Raiders rampage over worrying Warriors

The Canberra Raiders reminded us all of some of their fantastic, entertaining football from last year when they crushed the New Zealand Warriors 38-12 in a wonderful performance in Canberra this afternoon.

The Green Machine were left red-faced after their 46-6 hiding in Melbourne last week, but that did not stop them from coming running out of the blocks with the first score after an early mistake from New Zealand. David Milne ran through a massive gap to open the scoring.

It seemed like it would be a long afternoon for the Warriors when they conceded their second try after 12 minutes. The Raiders showed they were going to have fun with the football and after a series of offloads Jarrod Croker went in for his first and a 10 point lead.

The Warriors badly needed to hit back and they duly did when skipper Steve Price charged over under the goal-posts to reduce the margin to 6. Denan Kemp added the conversion from in front to decrease the margin to 4.

Back-to-back tries were just what the doctor ordered for the visitors as they suddenly stole the lead. Stacey Jones bombed for his winger and duly found Manu Vatuvei who in turn passed off to Simon Mannering for a try. Denan Kemp added another conversion, but it would be the New Zealanders' last points of the afternoon.

Tom Learoyd-Lahrs lead his forwards gallantly and offloaded to his stand-in captain Terry Campese to score a try of his own. The skipper then added to the points tally with a conversion for a 4-point buffer which was the half-time snack as the Raiders took a 16-12 lead.

The Raiders' second-half start was a mirror image of the first. The home side immediately added to their score-sheet as David Milne found another wide opening to run through for his second try after Joel Monaghan had been taken out and referee Jared Maxwell had played advantage.

The Raiders then decided to turn on some more razzle-dazzle as Terry Campese came down with a kick just short of his goal-line, stepped and accelerated through some Warriors defence. He then found Jarrod Croker who burst through and ran over the half-way line. The backs all linked up and finally found replacement Travis Waddell for a try. Terry Campese converted and at 28-12 the Warriors looked to be in some trouble.

Travis Waddell then returned the compliment after a stunning lead-up and popped a ball onto Trevor Thurling for the Raiders' 6th try of the match. Terry Campese added his 5th conversion and 22 points was a large request for the Warriors to reply to.

Terry Campese then continued to terrorise the Warriors with his boot after pinning them in their in-goal several times for back-to-back sets. The skipper followed up one with a moment of pure, green magic. The ball was offloaded and Campese kicked the ball off the ground and into the arms of Jarrod Croker for a 38-12 score-line with 2 minutes remaining.

The Warriors tried to add some respectability to the score-line but the home side held firm after some more aerial raids. 38-12 was the full-time score and the Warriors had to head home across the ditch with their tails between their legs.

Match Details Canberra Raiders 38 def New Zealand Warriors 12 Round 11 - Sunday May 24th, 2009 2:00pm Venue: Canberra Stadium Referee: Jared Maxwell & Bernard Sutton Sideline Officials: Jeff Younis & Ricky McFarlane Video Referee: Russell Smith Crowd: 8,383 Halftime: Raiders 16-12

Canberra Raiders 38 Tries: David Milne (2), Jarrod Croker (2), Terry Campese, Travis Waddell, Trevor Thurling Goals: Terry Campese (5/7) New Zealand Warriors 12 Tries: Steve Price, Simon Mannering Goals: Denan Kemp (2/2) Player of the Match 3 Points: Terry Campese (Raiders) 2 Points: Tom Learoyd-Lahrs (Raiders) 1 Point: David Milne (Raiders) Live Commentary

