Rabbitohs hit Piggins with debt claim

Peter Holmes A Court and Russell Crowe have struck another blow against South Sydney patriarch George Piggins, claiming they now have the biggest say with the embattled leagues club's administrators.

The battle for the leagues club, which is chaired by Piggins, has intensified with the South Sydney football club claiming it has become the indebted business's biggest creditor. The football club, which is 75 per cent owned by Holmes A Court and Crowe, says it has acquired investment company Perpetual's $3 million debt.

The leagues club is estimated to owe a total of between $6 and $7 million to creditors including Piggins and the football club. The move comes after the leagues club was placed in administration last week, threatening a July 30 election for its board in which Holmes A Court was backing a ticket opposed to Piggins.