Rabbitohs end drought at Suncorp

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have run out 26 - 12 winners tonight over the Brisbane Broncos in front of 39, 111 fans at Suncorp Stadium.

In what started out as an uphill battle for the Broncos, with Hodges and McGuire both out for the game, they managed to take the lead before half time, before being overrun just after half time with 3 tries in 12 minutes, taking the wind out of the team, allowing the Rabbitohs to gain the upper hand.

The game started out with a tough first 20 minutes with multiple mistakes made by the South Sydney side. Brisbane were unable to respond and gave away the first points of the night after a shoulder charge on Reynolds while he was kicking a bomb. Reynolds successfully kicked the 2 penalty points after 4 minutes to give Souths an early lead.

The first try of the night came through Jason Clark after he managed to make a break from a tackle, and step the Broncos full-back to score just to the right of the posts. Reynolds kicked the conversion to take the lead to 8 points.

The Broncos got their first points through Scott Prince, diving over the line from close range and kicking his own conversion off the posts. The Broncos managed to turn this try into motivation and were soon pushing for their second.

Brisbane crossed for their second try just 6 minutes later through Jack Reed. Reed and the Rabbitohs winger, Andrew Everingham both went up for a bomb, but the ball bounced through Everinghams hands and onto the ground, where it was cleaned up by Reed and placed on the ground over the line. Scott Prince kicked the conversion to give the Broncos a 12 - 8 lead at half time.

The Rabbitohs came out firing in the second half, scoring 3 tries in quick succession. The first came through Greg Inglis, barging over from dummy half and using all of his weight to plant the bal down in the in goal area. Reynolds kicked the conversion to wrestle back the lead from Brisbane.

Inglis was back in the mix for the second try after the break, after he put Bryson Goodwin into a hole, who sprinted down to within 5 metres of the Broncos tryline. Merritt put the finishing touches on the play, darting out from dummy half, down the blind side to score in the corner. Reynolds was able to convert this try from the sideline to continue his perfect night of goal kicking.

The final nail in the coffin for the Broncos came through John Sutton, who ambled onto a pass from dummy half by Isaac Luke close to the line. He crashed over through weak defense to score the Rabbitohs 4th try of the night. Reynolds again kicked the conversion and the lead was taken to 14 points.

The Broncos fought back and came to within inches of scoring again late in the half however untimely mistakes and poor errors resulted in no further points being scored for the night.

The Broncos travel to Parramatta next week and hope to get back to their winning ways while the Rabbitohs take on the Cowboys in a home game for the South Sydney side.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 12 South Sydney Rabbitohs 26
Venue: Lang Park
Crowd: 39,111
Halftime Score: Brisbane Broncos 12-8

LeagueUnlimited.com Players of the Match:
3 points - Greg Inglis
2 points - Sam Burgess
1 point - Bryson Goodwin

Tries: Scott Prince (2), Jack Reed
Field Goals:
Conversions: Scott Prince (2/2)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Jason Clark, Greg Inglis, Nathan Merritt, John Sutton
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Adam Reynolds (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Josh Hoffman 3. Jack Reed 4. Justin Hodges 5. Lachlan Maranta 6. Scott Prince 7. Peter Wallace 8. Ben Hannant 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Sam Thaiday (C) 11. Alex Glenn 12. Matt Gillett 13. Corey Parker
Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt 15. Scott Anderson 16. David Hala 17. Josh McGuire

Rabbitohs: 1. Greg Inglis 2. Nathan Merritt 3. Beau Champion 4. Bryson Goodwin 5. Andrew Everingham 6. John Sutton 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Dave Tyrrell 9. Issac Luke 10. Roy Asotasi 11. Chris McQueen 12. Ben Te’o 13. Sam Burgess
Interchange: 14. Nathan Peats 15. Jason Clark 16. Ben Lowe 17. George Burgess 18. Jeff Lima 19. Justin Hunt
Welcome to Friday Night Football! Team changes are in:

Souths will run out as named.

For the Broncos, Hodges and McGuire are confirmed out. Kahu and J.Wallace to replace them.
This game should be a cracker, with both teams currently in form. The Brisbane crowd is growing by the minute and Rusty is down on the sidelines ready for the action. Will the Rabbitohs replicate the effort from last week or will the Broncos use that ever important home crowd to get them home as they have done countless times in the past?

