Rabbitohs CEO statement on crowd

South Sydney?s CEO Shane Richardson has addressed a crowd incident that occurred at Sunday?s game at Aussie Stadium.

Mr Richardson was adamant that the security measures taken on Sunday were sufficient.

?There was enough security for the referee leaving the field yesterday and Tony Archer himself was happy with the security levels. He felt quite safe leaving the ground.

?It is a shame that a small minority of fans reacted in this way and have tarnished the name of South Sydney.

?We will not tolerate such behaviour at this Club and those responsible will have a case to answer.

?We need to work with the NRL to make sure the referees get the respect they deserve, from the NRL level right down to the junior level. Soon we won?t have anyone wanting to become a referee of Rugby League.

?Some weeks you get the rub of the green and others you don?t but South Sydney will not be a Club that constantly whinges about referee?s performances.?

Mr Richardson has said the Club will investigate the incident and identify the fans that were involved, where referee Tony Archer was sprayed with beer as he left the ground after the match.

?We are working with the NRL to identify the fans involved and they will be dealt with appropriately,? Mr Richardson said today.

?Referees make mistakes as we all do in every day life and in general I think they do a great job.

?If referees are continually harassed as they have been recently we won?t have any referees left in our game.?

The South Sydney Football Club is working with the NRL and the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust to identify those fans responsible for the incident at Aussie Stadium.

?I have spoken with both David Gallop and Graham Annesley today about what happened and we are working together to ensure that this never happens again,? Mr Richardson said.

?But I must stress that this was a small minority of fans that were involved in the incident yesterday and we cannot be letting a minority of fans set the example for kids growing up supporting Rugby League.?