Rabbitohs defeat sloppy Parramatta

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have cruised past the Parramatta Eels, 24-6, in front of 12,212 patrons at ANZ Stadium tonight.

It had the makings of a classic; a struggling side taking on a hot and cold outfit in the Rabbitohs, both sides had something to prove and ultimately, the away side just wanted it more.

Rabbitohs winger, Justin Hunt did well early in the match to continue to catch the ball on the full to gain good field position for his side. It was in the 15th minute when the Rabbitohs scored their first try through Nathan Merritt after a wonderfully placed kick from Adam Reynolds. The halfback then added the extras.

After great field position, the Eels couldn't capitalise on their opportunities as Souths scored their second try in the 29th minute through Justin Hunt after Greg Inglis easily drew and passed.

The Eels held on and the half-time saw Parramatta down by 12.

The home side conceded a penalty early in the second half which led to a 42nd minute try to Dylan Farrell. Reynolds extended the Rabbitohs lead to 18.

The Parramatta side snuffed out an opportunity in the 54th minute as Reni Maitua easily scooted over out wide and Luke Burt converted to give hope of yet another miracle comeback.

Chris Sandow, who had been poor all game, took an intercept from his 10 metre line from a Greg Inglis pass, with the halfback running 90 metres to be pulled down 1 metre short of the line by his opposite number, Adam Reynolds.

The Eels then had a lazy Rabbitohs side worried but it was not to be as their poor execution led to mistakes.

Michael Crocker confirmed the win for Russell Crowe's Rabbitohs, as he crashed over in the 75th minute, with Adam Reynolds converting once again to hold onto his perfect record.

Parramatta will play Penrith at Centrebet Stadium next Saturday night as they try to kick start their season; the Rabbitohs will head to Suncorp Stadium to take on the Brisbane Broncos on Friday night.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 6 were defeated by South Sydney Rabbitohs 24
National Rugby League - Round 15 - Saturday June 16, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Brett Suttor and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Dan Eastwood and Nick Beashel
Crowd: 14,212
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 0 South Sydney Rabbitohs 12

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Adam Reynolds (4 Conversions)
2 Points - Justin Hunt (1 Try)
1 Point - Greg Inglis

Parramatta Eels (6)
Tries: Reni Maitua
Conversions: Luke Burt (1/1)

South Sydney Rabbitohs (24)
Tries: Michael Crocker, Nathan Merritt, Dylan Farrell, Justin Hunt
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (4/4)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Some changes in the build up to this game! The changes are as follows :