Stay tuned for the match call.
The players are out on the field ready for action. The Rabbitohs will be running towards Milton Road for the first half with the Broncos to kick off.
The Rabbitohs have lost the ball on the second tackle and the Broncos are 10m out.
1 min: Last tackle and McCulloch fumbles from dummy half.
2 min: PENALTY - Scott Prince is pinged for putting a knee into the tackle.
3 min: PENALTY - Rabbitohs make their way up the field and put up a shallow bomb. Taken comfortably by Reed but the Broncos are penalised for a shoulder charge on Reynolds.
4 min:
Kick successful from just off to the right of the posts.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 2-0
5 min: Inglis with a strong run back to return the ball for the Rabbits.
Andrew Everingham makes an unforced error.
Everingham loses the ball forward in the tackle trying to make some easy metres.
7 min: Broncos on the attack and Prince chips it into the in goal but it's cleaned up by Luke and brought out of the in goal. Time called off with Peter Wallace down in the background.
Issac Luke makes an unforced error.
Time back on and Souths have knocked on through Luke at dummy half.
8 min: Broncos will start on the 30m line now and making easy metres towards the Rabbitohs line.
9 min: PENALTY - Teo called out for holding down the player in the tackle. Souths to take the tap.
9 min: Good tackle by Goodwin on Norman rushing up in defense.
10 min: Gillett puts in a grubber and it's gone dead. Rabbitohs to start from the 20m line.
11 min: Goodwin with a break off an Inglis pass but the balls been lost after Goodwin tried to pass back on the inside. Broncos back with the ball.
11 min: Prince has kicked out over the sideline and the Rabbitohs will get the scrum feed on their own 15m line.
13 min: Burgess with a linebreak! Sam makes the break and tries to offload to Clark but has lost the ball forward.
13 min: PENALTY - Scott Prince penalised for holding back Inglis on that break. Souths will attack from 20m out.
14 min: PENALTY - Broncos penalised again for a hand on the ball.
14 min: VIDEO REF - Clark gets the ball over the line but can't get it down. Normans foot was in there and they're going to have a look.
15 min: NO TRY - PENALTY - He didn't get it down but the Rabbits will get it back after Norman put his foot in the tackle.
Sam Burgess makes an unforced error.
Burgess knocks on in the tackle and the Broncos get out of jail with that one.
Ben Hannant makes an unforced error.
Hannant has lost the ball forward about 20 metres after a tackle from the Souths defenders.
18 min: Inglis with a bust down the left but is brought down before doing any real damage.
18 min: TRY - Clark gets the try busting through the middle and side stepping the fullback to score to the right of the posts.
Scored by Jason Clark. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Clark gets the try in a great position for Reynolds to add 2 to the total for the conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 8-0
23 min: Flawless sets here from both sides pushing the ball up the field and getting to their kicks.
John Sutton makes an unforced error.
Just when the Rabbitohs were starting to get the upper hand, Sutton kicks out on the full from the 50m line.
26 min: Broncos put up a bomb and it's ended up with Maranta who throws back to Gillett but it's come off Goodwins arm and the Broncos will get it back close to the line.
27 min: Broncos with 6 more after its batted back by a Rabbioh hand.
27 min: They're throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Rabbitohs here.
Scored by Scott Prince. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Scott Prince throws a dummy and is in over the line for the Broncos first try! He kicks the conversion after it looks like missing but hits the posts and bounces in. The Broncos are back in this game!
South Sydney Rabbitohs 8-6
31 min: PENALTY - Luke penalised for playing around in the tackle. The Broncos are looking more lively after that try.
32 min: Wallace with a great little pass to Norman but he's taken down by Teo. The ball goes down the short side and the Broncos are taken out over the line through Reed.
33 min: George Burgess with a linebreak this time but the balls been lost in a pass to his support player. Broncos are back on the attack.
34 min: VIDEO REF - Is Reed in here for the Broncos? Shayne Hayne has called a try after the Broncos bomb was put down by Everingham and cleaned up by Reed.
Scored by Jack Reed. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Reed in with the try after Everingham knocks on taking the ball from the bomb. Prince with a perfect kick through the posts to take the lead for the Broncos.
Brisbane Broncos 12-8
37 min: The Broncos are showing some strength here. Those 2 quick tries have given them a second wind. Reed is down after a good tackle from Everingham. He looks to be ok and is getting up. Play to continue from the Broncos on the 30m line.
