Raiders Ruin Roosters Spell

We have to go back to 1995, 16 years ago since the Canberra Raiders have managed a win over the Sydney Roosters at the Sydney Football Stadium. But tonight that stopped that bad spell with a convincing victory 38 points to 12 in front of a typical crowd of 9,817.

The night went from bad to worse for the Roosters as Braith Anasta started the match by kicking the ball out on the full to give the Raiders a penalty on halfway. Punishing the Roosters for the mistake with Josh McCrone spreading it wide to find Josh Papalii. He crashed over through a hole to get the opening 4 pointer. From beside the posts Croker converts to make it Canberra Raiders 6-0 in the opening 60 seconds.

Another error, 10 minutes later and off the penalty the Raiders making the Roosters pay. McCrone again with a good passing game found Joel Thompson running back on the angle to crash over the line and plant it down beating four Roosters defenders. Canberra Raiders 12-0.

The Roosters managing to get possession and an exciting passage of play later with Todd Carney going to the air through a cross field kick to his winger, Sam Perrett to dive for the points. Roosters hitting back in what was to be only one of their two tries of the match. Roosters with the conversion making it 12-6.

The match had a turning point of exciting before the break at halftime with 2 tries in 3 minutes. The first with the Raiders and another McCrone crafted effort similar to the Papalii try. As Joe Picker running back on the inside diving over the line for the Raiders third try. 

Only 3 minutes later and the Roosters hit back for only their second try of the match. Todd Carney  showing his passing game to find Tinirau Arona to hit the hole in the tiring Raiders defence. Carney back on the mark to get the ball from an inside off Arona to score under the posts. At halftime the Roosters coming within 6 points of Canberra Raiders 18-12.

More exciting play from the Raiders as they demolished the Roosters in a poor second half. You couldn't keep Man of the Match Josh McCrone away from the ball, as he caught an intercept ball. He found Blake Ferguson on his short side who streaked away down field which ended with a chip, chase and regather. Roosters out on their feet with Ferguson to score. Raiders hitting 22 points to 12 with a failed kick of Croker after 59 minutes.

A further three tries collected by the Green Machine. Another mistake cost them more points, Jarrod Croker collecting a double the first from a spinning try at the line beating soft defence of the Roosters after he picked up the ball from a Bronson Harrison ground pass. Roosters trailing 26-12 at that point.

Shaun Fensom getting into the action thanks for McCrone, he showed his strengthen to beat the defence and reach out for the try for their second last. The final points came 7 minutes before the siren with the Roosters not getting a break, as poor mistake and late penalty from the referee for the Roosters not being square. That set up Nathan Massey going with the short side pass to Croker to step around the defence and score under the posts. At full time in an exciting play from the Canberra Raiders it ended 38 points to 12.

Now the Roosters continue there poor season as they have to win their next 9 matches in a row to make the finals. It's a tough call as they have failed to score more then 13 points in a match in season 2011. The Raiders now make it two in a row and they will face the Sharks next week whilst the Roosters tackle the Panthers.

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 12 were defeated by Canberra Raiders 38
National Rugby League - Round 17 - Monday July 4, 2011 7:00pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Henry Perenara
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Gavin Morris
Crowd: 9,817
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 12 Canberra Raiders 18 players of the match:
3 Points - Josh McCrone
2 Points - Jarrod Croker (2 Tries, 5 Conversions)
1 Point - Josh Papalii (1 Try)

Sydney Roosters (12)
Tries: Todd Carney, Sam Perrett
Conversions: Todd Carney (2/2)

Canberra Raiders (38)
Tries: Joe Picker, Joel Thompson, Jarrod Croker (2), Shaun Fensom, Blake Ferguson, Josh Papalii
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (5/7) Live Commentary Join the discussion on Monday Night Football - Roosters v Raiders - on our forum (click here)... or on Twitter! Make sure you follow us on @LeagueUnlimited and be sure to add the hashtag #nrlsydcan to your tweets about tonight's game!

