Raiders bounce back in Newcastle

The Canberra Raiders have turned their fortunes around at Hunter Stadium in Newcastle, as 15,114 people watched their beloved Knights go down 32-16.

It was an interesting first half with both sides showing nothing in defence but plenty in attack; Canberra opening the scoring in the 6th minute through Edrick Lee off a Josh Dugan bomb.

The home side conceded the next try to Joel Thompson (10th minute) and dropped 2 more points with a penalty goal to Jarrod Croker in the 22nd minute.

Dane Gagai (28th minute), who was playing his first game for his new club, and Willie Mason (40th minute) got the other two tries for the Knights but Raiders second rower Bronson Harrison had crossed previously (37th minute).

The second half plummeted into disarray as defence and ball control seemed to have left the stadium. The flying scot James McManus scored to get the knights back in it but the 18th man for the Raiders hit straight back to kill the flow in the 60 and 64th minutes respectively.

The game ended in excitement with Edrick Lee scoring his second try through a runaway intercept as the timekeeper noted the 75th minute.

The Knights will have time to lick their wounds as both teams have the bye next weekend.

Match Details
Newcastle Knights 16 were defeated by Canberra Raiders 32
National Rugby League - Round 14 - Saturday June 9, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Hunter Stadium
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Ashley Klein
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Jason Walsh
Crowd: 15114
Halftime: Newcastle Knights 12 Canberra Raiders 20 players of the match:
3 Points - Edrick Lee (2 Tries)
2 Points - Willie Mason (1 Try)
1 Point - Josh McCrone

Tries: Willie Mason, James McManus, Dane Gagai
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (2/3)

