Rabbitohs Reassure Fans They Have
Not Breached Anti-Tampering Deadline

The Rabbitohs would like to reassure its fans, sponsors and the Rugby League community that it has not breached the NRL?s anti-tampering deadline.

It would be possible for people to believe from reports today that CEO Shane Richardson has brokered a deal with Melbourne halfback Matt Orford and Bulldogs five-eighth Braith Anasta, however Mr Richardson says that no offer has been made to the players.

?South Sydney has not made an approach to either player and has not breached the NRL?s anti-tampering guidelines,? Mr Richardson stated today.

?I have advised the League that I am the only person who can make contract offers to players and I don?t intend to make any offers to players currently contracted with other NRL Clubs until after June 30.

?With regards to Braith Anasta, George Piggins is his uncle and has wanted to see Braith play for Souths since he was a kid. George doesn?t negotiate contracts for Souths and this Club is professional enough to keep family and business relationships separate.

?This story was not generated by South Sydney in any way. It?s not an attempt to leak an offer to the players to sidestep the anti-tampering deadline and if the players were to take the reports as an offer then they are being poorly advised. I don?t operate that way and neither will this Club.

?In accepting the enthusiasm that people have for South Sydney and their desire to see the Club do well, we don?t want them to draw the wrong conclusion, that we are communicating an offer to the players via the media.

?This is not the case and we caution any player or manager against this.

?We support the June 30 anti-tampering deadline and we will look to pursue any players that we feel are needed at this Club after June 30.?