and sledge him for being the most immoral sportsperson God ever put faith in - a bigger sook than Nathan Blacklock."

"Sporto" blamed Walker's sudden exit directly on the Rabbitohs' coaching staff.

"Maybe Walker's departure is an indication of what's happening in the coaching department at Souths," Sporto said.

"Remember, the dude was playing in the centres for Queensland not too long ago and was one of the most destructive runners in the game," Sporto wrote.

"He's obviously a bloke who needs the right people around him to keep his head in check - there's a stack of players in this game who are headcases but great players nonetheless.

"Souths had a bloody good player in its hands and, if all was right at a coaching level, he could have been awesome for the Bunnies."

Sporto rued the fact Souths coach Paul Langmack wasn't able to make good Walker's career in the same way Ricky Stuart has turned Justin Hodges' around after he too left Brisbane with his future in the balance.

"When he left Brisbane and came to Souths, you had the feeling that this was a bloke with a lot of ability that just needed to be harnessed," he wrote.

"Forget the line some dish up that if Wayne Bennett couldn't do it, no-one could.

"Look at Justin Hodges at the Roosters this season. By all reports, Hodges was a loose cannon when he arrived in Sydney but an astute coach like Stuart has reined him in.

"It's a pity Souths couldn't do it with Walker. It didn't happen because there was no-one there who could do it.

"I'm still scratching me head at why we've signed Langmack for three years.

"Be as optimistic as you want - but look at how South Sydney has played this season and this is a team who needs a coach who can genuinely pull some players' heads in.

"Pity Warren Ryan couldn't have got the gig."