Rabbitohs overpower gallant Warriors

South Sydney have scored five second half tries to defeat a hearty New Zealand Warriors side 38 points to 28 in front of 13,895 fans at ANZ Stadium.

Souths were the first on the scoreboard in the game, with Eddy Pettybourne screaming through a gap and scoring. Sandow converted to make it 6-0. New Zealand would hit back quickly though with Manu Vatuvei batting a ball back for Lewis Brown to score. Vatuvei would be involved again when the Warriors shift it through the backline for Vatuvei to get one over Nathan Merrit to make the score 8-6.

Some more great ball movement, this time from South Sydney puts Nathan Merrit over in the corner after Talanoa got his side a repeat set from a dinky kick in-goal. New Zealand wouldn't let the Rabbitohs too far ahead with Ian Henderson holding up the ball enough for Latimore to score his second try of the year, Maloney would make the lead ten points at halftime when he pounced on a Burgess offload also converting his own try.

The second half was all South Sydney in the beginning, with Fetuli Talanoa finding some space and scores despite attention from Lance Hohaia and Souths would increase the pain almost immediately when Sandow opted to run the ball on last and he found rewards when Ben Lowe offloaded to Falloon who dived over. The Warriors maintained their lead briefly when Maloney took a penalty goal from a stripping penalty making the score 22-20.

Souths would blow the Warriors away with back to back tries created from nothing by Dave Taylor who got it to Best who proceeded to set up Sandow for the try. Talanoa would grab his second meatpie after a mid-field bomb is kept alive by Taylor who gave it to Talanoa to score. The Warriors wouldn't give up the game yet despite Kevin Locke and Jerome Ropati both being injured they conjured up a try from a Lewis Brown dummy-half run making it 32-28 with six minutes to go.

Fetuli Talanoa took a magnificent bomb combined with some sloppy play from Henderson led Souths downfield with Sandow keeping the ball alive to Lowe who gets it to Jamie Simpson fresh on the field to seal the victory. One concern for the Rabbitohs though, with powerhouse forward Dave Taylor injuring his collarbone with ten minutes to go.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38 defeated New Zealand Warriors 28
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 20 - Sunday July 25, 2010 2:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Gavin Badger and Tony De Las Heras
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and Daniel Eastwood
Crowd: 13,895
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs 10 New Zealand Warriors 20

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Fetuli Talanoa (2 Tries)
2 Points - Chris Sandow (1 Try, 5 Conversions)
1 Point - Lewis Brown (2 Tries)

South Sydney Rabbitohs (38)
Tries: Nathan Merritt, Fetuli Talanoa (2), Eddy Pettybourne, Jamie Simpson, Beau Falloon, Chris Sandow
Conversions: Chris Sandow (5/7)