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RAIDERS: 1. David Milne 2. Adrian Purtell 20. Jarrod Croker 4. Joel Monaghan 5. Phil Graham 6. Terry Campese (c) 7. Marc Herbert 17. Dane Tilse 9. Glen Buttriss 10. Scott Logan 11. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs 12. Bronson Harrison 14. Trevor Thurling Interchange: 8. David Shillington 15. Nigel Plum 16. Josh Miller 25. Travis Waddell WARRIORS: 1. Wade McKinnon 2. Denan Kemp 11. Simon Mannering 4. Jerome Ropati 5. Manu Vatuvei 6. Joel Moon 7. Stacey Jones 8. Sam Rapira 9. Ian Henderson 10. Steve Price (c) 17. Ben Matulino 12. Jacob Lillyman 13. Micheal Luck (Vc) Interchange: 3. Patrick Ah Van 14. Lance Hohaia 15. Russell Packer 16. Jesse Royal

Welcome to Canberra Stadium in our nation's capital for the first Sunday match of Round 11. It's the Canberra Raiders up against the New Zealand Warriors, and these two teams are coming off two comprehensive losses. They'll both badly want a win here today and we'll bring you all the action in just over 15 minutes.

Toyota Cup has seen the Raiders come up with a 42-28 win over the Warriors.

3rd min: Raiders with a scrum here and they're on the attack early.

5th min: TRY Canberra Raiders Milne takes an offload and flies through the gap! Great start for the homeside! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese successful. Canberra Raiders 6-0

6 min: Great restart from the Raiders. Wide pass to Phil Graham and he goes for a little jog, over the halfway line. Campese kicks a little too deep though. The Warriors play the ball and they get a penalty for working over the dominant tackle.

7 min: McKinnon kicks ahead and it's caught by Jarrod Croker and grounded. Dropout for the Warriors here.

9 min: The Warriors go wide, cut-out pass nearly caught by Purtell! It was a high, hanging pass and the Raiders will get a scrum after it's ruled to have gone forward. Penalty for the Raiders and they'll work their way up field nicely.

11 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Now on the back of a penalty. Dane Tilse hits it up and gets chopped in half, he loses it backwards. It's offloaded. Here it comes! Razzle-dazzle! Herbert runs it up. Wide pass! Jarrod Croker is in! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese unsuccessful. Canberra Raiders 10-0

12 min: Oh no! Denan Kemp has kicked the re-start dead! The Warriors are in trouble!

13 min: Terry Campese grubbers ahead after a great set. They're looking enthusiastic this afternoon! The Warriors concede a drop-out.

14 min: The Warriors concede another penalty for holding down in front of the posts, about 10 out. The Raiders decide to keep the pressure on.

15 min: Ball lost by Croker after trying to offload and the Warriors have come up with it.

16 min: The Raiders counter and Campese loses it in the play-the-ball. He appeals for a strip, but it's not given.

17 min: Moon bashes it into the sky and it is beautifully taken by Milne in his in-goal. Wonderful take from the Canberra fullback.

18 min: The Warriors are 5 metres out and desperately need something here. They go wide, Jones finds Ropati. Henderson hits it up. Jones goes for a cross-field kick and Monaghan knocks it dead.

19 min: TRY New Zealand Warriors Russell Smith awards the try after Steve Price grounds the ball next to the posts. The Warriors are back in this now. Conversion attempt by Denan Kemp successful. Canberra Raiders 10-6

20 min: Stacey Jones kicks from inside his 40, looking for a 40/20 but it just goes dead in-goal.

22 min: Stacey Jones tries another chip through, which again goes dead. The Warriors are looking better now though, much more focus in attack and more ground is getting made by the forwards.

23 min: Jarrod Croker finds a a gap and he's away! He's run away from his support on the inside! He's probably butchered a try here and the Warriors come up with the pill.

27 min: TRY New Zealand Warriors Stacey Jones dummies to his right and boots it high to his left. He's looking for Vatuvei! He finds him! It gets knocked down and Mannering scores to level it! Conversion attempt by Denan Kemp successful. New Zealand Warriors 12-10

30 min: TRY Canberra Raiders The Raiders back themselves on the last. Learoyd-Lahrs offloads and it's gone out to Campese! He scores! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese successful. Canberra Raiders 16-12

35 min: The Warriors are going to go wide on the attack here! Back-to-back sets and they go wide to Kemp! But no! Forward pass.

