Rabbitohs golden in thriller over Tigers

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have emerged 90th minute 34-30 victors over a disappointing Wests Tigers outfit in front of 23298 mostly delirious fans at ANZ Stadium.

The match started in unfortunate circumstances when the Rabbitohs kicked the ball out on the full. The Tigers didn't take long to make them pay when Blake Ayshford sliced through some feeble goal-line defence to open the scoring in just the second minute. Despite the Rabbitohs' relatively slow start, they kept themselves in the game with some heavy defence and hit back in the 14th minute through centre Dylan Farrell, who was a late replacement for Colin Best. Farrell received the pass from Sandow and put a perfect in-and-away on his opposite number to score in the corner. Sandow's sideline conversion put the Rabbitohs in front, but it would be the South Sydney side's only joy of the first half. The Tigers scored two more tries in the lead-up to halftime, through hooker Robbie Farah and winger Lote Tuqiri, both of which eventuated from soft goal-line defence. Both Farah and Tuqiri took advantage of quick play-the-balls and burrowed over from dummy half to give the Tigers a comfortable 10-point advantage at the break.

The second half started in bizarre fashion as Fetuli Talanoa took full advantage of a Beau Ryan mistake to close the gap to 4 points. John Sutton's attempted 40/20 kick saw Ryan race across field to attempt to bat the ball back into the field of play, but unfortunately for the Tigers' custodian, he successfully knocked it into the arms of a gleeful Talanoa. From the ensuing restart, Tigers' halfback Robert Lui accepted a wayward offload by the Tigers to put the visitors in good field position to hit straight back. Hooker Robbie Farah darted out of dummy half several tackles later, before sending centre Chris Lawrence on an unimpeded run to the tryline. In the 49th minute the Tigers extended their lead to what many would have seen as match-winning through Keith Galloway. Unfortunately for Tigers fans it would be their final joy as the Rabbitohs surged home. Tries to Rhys Wesser and Dylan Farrell were punctuated by a Benji Marshall penalty goal after centre Chris Lawrence was taken in what appeared a high tackle by Rabbitohs winger Nathan Merritt which could come under scrutiny on Monday. The Rabbitohs sent the match into golden point when John Sutton crossed in the 77th minute as the Tigers faded away in the latter stages of the match. Halfback Chris Sandow's sideline conversion tied the scores at 30-all as both sides unsuccessfully tried to win the match in regulation time. As the match appeared destined for a draw, Farrell crossed for his third try in the 90th minute, as the fulltime siren sounded, much to the sheer delight of South Sydney fans who turned up on a chilly night to see their team keep their season alive for another week.

Next week, the Tigers will look to bounce back against the Panthers at Campbelltown next Sunday, while the Rabbitohs will endeavour to continue to keep their season alive when they travel to AAMI Park next Sunday.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34 defeated Wests Tigers 30
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 22 - Saturday August 7, 2010 7:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Jason Robinson and Jared Maxwell
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Daniel Eastwood and David Munro
Crowd: 23298
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs 6 Wests Tigers 16

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Chris Sandow
(5 Conversions)
2 Points - Dylan Farrell
(3 Tries)
1 Point - Robbie Farah
(1 Try)

Tries: Rhys Wesser, John Sutton, Fetuli Talanoa, Dylan Farrell (3)
Field Goals: Chris Sandow (0/1)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (5/5)

