Rabbitohs pull it out of the hat

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have avenged their round one lost to the Roosters with an amazing finish to win 24-22 over their rivals at Allianz Stadium in front of 19,934 fans.

Queensland Maroons superstar Greg Inglis fired out of the gates quickly to set up Nathan Merritt for the Cardinal and Myrtle's first points. Adam Reynolds with the conversion attempt made it 6-0 after six minutes.

A visit to the video referee saw Boyd Cordner clean up with his own four-pointer after Inglis failed to defuse Braith Anasta's kick. Before Anasta could attempt the conversion, the ball boy's quad bike had to be carried off. However, it was in vain as he failed to add the two points. Rabbitohs 6-4 with 17 minutes until half time.

Just minutes later the Rabbitohs hit back with their second try of the night. Andrew Everingham claimed his try after Dave Taylor kept the ball alive to link up with Dylan Farrell. Adam Reynolds with a beautiful strike from the touchline nailed the conversion. Rabbitohs 12-4

As the siren sound Reynolds took a snap attempt at field goal from half way, it fell short. So, at half time the Rabbitohs lead the Roosters 12-4.

A turn in momentum saw the Roosters score three unanswered tries which looked to seal the victory, but it wasn't to be. 
Tautau Moga against the run of play streaked away to score a wonderful solo try for the Roosters. Anasta converted to close the gap to two points, Rabbitohs 12-10 
Joseph Leilua had previously been denied twice by the video referee. But third time lucky he was awarded a try off some great passes from the Roosters. Anasta's attempt gave his side a four point lead with 12 minutes to play. 
Inside the final five minutes, Mitchell Pearce toed ahead the ball off a scrappy play to give the Roosters what seemed to be the match-winner. Anasta extended the gap to ten points, 22-12. 
Even the best psychics could not predict what took place in the final 90 seconds of the match. The Rabbitohs miraculously managed to pull out two back to back tries to steal victory. 
Firstly, Nathan Merritt busted the defensive line to race away to score the first wonderful try. With a quick conversion attempt Reynolds closed the gap to four points, Roosters 22-18. 
Once again Merritt in the action to break the line from the kick restart to fly down field to link up with Adam Reynolds who dived under the posts to the delights of the Souths supporters. He slot the conversion to win it for the Rabbitohs, 24-22. 
The game was everything it was hyped up, the perfect finish to rivalry round. 
Next week in part two of rivalry round will see the Roosters host the Penrith Panthers. While the Rabbitohs will return to ANZ Stadium to clash with their arch-rivals in the Dragons.

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 22 were defeated by South Sydney Rabbitohs 24
National Rugby League - Round 19 - Monday July 16, 2012 7:00pm
Venue: Allianz Stadium
Referee: Shayne Hayne and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Russell Smith
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Clayton Sharpe
Crowd: 19,934
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 4 South Sydney Rabbitohs 12

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Adam Reynolds (1 Try, 4 Conversions)
2 Points - Sam Burgess
1 Point - Nathan Merritt (2 Tries)

Tries: Mitchell Pearce, Boyd Cordner, Joseph Leilua, Tautau Moga
Conversions: Braith Anasta (3/4)

Tries: Nathan Merritt (2), Adam Reynolds, Andrew Everingham
Field Goals: Adam Reynolds (0/1)
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (4/4)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Welcome to League Unlimited's coverage to the conclusion of Rivalry Round (Part 1) LIVE from Allianz Stadium in Moore Park. Tonight's Monday Night Footy sees the Sydney Roosters host the South Sydney Rabbitohs. It will be a fiery encounter with a love to hate relationship between the two sides.

In team changes: Roosters - Jared Waerea-Hargreaves has been ruled out which sees Mose Masoe take his place in the starting side. While, Daniel Mortimer comes off the bench as Brad Takairangi and Nafe Seluini are added.

Meanwhile for South Sydney, they remain unchanged, 1-17.