New Zealand Warriors (28)
Tries: Manu Vatuvei, Jeremy Latimore, James Maloney, Lewis Brown (2)
Conversions: James Maloney (3/5)
Penalty Goals: James Maloney (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to a dull ANZ Stadium for this afternoon's clash between South Sydney who come off their 2nd close loss to the Dragons against the New Zealand Warriors who have won five in a row and are looking for their sixth.
Earlier in the Toyota Cup, New Zealand won a close game with only three points scored in the second half, 19-18 over South Sydney with Shaun Johnson kicking the winner two minutes from time.
The Warriors are as named but Souths have one change with Michael Crocker out replaced by Eddy Pettyborne, allowing Jamie Simpson to slot onto the bench.
1 min: Both teams have made their way onto the field, with a lot of empty spaces around ANZ Stadium. Chris Sandow will kick off for the Rabbitohs.
1 min: Not a good start for the Warriors, with Jesse Royal dropping it on third tackle.
2 min: They compound the error with a penalty for a grapple by Michael Luck.
3 min: Another penalty for the Rabbitohs when the Warriors play at the ball from the marker.
4 min: TRY
Souths have found a crack in the Warriors defence, John Sutton holds the ball up long enough for Pettybourne to scream through a hole and score. Sandow squeaks the conversion just between the uprights to make it six.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
11 min: TRY
A good set from the Warriors produces a result, Manu Vatuvei bats back a cross-field bomb for Lewis Brown to twist and dive over. Maloney is unlucky, hitting the post and missing the conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-4
12 min: A fortunate penalty for Souths, with the Warriors penalised for touching the ball in an offside position.
13 min: Warriors hold out and defuse a bomb into the in-goal for a 20 metre restart.
14 min: Manu Vatuvei could have the Warriors second try this afternoon but checking the sideline and grounding.
15 min: TRY
Only one look from the video referee to confirm that it's a try. A nice backline movement from the Warriors ends with Vatuvei powering his way past two Rabbitoh defenders. Maloney is unable to kick this goal either.
New Zealand Warriors 8-6
18 min: A pin point kick from Sutton traps Vatuvei deep in his in-goal and he tries to get a run up and charge out of the in-goal but is swarmed by several Souths players.
19 min: The Warriors just heaping more pressure on themselves with a penalty for working over Beau Champion.
20 min: Souths can't do anything though, with Champion trying to skip past his defender and flick a pass to Merrit but it's knocked on.
23 min: Talanoa gets his side a repeat side after some crisp passing sets him off downfield. With no room left, he kicks one back for Taylor but Hohaia cautiously bats the ball dead.
25 min: TRY
Beautiful passing there from Souths, every pass hitting the chest and the final ball from Wesser putting Merrit in to score. Sandow misses the conversion, putting Souths ahead by two.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 10-8
28 min: Warriors get their first penalty of the game, after Asotasi takes out Luck who was supporting Henderson. Warriors have a whole set at the Souths line but they waste the opportunity with a forward pass.
30 min: Warriors throw a forward pass but luckily the Rabbitohs were offside first and it's a penalty.
32 min: TRY
Henderson does well to hold up the ball and draw a few Souths defenders and gets a flat pass to Latimore to score his second try for the year. Maloney has no troubles from in front.
New Zealand Warriors 14-10
34 min: Some amazing football from the Warriors there from an inital bomb by Maloney, Vatuvei tries a second kick which lands in friendly hands but eventually Sutton is there to save the day for the Rabbitohs.
35 min: Chris Sandow puts an enormous kick downfield which bounces just before the 20 metre line. Scrum Warriors.
37 min: Sloppy work from Henderson throwing a forward pass from dummyhalf.
38 min: Souths try to spread it early but Sandow is hammered and drops the ball, relieving the pressure on the Warriors.
39 min: Kevin Locke the hero of a few weeks ago tries to get past Talanoa but he ragdolls him into touch.
40 min: TRY
Sam Burgess tries to throw a flick pass and it lands in Maloney's hands. He streaks away to give the Warriors a good buffer. Maloney converts his own try on the stroke of halftime.
New Zealand Warriors 20-10
41 min: The Warriors are on the field waiting to kick off the second half and here comes South Sydney, hoping to avoid three games in a row.
44 min: A nice shot from Chris Sandow, dislodges the ball from Brett Seymour.
46 min: A penalty in possession against the Warriors, after Locke runs into his own player deemed to be an obstruction.
47 min: Talanoa could have a try for South Sydney to open the second half.
48 min: TRY
Souths have opened the scoring in the second half, Talanoa finds a gap and sprints to the line and scores despite Hohaia's best efforts. Sandow puts the conversion wide.
New Zealand Warriors 20-14
51 min: TRY
Souths have made it back to back tries, Sandow ran it on last gave it to Lowe who finds the hooker Falloon who goes in under the posts. Sandow has no problem with the conversion from in front.
20 all
54 min: A nice kick from Maloney forces Talanoa to bat the ball dead for a drop out.
Off the restart, Souths strip the ball from the reach of Latimore. Maloney chooses a shot at goal and slots in.
New Zealand Warriors 22-20
59 min: TRY
Taylor creates something out of nothing, and gets it to Best who positions Sandow enough to score in the corner. Sandow sneaks it just inside the uprights to make the lead four points.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 26-22
64 min: Jerome Ropati has a sneaky look at the line before taking on the line and drops the ball.
66 min: Lewis Brown may have saved a try for New Zealand but checking with the video referee.
67 min: TRY
Sandow launches a high mid-field bomb which is batted back by Taylor and Talanoa struggles and according to the video referee got the ball down. Sandow has no troubles from the sideline and converts it.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 32-22
71 min: Taylor is in serious trouble with a shoulder injury, adding to the casualty ward for the match. Locke and Ropati are both out for the Warriors.
74 min: TRY
Souths repel the Warriors once from a bat down but they can't deny Brown this time as he darts from dummy-half. Maloney makes the difference four with six minutes to go.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 32-28
75 min: Souths are penalised for hands in the ruck. Warriors have a full set in the South Sydney half.
76 min: Talanoa jumps high contesting it with Tate and gets to the ball first but he ran from the field of play. Drop out and more pressure on South Sydney.
78 min: The Warriors shoot themselves in the foot, with an offside from a pass.
80 min: TRY
Jamie Simpson has sealed a victory for Souths, with the ball being kept alive and he scores in the corner. Sandow finishes the game with a conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-28

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