Tries: Robbie Farah, Keith Galloway, Chris Lawrence, Blake Ayshford, Lote Tuqiri
Field Goals: Benji Marshall (0/2)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good evening and welcome to ANZ Stadium at Homebush for tonight's round 22 encounter between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Wests Tigers. The Rabbitohs will be looking to keep alive their slim finals hopes, while the Tigers will look to jump back into the NRL top four with victory tonight. Just awaiting confirmation of the two teams. In the Toyota Cup, the Rabbitohs scored a 76th minute try to steal a 16-14 victory over the Tigers. Kick-off for first grade is scheduled for around 7.30pm. Be sure to join me then.
Team changes have just filtered through. For the Tigers, Wade McKinnon and Todd Payten have been ruled out, which will mean a slight reshuffle. Beau Ryan will switch to fullback and Sam Latu will make his club debut. Flanaghan and Brown will be added to the bench.
The Rabbitohs have lost Beau Champion and Colin Best, and Dylan Farrell and Jamie Simpson come into the side. Jason Clark comes into the run-on side at lock and Shaune Corrigan is added to the bench.
1 min: And the Rabbitohs have kicked out on the full to get proceedings underway here tonight! The Tigers with a golden opportunity to open the scoring early.
2 min: PENALTY Tigers. Souths taking too long to get off the tackled player.
2 min: TRY
TRY Wests Tigers
Scored by Blake Ayshford. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall unsuccessful.
And the Tigers are in already! Blake Ayshford crosses out wide, taking advantage of some swift ball movement, started by Marshall to give the Tigers a dream start.
Wests Tigers 4-0
6 min: The Tigers shift the ball wide on tackle two and knock the ball on, giving the Rabbitohs their first chance at scoring points tonight.
6 min: Wesser returns the favour, by knocking on Sandow's pass which was thrown out in front of him. Tigers scrum.
7 min: Galloway has been picked up and driven into the ground in a heavy three-man tackle involving Clark, Lowe and one other and the ball has been jolted loose.
8 min: Now the Rabbitohs have lost the ball on the first tackle and the Tigers will work the ball upfield, away from their tryline.
9 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Luke has worked the penalty very well, as replays show he lost the ball, but the referees have thought otherwise.
9 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Tigers found offside.
10 min: Sandow's kick on the second tackle for winger Nathan Merritt has dribbled across the touch-in-goal line and the Tigers will have a 20m restart.
11 min: PENALTY Tigers. Marshall tackled well after passing the ball and is slow to his feet.
11 min: Knock-on Tigers. Heighington has been picked up and dumped in another heavy tackle, this time by centre Farrell and the ball has come free.
13 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Heighington found offside.
14 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by Dylan Farrell. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Dylan Farrell has scored a wonderful solo try to get the Rabbitohs on the board! The pass came from Sandow, and Farrell went in and away from Lui and scored the try out near the eastern touchline.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-4
17 min: Sandow's attempt at a 40/20 on the fifth tackle has sailed just over the sideline and the Tigers now get the ball in good field position.
18 min: Some less than enterprising play from the Tigers on tackle five has handed the ball straight back to the Rabbitohs.
21 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Tigers defence taking too long to clear the ruck.
22 min: Pettybourne lets the Tigers off the hook as he puts down a pass from Sandow despite the heavy attention from the Tigers' defence. The Tigers breathe a sigh of relief and work the ball upfield.
23 min: PENALTY Tigers. Lowe penalised for taking too long getting off the tackled player and then gives the referee his thoughts on the penalty and is marched a further 10 metres.
24 min: TRY
TRY Wests Tigers
Scored by Robbie Farah. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Robbie Farah gets the Tigers back in front with a very soft try! Farah took advantage of the quick play-the-ball and carried two defenders across the line, scoring 20 metres in from the eastern sideline.
Wests Tigers 10-6
26 min: The Tigers run the ball on the last tackle, but the ball dies with Liam Fulton as he couldn't find the support on the inside as the Rabbitohs defence scrambled across in cover.
29 min: Ryan catches a spiralling Sandow bomb. The Footy Show boys will be happy that Beau knows how to catch!
29 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Wesser taken out as he attempted to catch a high Marshall bomb, but Heighington took him out, giving the referee no alternative other than to award the penalty.
32 min: PENALTY Tigers. Some scrappy attack from the Tigers has seen them come away with a penalty for accidental offside. They will again go on the attack as they look to extend their lead.
33 min: Farah puts a grubber into the in-goal which is scooped up eventually by Merritt, forcing a goal-line dropout for the Rabbitohs.
34 min: TRY
TRY Wests Tigers
Scored by Lote Tuqiri. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Tuqiri extends the Tigers' lead! A quick play-the-ball has again bought the Rabbitohs defence undone. Lawrence got an incredibly fast play-the-ball and Tuqiri scooped up the ball from dummy half and burrowed his way over, much like Farah did for the Tigers' second try earlier tonight.
Wests Tigers 16-6
37 min: Talanoa has put down a bomb and Marshall sprinted down the touchline, before grubbering for himself on tackle one. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the ball went touch in-goal.
39 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Wesser scoops up Tuqiri's chip-kick and then earns the penalty as he found the ground, before being thrown back into the in-goal by Tuqiri.
40 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Tigers strip the ball with more than one in the tackle.
40 min: Half-time here at ANZ Stadium where the Tigers lead the Rabbitohs by 16-6.