Earlier in Toyota Cup action, a late finishing Rabbitohs outfit were unable to fight back going down to the Roosters 36-30.
We are moments away from kick off here at Allianz Stadium, both side getting their final address from their respective coaches in the sheds before running out.
1 min: Shayne Hayne blows TIME ON and we are UNDERWAY with the Rabbitohs kick off off into the smoke
1 min: Kick from the Roosters finds the touchline and the Rabbitohs have possession on their 20 metre line.
3 min: The Roosters' kick rolls dead once again beating the Rabbitohs defenders over the dead ball line. The Rabbitohs have another 20 metre restart.
6 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
Greg Inglis has found a gap in the Roosters defensive line who then linked up with the support in Nathan Merritt to score first points. Adam Reynolds from in front nails the conversion attempt to extend the lead
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
11 min: KNOCK ON! Dave Taylor tried to knock the ball free but knocked it forward out of the hands of Jake Friend. The Roosters pack a scrum feed on the halfway line
12 min: KNOCK ON! The Roosters attempted to spread the ball but the pass failed to stick with Boyd Cordner who knocked it on. Souths hold on and have a scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
14 min: Zero tackle for the Roosters as Cordner looked to have knocked on again but the call against the Rabbitohs deeming it a strip. So the Roosters with the ball on the halfway line.
15 min: FORWARD PASS! Issac Luke threw the offload forward out of the ruck looking to keep it alive but it went forward. So a few errors from both sides thus far. The Roosters pack another scrum feed on halfway.
17 min: Penalty to the Roosters for the a dangerous throw from Issac Luke on SKD. He is on report as a result.
18 min: Video Referee decision pending for the Roosters. SKD claiming a try in the corner. Need to look at a few things here.
18 min: The decision comes back as NO TRY! SKD offloaded behind him but it went touch in goal. No try the call and the Rabbitohs have the ball on their 20 metre line.
19 min: FORWARD PASS! Sam Burgess has been pinged for a forward pass as he offloaded. A scrum feed packs down for the Roosters again. The errors really affecting the flow of play here.
23 min: Video Referee Decision for the Roosters. Cordner claiming points
23 min: TRY
TRY! Sydney Roosters
The green lights are spun up for Boyd Cordner who dived on the mistake from Greg Inglis in the high ball contest. After a quad bike break down from the boy ball, Anasta fails to convert.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-4
26 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
Andrew Everingham claims the Rabbitohs 2nd try after Dave Taylor kept the ball alive to link up with Dylan Farrell. Adam Reynolds with a beautiful strike from the touchline nailed the conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-4
30 min: Penalty to the Roosters, the kick downfield find the line and they attack 30 metres from the Rabbitohs line.
32 min: WOW! What an effort! Video Referee for the Roosters. Moga claiming points!
32 min: NO TRY! Joseph Leilua gets the RED LIGHTS after taking the ball over the touchline as he tried to regather after his kick. The Rabbitohs have the ball on their 20 metre line.
33 min: Dave Taylor has come off and gone straight up the tunnel as Reynolds knocked on. Roosters scrum.
36 min: There is still concern for Greg Inglis who remains at the back of the play with the trainer
39 min: KNOCK ON! The Rabbitohs trying to throw the quick passes before half time, Greg Inglis took the ball and lost it. Roosters have the ball with a scrum feed on their 40 metre line.
39 min: A mistake from the Roosters will see the Rabbitohs finish the half with the ball.
As the siren sound Adam Reynolds took a snap attempt at field goal from half way, it well short. So at HALF TIME the Rabbitohs lead the Roosters 12-4.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-4
About to have the second half get UNDERWAY with Inglis returning onto the park
41 min: We are GO for the second half here at Allianz with the Rabbitohs 12 leading Roosters 4. Braith Anasta fires the ball off the tee to get us going of the second forty minutes.
42 min: Nathan Merritt took the kick and streaked downfield but collected shy of halfway
42 min: Zero tackle for the Rabbitohs on the Roosters goal line. They have to score here.
43 min: Penalty to the Roosters after Issac Luke ran an obstruction heading to the line. The Roosters survive the on their line.
45 min: INJURY! Eddy Pettybourne is down after a head clash with Masoe. He will come off the field with the trainers aid as a result.
45 min: Play continues and on the last play Reynolds fired the kick into the air but taken by SKD on the far wing to start the Roosters set.
49 min: TRY
TRY! Sydney Roosters
Tautau Moga against the run of play has streaked away to score a wonderful try for the Roosters. Braith Anasta nails the conversion to close the gap to two points.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-10
52 min: After a passage of play which saw almost all the Roosters players get a hand on the ball, the Roosters have the ZERO TACKLE and a chance on the goal line.
52 min: KNOCK ON! Jake Friend took a hit from Sam Burgess and knocked on short of the goal line. The Rabbitohs hold on and get a scrum feed on their 10 metre line.
56 min: OFFICIAL CROWD at Allianz Stadium: 19,934
56 min: Penalty to the Roosters against Sam Burgess for holding down in the ruck too long. The Roosters take the quick tap and continue their attack inside the Rabbitohs 20 metre line.
58 min: Video Referee for Joseph Leilua, looking at the touchline and grounding
58 min: NO TRY! Joseph Leilua denied at the line by the video referee for a knock on as he attempted to ground the ball. The Rabbitohs breathe and they attack deep in their half.
60 min: A forward pass against the Rabbitohs gives up the ball to the Roosters on their 40 metre line.
62 min: Greg Inglis took a play at the ball to knock it dead when he didn't need too. So the Rabbitohs under pressure again as the Roosters earn line drop out.
64 min: TRY
TRY! Sydney Roosters
Joseph Leilua off some great passes from the Roosters finally has his try after being denied twice earlier tonight. Braith Anasta with the conversion makes it a four point lead for the Roosters
Sydney Roosters 16-12
66 min: A massive play from Everingham has trapped Mini in goal. Line drop for Souths. Big chance for them to hit back and score here.
68 min: Boyd Cordner has saved his team but despite a knock on the Roosters keep possession
73 min: Dylan Farrell has knocked the ball forward as he tried to knock it backwards. But the Roosters continue to hold on!
75 min: Video referee for the Roosters. Mitchell Pearce is claiming the winning try!
75 min: TRY
TRY! Sydney Roosters
Mitchell Pearce has sealed a wonderful match winning try after a mess play following an offload play from Leilua on the far side. Pearce stabbed the kick through and cleaned up to win the game for the Roosters. Anasta converted to make it a 10 point lead.
Sydney Roosters 22-12
77 min: 3 minutes to play and the Rabbitohs have a scrum feed on the Roosters 20 metre line.
78 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
Nathan Merritt has raced away to score a wonderful try and give the Rabbitohs hope inside the final minute of the game as Reynolds quickly converts.
Sydney Roosters 22-18
80 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
Nathan Merritt started the run off the kick restart as he sprinted down field to link up with Adam Reynolds to score the match winner under the posts.! He converts and the RABBITOHS WIN!
South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-22

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