Rabbitohs Name
Team For Warriors Game

The South Sydney Rabbitohs is pleased to announce its teams for Round 11 to take on the New Zealand Warriors this Sunday, May 23 at 2:30pm at Aussie Stadium.

The Rabbitohs will be looking to capitalise on their move from the base of the competition ladder last weekend with a solid victory over the Warriors.

All grades will play at Aussie Stadium with Souths taking on the North Sydney Bears in Premier League at 12:30pm and Jersey Flegg at 11am.

The first grade referee will be Jason Robinson.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs is celebrating the involvement of indigenous people in Rugby League at Sunday?s game against the New Zealand Warriors.

Indigenous players of both Australian and New Zealand descent have played a major role in making both the Rabbitohs and the Warriors what they are today in the National Rugby League competition.

Sunday?s game day entertainment will include traditional dancers, both Aboriginal and Maori, to entertain the crowd, and the guys from Koori Radio are broadcasting live from Aussie Stadium on Sunday on frequency 93.7FM to their group of loyal listeners.

First Grade:

1. Brad Watts 2. Wes Tillott 3. Lee Hookey 4. Shane Marteene 5. Luke MacDougall 6. Shane Rigon 7. Willie Peters 8. David Thompson 9. Shane Walker 10. Glenn Hall 11. Bryan Fletcher ? 12. Luke Stuart 13. Ashley Harrison

14. Brett Kearney 15. Mark Minichiello 16. Willie Manu 17. David Fa?alogo

Coach ? Paul Langmack

Premier League:

1. Joven Clarke 2. Garth Wood 3. Chris Enahoro 4. John Sutton 5. Nathan Ford 6. Nathan Marles 7. Joe Williams ? 8. Brett O?Farrell 9. Jason Death 10. Filimone Lolohea 11. Mark Leafa 12. Ben Kalcina 13. Ben Ellis

14. James Storer 15. Aaron Summers 16. Brian Siemsen 17. Jamie Russo

Coach ? Arthur Kitinas

Jersey Flegg:

1. Roy Bell 2. Matthew Brinckley 3. Damon Alley-Tovio 4. Matthew Keating 5. Brent Beddy 6. Rhys Hanbury 7. Joe Delana 8. Joe Falemaka 9. Shaimus Lautaimi 10. Manase Manuokafoa ? 11. Shannan McPherson 12. Jerrod McGaughey 13. Lydan Maitua

14. Adam Springfield 15. Adam Boettcher 16. Brad Barrett 17. Metui Maile

Coach ? Mark Ellison