37 min: The Raiders get another penalty. A lack of discipline is letting the Warriors down here.

38 min: Ball spread wide here from the Raiders. They go to the right. Butriss feeds it on to a wide-running Harrison and he finds Purtell who's bundled into touch just short of the line.

39 min: High kick here towards Phil Graham and he loses it! Bit of a brain explosion there as he seemed to have that easily covered.

The half-time whistle has gone in an entertaining game. Both teams have been willing to use the ball, but the Raiders have looked much more dangerous. 16-12 is the halftime score and we'll be hoping for more of the same in the second-half.

40 min: Kemp gets us underway with his boot. The Raiders will have first use of the football in the second-half. The Warriors concede a penalty for a flop.

42 min: TRY Canberra Raiders The Raiders use the ball wide on the right hand side. It's spread to Monaghan who's taken out! Advantage being played by Maxwell and Milne streaks through easily for his second! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese successful. Canberra Raiders 22-12

43 min: The Raiders are rolling with the punches well here. Campese, the skipper tries a 40/20 but it's just short. Great set there.

44 min: Harrison is caught off-side. The Warriors will have a relieving penalty. They need to hit back after this great second-half start from the Raiders. It's only their 2nd penalty of the match.

45 min: The Warriors attack through Jones. Just short of the goal-line. Jones kicks ahead and Milne streaks away! He's got some speed on him! Caught over the halfway line. Wide it goes to Croker and he finds Purtell! Penalty conceded by the Warriors and Campese wants to go quickly.

48 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Milne sets up Waddell! He's just come on the field and he's scored! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese successful. Canberra Raiders 28-12

55 min: Herbert kicks ahead and McKinnon knocks it dead. Both teams are looking a little more fatigued now. It's been a fast-paced match.

58 min: Miller charges at Stacey Jones. Logan takes it up again, just short of the goal-line. Campese feeds his outside backs and finds Monaghan who drops it cold.

60 min: Scott Logan gives away a penalty for off-side and the Warriors will be able to work their way out of their own half.

62 min: The Warriors lose it and the Raiders work it up field. Herbert kicks it high and Vatuvei easily comes down with it in front of his goal-line. The Warriors then get another penalty and find touch just inside their own half.

64 min: Stacey Jones gets it on the last and kicks it high again. Monaghan flies up and comes down with it. Wonderfully done.

65 min: Terry Campese punts it and Vatuvei has misjudged it and loses it! The crowd cheer as the Raiders will have a scrum about 30 metres out from the Warriors line.

66 min: The Raiders attack on the 10. Terry Campese is met with heavy attention before grubbering ahead and Hohaia gets it but is tackled in-goal!

67 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Travis Waddell passes out of dummy-half to Trevor Thurling and he bashes his way over! The referee points to the spot and a try is awarded. No need to check the grounding. Conversion attempt by Terry Campese successful. Canberra Raiders 34-12

70 min: Terry Campese once again uses that wonderfully weighted kick of his and traps Denan Kemp in his in-goal. Absolutely fantastic kicking this afternoon and it'll be another drop-out and a chance for the Raiders to get their 7th try.

71 min: Campese throws an intercept to Kemp. Warriors ball here and the Raiders then give away a penalty. Croker and Campese were both offside.

75 min: Luck drives it up and Jones then boots it up high again. Campese takes it and he ducks, steps and offloads to Croker! He bursts downfield. Waddell is involved and they work it into the Warriors half.

78 min: TRY Canberra Raiders The Raiders have it on the 10. It's offloaded and Campese just boots it off the ground. Jarrod Croker catches it! Oh that's brilliant! Wonderful try! Conversion attempt by Terry Campese unsuccessful. Canberra Raiders 38-12

The full-time siren sounds and the Raiders have bounced back in wonderful fashion with some fantastic, enterprising football to beat the Warriors by 38-12. Thanks for joining us and tune in for the rest of the Gold Coast Titans and the Manly Sea Eagles.