For South Sydney: Justin Hunt is out with Andrew Everingham to the wing and Shaune Corrigan to the centres. John Sutton captain and Parramatta have ruled out Ryan Morgan, Matt Ryan goes to centre. Reni Maitua to 2nd row and Taulima Tautai to bench
We are moments from kick off
1 min: Off the first set of the game, the Eels go into touch after good Souths defence
1 min: Rabbitohs come away with the ball and are into the Eels half
2 min: Sutton bombs the ball and the Eels defuse the kick and they are now working it out.
2 min: Sandow kicks down to Hunt on the full and he brings it back into the Bunnies defence
3 min: Reynolds kicks down to the Eels winger who takes it back
4 min: Eels into the Rabbitohs half
4 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty South Sydney. Tackled in the air. Eels 0-1 Souths
5 min: Luke brings the ball up before passing to Taylor who makes great metres
5 min: Souths into Eels half
5 min: Inglis puts up an awkward bomb before the Rabbitohs knock it on.
6 min: Eels now bringing it back from their 30 metre line.
6 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Holding down. Eels 1-1 Souths
6 min: Parramatta have the ball inside the Rabbitohs half
7 min: Attempting to take an intercept, Adam Reynolds knocks on. Scrum to the Eels 20 out from the try line
8 min: Eels are now into the Rabbitohs 10 metre zone
9 min: A bad grubber is picked up by Souths' Hooker Issac Luke.
9 min: New set for the Rabbitohs as a Eels defender knocks it down.
10 min: Souths into the Eels half
10 min: A good kick through to the in goal from South Sydney and Hayne will bat it dead for a drop out.
11 min: Souths bring it back off the drop out, just outside the 30
12 min: On the last tackle, Souths are held up over the line. Play the ball Eels.
12 min: Eels working it out from their 30 metre zone.
12 min: Sandow clears the ball and Greg Inglis brings it back to the 40
13 min: Souths enter the Eels half on the third tackle
13 min: Rabbitohs kicks to Burt who gives it to Hayne who is tackled.
14 min: Roberts kicks early in the set and Everingham brings it into Sandow's shoulder
14 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Souths. Dangerous Tackle. Eels 1-2 Souths
15 min: The tap will come 45 metres away from the Eels line.
15 min: Hunt goees down the sideline but it tackled ten out
17 min: TRY
A perfect kick from Adam Reynolds lands into Nathan Merritt's arms. Reynolds identified an overlap but the sliding defence held strong, so the kick went over and the weight was perfect as Merritt scored. Reynolds kicks the extras
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
18 min: South Sydney with some flare as they bring the ball back to the 50 off the kick off
18 min: Reynolds kicks it down and Sio brings it back to the 20 metre line
19 min: Smith takes the Eels into Souths' half
19 min: Roberts kick back inside and Justin Hunt collects and takes it back to the 20
20 min: Last tackle kick from Sutton comes down in goal but it goes dead and the Eels get the 20 tap
21 min: Eels threatening inside the 20
21 min: Sandow kicks the ball cross field but Souths defuse the kick and it will be a 20 metre tap
22 min: Injury concerns for Greg inglis
22 min: Souths into the Eels half
22 min: Sutton chips to Sio who passes to Hayne who is tackled 5 metres from his line
23 min: Hayne kicks to Hunt who plays the ball on his 20
23 min: Eels up to the task in defence, putting Souths under pressure
24 min: Luke kicks out of dummy half an Hayne brings it back to a good defensive line from Souths as he plays it on his 20
24 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Holding down. Eels 2-2 Souths.
25 min: Sandow finds touch just inside the Souths half
25 min: Good work by the Eels to almost score but Souths hold them out
26 min: Good defence by Souths as they stop the Eels.
26 min: Souths working it off their own line now
26 min: Luke kicks from Dummy half and Burt takes it on the full and runs back to the 30
27 min: Matt Keating makes a mistake and the Rabbitohs will win the scrum 30 from the Eels line
28 min: Souths inside the Eels 10
28 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Souths. Blocker. Eels 2-3 Souths.
29 min: Whole set inside the Eels 10 for Souths.
29 min: VIDEO REF: Hunt goes in the corner after a great ball from Inglis but the refs will check obstruction
31 min: TRY
TRY! Issac Luke brings it to the line before passing out the back to Inglis who has a great personal run before he offloads to Justin Hunt to score. Adam Reynolds converts again.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-0
31 min: Greg Inglis has strained a medial ligament in his arm but will remain on field. Souths attacking off the kick off in their own half
31 min: Sutton kicks down to Hayne who sprints back 24 metres.
32 min: Hayne drills the ball in goal and it goes dead. 20 metre tap
33 min: Souths looking dangerous inside the Eels half
33 min: Reynolds chips across to Merritt who taps it back to Everingham who is tackled. Hand over.
34 min: Eels are struggling to make solid metres.
34 min: Hayne clears the ball and Hunt puts the foot down and Sandow misses a hit as the ball is played 18 from the Souths line
35 min: Sutton kicks and Sio brings it back to his 30 for the Eels
36 min: Eels into the Rabbitohs half
36 min: Sandow puts a bomb up but Justin Hunt defuses it.