Tries: Trevor Thurling, Joel Thompson, Bronson Harrison, Edrick Lee (2)
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (5/5)
Penalty Goals: Jarrod Croker (1/1) Live Commentary Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hunter Stadium, Newcastle. Just one change for the match, Joe Picker is out with an infected arm and Trevor Thurling takes his spot on the bench in jersey 18. Canberra coming onto the field now.
And we have kick off. Knights kicks left down the screen to the Raiders.
The Raiders kick down the field via Dugan.
1 min: MISTAKE: Knights. 1-0.
2 min: The Raiders now have the ball, ten metres into the Knights' half.
3 min: Josh Dugan grubbed into the in goal but the kick comes off a Knights player and they recover. Knights ball.
3 min: The Knights kick through Dugan 25 metres from his own line, Robinson tackled 37 metres from their own line.
6 min: TRY
Josh Dugan put the bomb up, Knights players look at each other before the ball bounces back into Edrick Lee's arms. That is his first try of his NRL career. Jarrod Croker kicks the conversion.
Canberra Raiders 6-0
6 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Raiders. Out on the full. Count: Raiders 1-0.
7 min: Raiders back on the attack, 20 out from the Knights line.
8 min: GOAL LINE DROP OUT: Knights. Dugan grubbers in goal, before a Knights player bats the ball dead.
10 min: TRY
The Knights are not playing well. Dugan holds the ball up, double pumps before giving a nice short ball to Joel Thompson who goes through the gap and sprints to the try line. Jarrod Croker adds the extras.
Canberra Raiders 12-0
11 min: Josh McCrone clears the ball as the Knights fullback drops it.
11 min: Raiders on the attack, 10 metres from the try line.
12 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Raiders. Held too long. Raiders 2-0.
12 min: Raiders just metres from the line.
13 min: Knights very lucky as a certain try is shut down by McManus. New set.
13 min: Massive let off for the Knights as Dugan puts it down just ten from the line.
14 min: Knights make a break before being pulled down.
15 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Raiders 2-1.
15 min: Knights attacking from ten out.
15 min: Joel Thompson makes a great tackle and forces the mistake by Chris Houston.
16 min: Raiders working it from their 20 metre line.
16 min: McCrone puts a kick down as the Knights bring it back. 40 out.
17 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Markers not square. 2-2.
18 min: Knights have the ball 10 from the try line.
18 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Knights 3-2.
19 min: Raiders hold out and now are working it from their ten metre line.
20 min: After a kick down field by Dugan, the Knights drop the ball 30 metres from the line.
20 min: Ferguson passes to a Knights player before the Knights player offloads back to the Raiders.
20 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Raiders. 3-3. Will go for the two points.
Croker extends the Raiders' lead.
Canberra Raiders 14-0
23 min: Yet another kick goes down the throat of the Knights back three.
24 min: Blake Ferguson takes a Mullen bomb, ten from his line.
25 min: Raiders show some attacking class but Blake Ferguson puts the ball down. Scrum Knights 40 out.
26 min: VIDEO REF: We are about to find out if Timanah Tahu has scored out wide.
26 min: NO TRY: Play the ball, ten metres out.
26 min: Raiders touch the ball as Edrick Lee tries to spring away. Scrum Knights, 15 metres out.
28 min: TRY
Try to Knights' centre Dane Gagai who is on début for the club. Tyrone Roberts converts from the sideline.
Canberra Raiders 14-6
30 min: Knights clear the ball at the 50 metre line, finding touch 10 from the Raiders line. Scrum Canberra.
31 min: Knights starting to win the battle now for field position. they are 20 out from the Raiders line.
32 min: Another mistake here from the Knights. Kills all momentum.
32 min: Massive kick from McCrone and the Knights fullback secures the ball 20 from his line.
34 min: Roberts stabs it down, Lee brings it to the 20, and he is tackled 30 out.
34 min: Six more tackles for the Raiders and they are in the Knights half.
35 min: VIDEO REF: Checking kicking contest and grounding.
37 min: TRY
Bronson Harrison scores the try after McCrone places the ball across field, James McManus dropping it cold as Harrison cleans up. Croker converts.
Canberra Raiders 20-6
37 min: Raiders working hard as McCrone clears the ball.
38 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Knights 4-3.
38 min: Knights just metres from the line.
40 min: TRY
A simple short ball to Willie Mason sees the Knights hit back. Roberts converts as the Raiders hold the halftime lead.
Canberra Raiders 20-12
40 min: The Raiders get us back under way.
42 min: Raiders on the attack, 20 out from their line.
43 min: Knock on by Newcastle, Raiders ball, scrum 20 out from the Knights line.
44 min: Dugan throws a cut out pass to no one into touch. Wasted chance.
46 min: Off an attacking set from the Raiders, Dugan kicks out on the full. Scrum Knights 40 out.
47 min: Knights close to the line.
48 min: Great defence from the Raiders as the Knights receive a drop out,
49 min: Hard running by Mason as the Knights are 20 out.
49 min: Bad last play option, Canberra ball.
49 min: But the Raiders have put it down. The Knights will get the scrum, 20 out from the Raiders line.
51 min: Once again the Raiders shut down an attacking kick. Raiders working the ball out of their own half now.
52 min: Knights come down with the ball after an attacking raid from the Raiders - excuse the pun.
54 min: McCrone under pressure chips the ball and tackles Roberts who recovered the ball.
55 min: Knights into the Raiders half on the attack.
55 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Offside. 4-4.
56 min: Knights will have the tap 10 metres from the Raiders line.
57 min: The Knights knock it on cold and let off all the pressure.
57 min: But Dugan returns serve and throws a forward pass.
58 min: Knights on the attack 20 out.
58 min: INFRINGEMENT:Penalty Knights. High Tackle. Knights 5-4.
58 min: Knights attacking strong 5 metres out.
60 min: TRY
After all the pressure, the Knights have finally scored through James McManus. Tyrone Roberts misses the conversion.
Canberra Raiders 20-16
61 min: Knock on from the Knights. Kade Snowden tries to get up fast but loses grip on the ball. Raiders scrum, 15 metres from the Knights line.
64 min: TRY
18th man Trevor Thurling puts the Raiders back in front off of an inside ball from Josh Dugan close to the line. Jarrod Croker keeps his record intact.
Canberra Raiders 26-16
66 min: Lots of short balls tonight from the Raiders.
66 min: And Waddell puts the ball down.
68 min: Knights starting to realize that the time is running out. Desperation creeping in.
69 min: Jarrod Croker makes a half break as the Raiders are in the Newcastle half.
70 min: Drop out here from the Knights. Raiders coming back at them.
71 min: Knock on Dugan. Is his position going to stay five eighth? Discuss on the forums!
71 min: Jarrod Mullen getting some attention.
71 min:
75 min: TRY
Lee will win the game for Canberra as he sprints away from Mullen. Mullen kicked out wide before Edrick Lee intercepted the ball to score. Jarrod Croker converts.
Canberra Raiders 32-16
75 min: Game winding down as the Knights slowly realize the game is gone. One out football.
76 min: Lee knocks on after a great kick from Mullen comes down awkwardly. scrum Knights 10 out.
77 min: Knights knock on and Dugan recovers.
77 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Raiders. Hands on the ball. 5-5
78 min: Let off for Newcastle as McKinninon strips the ball from Raiders attackers.
79 min: And the Knights knock on.
80 min: That is all folks.

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