Raiders move into top eight with Cowboys rout

The Canberra Raiders have all but assured themselves of a top eight berth with a huge 48-4 victory over a hopeless North Queensland Cowboys team in front of 11,434 fans in Canberra tonight. The Raiders led 28-0 at half time and never looked like being defeated.

The Raiders opened the scoring in the fourth minute when Reece Robinson, a late inclusion dotted down after a simple catch and pass move - the first of his four tries.

They increased their lead after 16 minutes when Josh Dugan sliced through the Cowboys defence to make it 10-0.

A second try to Robinson made it 16-0 after only 21 minutes.

To their credit, the Cowboys soldiered on and did come up with some attacking opportunities, but weren't able to convert.

Glen Buttriss scored from dummy half not long before half time to put the Raiders out to a 22 point lead.

The Raiders took their lead out to 28 points right on half time when good support play from Dugan saw him claim his second.

After withstanding almost 10 minutes of constant Cowboys pressure, the Raiders scored from inside their own half with a good pass putting Josh McCrone away to make it 32-0.

Reece Robinson picked up his hat trick just after the hour mark.

With 12 minutes to go the Raiders moved their for and against into the positive as David Shillington crashed over to score.

The Cowboys struck back to make it 44-4 with Michael Bani scoring off the back of their only line break all night.

Unsurprisingly, it was the Raiders who had the last laugh with Reece Robinson scoring his fourth try with the last play of the game for the 48-4 final scoreline.

The Raiders will be missing Alan Tongue for their final round match in Brisbane after he left the field with a torn calf muscle late in the second half. He'll also remain in doubt for any potential finals games remaining.

While the Raiders aren't completely assured of a finals place yet, the Broncos will need to defeat Canberra by a large margin to secure an unlikely place in the finals.

Match Details
Canberra Raiders 48 defeated North Queensland Cowboys 4
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 25 - Saturday August 28, 2010 7:30pm
Venue: Canberra Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Gavin Reynolds and Daniel Eastwood
Crowd: 11,434
Halftime: Canberra Raiders 28 North Queensland Cowboys 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Josh Dugan (2 Tries)
2 Points - Reece Robinson (4 Tries)
1 Point - Terry Campese

Canberra Raiders (48)
Tries: Reece Robinson (4), Glen Buttriss, Josh Dugan (2), David Shillington, Josh McCrone
Conversions: Terry Campese (0/1), Jarrod Croker (6/8)

North Queensland Cowboys (4)
Tries: Michael Bani
Conversions: John Williams (0/1) Live Commentary Canberra have won tonight's Toyota Cup match 30-22.
For the Raiders, Mogg out, Monaghan to centre and Robinson to the wing. Also Thurling out, Fensom to start and Galea to the bench.

For the Cowboys, Watts out, Payne to hooker, Rovelli to half, Bowen to 5/8th and Gallant to fullback.
1 min: Underway in Canberra! Cowboys with first possession.
2 min: Raiders look like scoring on almost every play once they get into the Cowboys half, and they get a line drop out.
4 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Raiders shift the ball left to find the Cowboys defence wanting, and Reece Robinson scores a simple try in the corner.. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker unsuccessful off the uprights.
Canberra Raiders 4-0
6 min: Raiders spread the ball wide again but Croker loses it in the tackle. Very bad signs for the Cowboys.
9 min: Cowboys get a penalty to get out of their own end.
11 min: Croker trapped in the in goal and the Cowboys will get a repeat set.
11 min: Terry Campese kicks the drop out 60 metres on the fly.
12 min: Cowboys get six more tackles.
13 min: Cowboys make an error and the Raiders hold out.
13 min: Canberra go on attack after a stripping penalty.
14 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
14 min: NO TRY - Dugan gets some second man ball, grubbers for himself and knocks it on just before attempting to ground it. Spent several minutes checking an obstruction only to have the try ruled out for a knock on.
16 min: Raiders get an attacking penalty for the Cowboys taking out Robinson chasing a kick.
16 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
16 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Dugan not denied this time, scoring after the Raiders spread the ball from the penalty tap. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 10-0
21 min: Raiders on attack after a Cowboys mistake and penalty.
22 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Dugan bounces off Bowen and throws a great pass to Robinson to claim his double. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 16-0
25 min: Cowboys make another mistake coming out of their end.
26 min: Poor kick from Canberra spare the Cowboys more points.
29 min: Carl Webb loses the ball with the Cowboys on attack.
32 min: Cowboys on attack off a Raiders mistake.
33 min: Raiders force an error.
34 min: Raiders get a penalty for a high tackle and will go on attack.
35 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
35 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Buttriss barges his way over from close range. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 22-0
40 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Very simple try, Raiders spread the ball after a penalty tap, Fensom takes the ball up and offloads to Dugan who falls over to score. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 28-0
40 min: Halftime, and the Raiders are well on the way to the massive win everybody was expecting pre-match.
41 min: Back underway in Canberra!
43 min: Ashley Graham takes a cross field kick on attack but the Raiders wrap him up.
45 min: Cowboys pick up a line drop out.
46 min: Cowboys lose the ball on attack.
47 min: Raiders penalised for an obstruction, very questionable call.
48 min: Cowboys getting a fair amount of possession at the moment.
50 min: Gallant knocks on the Raiders don't crack again.
51 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
51 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Great pass puts McCrone into space and runs 55 metres to score. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker unsuccessful.
Canberra Raiders 32-0
56 min: James Tamou ruled to have knocked on covering up a Raiders attacking kick.
56 min: Dugan makes a mistake playing the ball 10 metres out on tackle zero.
60 min: Cowboys finally get across the line but are rightly called back for a forward pass.
62 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Croker busts through some hopeless defence and passes to Campese who sets up Robinson to score. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 38-0
64 min: Robinson breaks down the sideline and passes back to Croker who can't hold onto the ball.
68 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Scored by David Shillington. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 44-0
74 min: Vidot comes down with a bomb but can't control it.
74 min: Cowboys make a break and Rovelli is dragged down inches short.
74 min: TRY
TRY North Queensland Cowboys
The retreating Raiders defence can't stop the Cowboys and Bani scores in the corner. Conversion attempt by John Williams unsuccessful.
Canberra Raiders 44-4
74 min: INJURY - Alan Tongue has a torn calf muscle. Will not play next week but may be back for the finals.
79 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Croker throws a superb offload to Robinson who picks it up on the bounce to claim his fourth! Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker unsuccessful.
Canberra Raiders 48-4
80 min: Fulltime, and the Raiders are all but assured of a top eight berth with their 44 point hiding of the Cowboys.

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