37 min: Souths doing the hard yards from their goal line
37 min: Reynolds kicks down to Burt who runs back to the 35
38 min: Eels into the Souths half
38 min: After a 61 metre gain Sandow kicks in goal and it sits down for Merritt who takes it out. Drop out Souths.
39 min: Eels have the ball 25 out
40 min: A mistake by the Eels as Souths go into half-time leading 12-0.
40 min: Both teams are back on the field and the Eels kick down to South Sydney to get us back underway
40 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Rabbitohs. Not being let up to play the ball. Eels 2-4 Souths.
41 min: Souths attacking the flanks of the Eels as they gain metres.
43 min: TRY
The Rabbitohs go to the wings again as Sutton passes to Inglis who gives a simple ball to Dylan Farrell who burrows over to score the first try of the second half. Reynolds keeps his record intact.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 18-0
43 min: Eels gets us underway as Clark brings it 15 from his line
44 min: Reynolds clears the ball and Burt catches it awkwardly as he takes it back 30 from his line
44 min: Eels are into the Rabbitohs half
45 min: After running the ball, Sio kicks the ball for the Eels but Inglis defuses the kick
46 min: Last tackle clearance by Reynolds but Burt once again brings it back to his 20
46 min: A kick from the Eels is taken by Justin Hunt on the full who takes it to the 30
47 min: Confusion for the Rabbitohs at the play the ball but they are in the Eels half
47 min: A bomb from Sutton is taken by Sio
47 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Rabbitohs. Blocker. Eels 2-5 Souths.
48 min: Scott Geddes loses the ball on the first tackle. Scrum Eels on the 10 metre line.
49 min: Good metres from the Eels as they enter the Souths half
49 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Pushing on the face. Eels 3-5 Souths.
50 min: Eels are on the attack inside the Rabbitohs 20
50 min: A dummy from the Eels as they nearly score but Souths hold out
51 min: Souths put the Eels into touch. Scrum Souths 10 out from their line.
52 min: Kick from Reynolds as Hayne brings it back to the 40
52 min: The Eels are in the Rabbioths half
52 min: Knock on from the Eels. Scrum Rabbitohs 45 out from their line.
53 min: Eels try to muscle up in defence.
53 min: Souths into the Eels half
53 min: Sutton puts a grubber through but Moi Moi gets the deflection and the Eels are working out
54 min: Sandow chips the ball, gets a kind bounce, kick again and they will receive the goal line drop out.
55 min: Moi Moi brings it back hard
56 min: TRY
After trying for so long, the Eels have finally scored out wide through Reni Maitua. Hayne holds the ball before giving the ball to Maitua. Luke Burt will convert.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 18-6
58 min: Moi Moi charges back off the kick off
59 min: Hayne puts a bomb up by Inglis takes it under pressure.
59 min: Souths grinding out of their half now.
59 min: Reynolds kicks and Sio runs back to the 40 metre line.
60 min: Eels are into the Rabbitohs half
60 min: Ryan puts a questionable kick in and the Rabbitohs have the ball on their 30
61 min: Sutton bombs but Hayne takes the ball and runs to his 10 metre line
62 min: Sandow attempts a 40/20 but Inglis saves it
62 min: Souths working out of their red zone.
63 min: Maitua attempts an intercept but knocks it on and Souths will get the repeat set with a scrum on their 40
63 min: Souths lacking intensity now as Souths enter Eels half
64 min: Sutton bombs the ball and it is let bounce Everingham has passed to Luke Burgess and the video referees will check an obstruction after Burgess goes over
64 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Obstruction. Eels 4-5 Souths.
65 min: Eels into the Souths half
65 min: Sandow refuses to run the ball and chips over for his winger as the ball goes into touch. Scrum Rabbitohs on their 20.
66 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Souths. Eels 4-6 Souths.
67 min: Souths into the Eels 20
68 min: Chris Sandow goes into touch just 3 metres from the line as Adam Reynolds chases down the Eels 7
68 min: Chris Sandow smiles too early on the replay. Scrum Souths on their 10
69 min: Sutton puts in a poor kick as Sandow defuses the kick on the 40
69 min: Blair puts it down as the Eels started building pressure
70 min: Rabbitohs inside the Eels 20
70 min: Sutton chips over the top but Hayne defuses it.
71 min: Sandow is tackled on the last and Souths will receive a play the ball inside the Eels half
72 min: Sandow injury concerns
72 min: Double knock on, Souths will get the scrum 10 from the Eels line
73 min: Souths attacking hard.
74 min: Reynolds grubber sees Everingham force Burt dead. Drop out.
77 min: TRY
The Rabbitohs will confirm their win through Michael Crocker as he burrows over for the try. Reynolds keeps his record intact.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-6
77 min: Luke Burgess loses it off his first run.
77 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Eels 5-6 Souths.
78 min: Burt goes into touch and the Rabbitohs will get the scrum.
79 min: Rabbitohs working it out of their 20
79 min: Souths drop it and the Eels comes at them again
80 min: Flurry of mistakes as the game ends. Rabbitohs will defeat the Eels 24-6.

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