39 min: South Sydney to bring the ball back from a 20m restart after the Broncos kick goes dead in goal.
40 min: A bomb is put up by Reynolds right on half time and it's knocked on both ways so the referee will call time there.
40 min: That's half time and the Broncos are in the lead after a good 15 minutes in attack. Stay tuned for the second half!
40 min: Rabbitohs kick off to the Broncos to get the second half under way.
42 min: Both sides completing their first sets, the Broncos now onto their second.
43 min: PENALTY - Kahu penalised for not being square of the play the ball from marker.
43 min: Rabbitohs inside the Broncos 20m line now looking dangerous.
43 min: VIDEO REF - And just like that it looks like Inglis is in from dummy half. They're going to check that George Burgess didn't walk into defenders.
Scored by Greg Inglis. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Rabbitohs back in the lead with Inglis barging over from dummy half. Reynolds kicks it successfully.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 14-12
46 min: Sutton passes to no one and Gillett cleans up for the Broncos.
47 min: Goodwin streaks up the field to be pulled down 5m out from the Broncos line after Inglis stepped around 2 Broncos.
Scored by Nathan Merritt. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Merritt goes into the corner from dummy half for the Rabbitohs 3rd try. Quality from Inglis, Goodwin and Merritt there. Reynolds converts from the sideline to put the cherry on top. The Rabbitohs push the lead out further.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 20-12
51 min: PENALTY - Reynolds makes a break but is pulled down by Reed. Reed is deemed to have interfered in the tackle and the Rabbitohs will get 6 more from right in front.
Scored by John Sutton. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Sutton straight through on a pass from Luke out of dummy half and the Rabbitohs are in for another try. That's 3 in quick succession now. Easy conversion for Reynolds.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 26-12
Roy Asotasi makes an unforced error.
Asotasi puts the ball down in the tackle after a pass from Sutton goes wrong.
56 min: PENALTY - Souths are penalised in the tackle and the Broncos will restart the set from 10m out from the Rabbitohs line.
56 min: PENALTY - Souths again penalised for a 2 man strip. McCulloch almost goes in from the quick tap.
57 min: The Broncos with all the pressure on Souths then but a bomb is diffused nicely by Merritt coming off his wing to take the ball cleanly.
60 min: Turnover to the Rabbitohs after the ball has come off a Bronco from the bomb.
60 min: Sutton makes a break and dishes it out to Merritt who passes it to.......... a Broncos player.
63 min: Turnover.. Broncos almost in there but it's the last tackle and the Rabbits will bring it out from their own try line.
65 min: Strong Broncos defense here as the Rabbitohs complete their set and boot it down field to Maranta who cleans up nicely.
66 min: Broncos on the attack there and they get off some miracle passes before passing forward to Maranta and the Rabbits will get the scrum feed.
Jarrod Wallace makes an unforced error.
Knock on in the play the ball by Wallace there and the Brisbane crowd is very quiet at the moment.
68 min: Champion takes the ball to the line on the last but is taken easily by the defenders. Brisbane make a break through Kahu and he's brought 45m out from the Rabbitohs line.
70 min: Merritt with an easy take from the bomb.
70 min: 10 minutes to go and the Broncos have used all available interchanges. Rabbits have 2 more.
71 min: Reynolds kicks but its come off a Broncos defender and they get the ball back for 6 more tackles.
72 min: Reynolds attempts a field goal but another charge down, this time by Thaiday, and Souths get another 6 tackles.
72 min: VIDEO REF - Gillett might be in here but they've asked about obstruction. I don't think it'll be a try on reply but the 'obstruction' was accidental if anything.
74 min: NO TRY - No try as the play was seen to be obstructed.
76 min: Turnover - Broncos run it on the 5th again and get brought down 20m out from the Rabbitohs line.
Nathan Merritt makes an unforced error.
Merritt passes forward after making a break down the field and the Broncos will get the scrum feed.
Matt Gillett makes an unforced error.
Gillett knocks on after running from dummy half and Clark cleans up the ball and streak off down field. 90 seconds to go and Souths on the attack.
79 min: PENALTY - Reynolds penalised for running around the back of a decoy player.
80 min: There goes the full time siren and thats the end of that! The Rabbitohs must have copped a spray at half time as they came out and blitzed the Broncos early to take it out of their grasp. The Rabbits win comfortably at Suncorp for the first time in a long time and they've only lost 1 game to date this season. Keep an eye out on the website, Facebook or Twitter for the full game recap.