40 min: And the second half is underway. The Rabbitohs will have first use of the ball.
41 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible South Sydney try.
41 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by Fetuli Talanoa. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Talanoa has given the Rabbitohs a dream start to the second half! An amazing try! Sutton's attempted 40/20 was batted back by Beau Ryan, but unfortunately for the Tigers, Ryan knocked the ball back into the field of play and Talanoa scored the simplest of tries.
Wests Tigers 16-12
44 min: TRY
TRY Wests Tigers
Scored by Chris Lawrence. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
The Tigers hit straight back after the Rabbitohs lose the ball on the first tackle. Crossman passed straight to Lui and then from the third tackle, Farah darted out of dummy half and passed back on the inside for Lawrence to score the try.
Wests Tigers 22-12
47 min: PENALTY Tigers. Sandow penalised for running in behind Wesser.
49 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible Tigers try.
49 min: TRY
TRY Wests Tigers
Scored by Keith Galloway. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Keith Galloway scores his first try since round 4 last year! Farah went to the blindside, banana-kicked back towards the posts and Marshall knocked the ball back into the legs of Galloway who kicked the ball into the in-goal and was more urgent to score the try and extend the Tigers lead.
Wests Tigers 28-12
52 min: Sutton's chip-kick across field for Sandow is batted over the deadball line, forcing a Tigers' goal-line dropout.
53 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by Dylan Farrell. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Farrell scores his second try of the evening and in the process keep alive Souths hopes in tonight's encounter. Sandow's kick in behind found Tuqiri slow to turn and chase and Farrell beat both Tuqiri and Ryan to scoop up the ball and score 10 metres in from touch.
Wests Tigers 28-18
58 min: PENALTY Tigers. Farah darts out of dummy half and catches the markers not square.
59 min: PENALTY Tigers. Lawrence has been hit in a very heavy tackle by Nathan Merritt as he came racing in to makle the tackle.
59 min: Lawrence is helped from the field and Merritt has been placed on report. He will have a case to answer.
Penalty goal attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Marshall extends the lead to two converted tries.
Wests Tigers 30-18
63 min: Some brilliant play by Benji has unfortunately come unstuck. Marshall chipped over the top and flick-passed to Mitch Brown who has come on for the injured Lawrence, but Brown knocked the ball on.
64 min: Tuqiri and Ryan have gotten their wires crossed as they both looked at each other as the ball bounced and now the Rabbitohs have been given a great opportunity to set up a grandstand finish.
65 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by Rhys Wesser. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Wesser sets us up for an exciting finish! Sandow's perfectly timed pass sent Wesser straight through a yawning gap to score alongside the posts.
Wests Tigers 30-24
67 min: Marshall's kick-off has found touch, but fortunately for the Rabbitohs, Beau Ryan was tackled into touch on the first tackle.
68 min: PENALTY Tigers. Sandow knocks the ball on while attempting to get a quick play-the-ball and is then penalised for kicking the ball away.
70 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible Tigers try. Checking onside and grounding on a possible Mitch Brown try.
70 min: No Try. Brown is ruled to have knocked the ball on whilst grounding.
Field goal attempt by Benji Marshall unsuccessful.
Marshall's attempted field-goal has drifted just to the right hand side of the posts.
Wests Tigers 30-24
73 min: Simpson is hit in a solid tackle and the ball spills free as the Rabbitohs pressed the Tigers line.
76 min: Sutton's towering bomb has given Ryan nightmares, as he slipped over and then some play by the Tigers as they attempted to work the ball out of their own in-goal, but has been ruled to have a goal-line dropout.
77 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible South Sydney try.
77 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by John Sutton. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Sutton has scored a solo try to possibly send us into golden point extra time! Marshall and Ryan couldn't hold the ball up and the Rabbitohs are full of running heading towards the full-time siren.
30 all
79 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Flanagan found offside and the Rabbitohs will now get a perfect chance to seal victory.
ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL South Sydney Rabbitohs
Field goal attempt by Chris Sandow unsuccessful.
Sandow's attempted field-goal has sailed to the right hand side of the uprights and we are now surely headed to extra time!
30 all
80 min: Fulltime here at ANZ Stadium and we are locked up at 30-all. The Tigers perhaps should have had a penalty in the final minute of regulation time, but referees Maxwell and Robinson believed otherwise.
80 min: Extra time is underway and the Tigers will have first use of the ball in overtime.
81 min: Farah's kick out of dummy half has found touch 20m out from the Rabbitohs line and the Tigers will look to muscle up in defence and look to force a mistake.
Field goal attempt by Benji Marshall unsuccessful.
Marshall's attempted field goal from halfway has fallen just under the crossbar!
30 all
85 min: Halftime in extra time and we still can't separate these two sides! Another five minutes for each side to snatch victory, or will have to settle for the unlikeliest of draws.
88 min: Still no one has been able to break this deadlock as it becomes a shoot-out.
89 min: PENALTY Rabbitohs. Beau Ryan penalised for a strip with two in the tackle. Big chance for the Rabbitohs to snatch victory here.
90 min: TRY
TRY South Sydney Rabbitohs
Scored by Dylan Farrell.
Farrell scores the try as the full-time siren sounds in the background and keeps the Rabbitohs season alive for 2010!!
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-30

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