Good Evening League Fans, we are about 10 minutes from kick off. Full time in the Toyota Cup which was played early tonight the Roosters 52 defeated the Raiders 20.
This should be a good clash, The Raiders haven't won at the SFS in 16 years. The Raiders are favourites to collect the 2 points, however we will see how this goes after an exciting 80 minutes.
The ground looks good, someone's season is over tonight as the Raiders run out first, the Roosters to follow.
1 min: Men in Pink say lets go for this final match in Round 17, Matt Cecchin blows time on! And the Roosters have started badly, Braith Anasta has kicked the ball OUT ON THE FULL!. Raiders with the penalty on halfway
1 min: TRY
TRY! In their first set in this game from the penalty spread it wide and through their halves found Josh Papalii and he crashed through a hole. From beside the posts Croker converts
Canberra Raiders 6-0
4 min: Good attacking set from the Raiders, they completed the set and the kick finding the sideline. Scrum will pack down for the Roosters 10ms from their line. A controlled start from the green machine. Josh Papalii has been good up finding metres in that set.
5 min: The Roosters just making it into the Raiders half. The kick from carney going down massey and he runs it up to his 20m line. Roosters attack looking flat like in weeks past
6 min: Good defence from the Roosters holding the Raiders on their own 40m line, forcing Sam Williams to kick on the line. The ball found Sam perrett and getting up to his 20 to be tackled.
7 min: A bomb of the Roosters going up to be contested at the Raiders line however knock on with Kenny-Dowall. Raiders with the change over on the 10m line.
8 min: Penalty now to the Raiders from the scrum and they attack on halfway
8 min: Lucky for the Roosters, Todd Carney saving the day. A kick which looked like heading to the nose bleed section from Josh McCrone, however the ball hitting the posts and slowing with Tongue chasing it was all in vain. Drop out with the Raiders.
10 min: The Raiders making some good metres in the set and however the Roosters giving a penalty away for ruck having too much from Ryles. Quick tap taken
10 min: TRY
TRY! Off the penalty the Raiders making the Roosters pay. The second play in the set from dummy half going from Tongue and a quick pass to Josh McCrone who found Joel Thompson running back on the angle to crash over the line and plant it on the line beating 4 Roosters.
Canberra Raiders 12-0
13 min: Roosters making an error from the restart coughing up the ball straight away however the Raiders looking to Blake Ferguson with a forward pass, which was ruled by the referees. No advantaged was ruled and the scrum feed given to the Raiders.
14 min: The Roosters survive in that set with the Raiders losing control with Nathan Massey dropping the ball forward within 10ms of the line. Roosters with the scrum feed 10ms out.
14 min: Alan Tongue pushing up in defence and forcing the Knock on from Symmonds, the Raiders attacking again.
15 min: Sam Williams looking to give the Raiders more points, however the ball going dead with hand of the Roosters. 20m tap for the Roosters.
17 min: More good defence from the Roosters, Sam Williams going through the line and going over the sideline, the Roosters with the scrum feed.
19 min: The Roosters attack better night. With Carney going to a kick on the last and collected in the goals by Josh McCrone who run up to the 20 for a quick tap and kept running.
20 min: TRY
TRY! From an exciting passage of play from both sides which ended with Todd Carney going to the air with a cross field kick and found his winger chasing through down the line to collect the ball and scoring in the corner.
Canberra Raiders 12-6
22 min: Penalty to the Roosters now for the Raiders contesting the ruck too much for the refs liking. The Roosters are attacking now only 20ms from the line.
23 min: The Roosters trying to chance their hand and spread it wide with Todd Carney to his winger in Perrett however ruled as a knock on. Scrum feed to the Raiders.
25 min: Back end of the set the defence of the Roosters staying strong as Sam Williams kicking from inside his 40m line and bouncing just inside the 30m line to force a scrum feed to the Roosters.
27 min: Good charging attack from the Roosters however not to any luck with Mitchell knocking on in the set on the 4th. Scrum packs for the Raiders.
28 min: The kick of the Raiders was collected by Leilua and he was forced in goals. Goal line drop out for the Raiders now.
29 min: From the knock on, a head high shot ruled against the Raiders. Kane Linnett hit in a questionable tackle, maybe not worth the penalty and the Roosters on the attack
30 min: The errors of the Roosters costing them chances at the Raiders line. Canberra with more good metres tonight however on the last the kick going up for Perrett to collect in front of the posts. Roosters attacking 20m out
31 min: BANG! Nathan Massey showing his strengthen after the kick bounced away from him at his line, his return in a good run found Carney in his path and put the foot down to get up to the 40m
33 min: TRY
TRY! The Raiders making the Roosters pay again as it started with Massey. Josh McCrone in the action again, spreading the ball wide to his half in Williams who had Picker running back on the inside. Diving over the line for the Raiders third try. Beautiful kick from Croker going just inside the right post to convert.
Canberra Raiders 18-6
36 min: TRY
TRY! Roosters hitting back with their own points. Todd Carney pass to his outside for Tinirau Arona to hit the hole in the tiring Raiders defence. Arona showing his pace before returning the passing favour to Carney and diving over the line. Carney converts his own try.
Canberra Raiders 18-12
40 min: On siren the Raiders chancing their hand with Reece Robinson getting the ball from Croker who batted it to him in all the mess on halfway, the kick from Robinson not finding any support. and the Roosters run it dead. At halftime the Raiders leading the Roosters 18 points to 12.
HALFTIME: It's been an exciting opening half of football from the SFS on Monday Night Football. And at the break the Raiders having the lead despite a late fight back of the Roosters 18 points 12. The Raiders made the Roosters pay from the their alarming amount of errors. The Roosters only completing 9 from 15 sets whilst the Raiders 17 from 20. The attack from both sides has been flowing football with wide spreading passing game. However the Roosters luck in both tries getting through soft defence of the Raiders. Todd Carney has been slowly returning to form and his touches tonight has been better. As for the Raiders Josh McCrone has been in the attack for the green machine and his halves pairing in Williams has helped and given the Raiders the 6 point lead at the break. The Roosters aren't out of this match yet, but they need to cut out errors and if so they will find some points. It's still anyones game and it will be an interesting second 40 minutes.
40 min: The second half is underway thanks to the men in pink blowing time on. The Roosters will be getting the ball first in his half with the Raiders kicking off. No injuries to report from the break, it's 17 on 17.
40 min: Anthony Mitchell going to the air on the last for the Roosters and Nathan Massey for the Raiders under no pressure collected the ball to run it out near the 20m.
43 min: It's been end to end stuff without Error so far, the Raiders going with a grubber kick into the in goal area for Jarrod Croker flying through, however Sam Perrett covering in defence. However the ruling with the Roosters with Croker deemed to have knocked it dead. 20m restart for the Roosters.
45 min: TRY
TRY! WOW...From dummy half the ball with Alan Tongue got it to the short side with Josh McCrone who has been in the action tonight. His pass went to the winger in Ferguson who backed himself to chip over the Roosters defence and he chased it down to the goals and the bounced favoured him as he collected it to beat Todd Carney and score off his own kick. The rushed kick at the tee, and as a result he missed to the left hand side.
Canberra Raiders 22-12
49 min: The Raiders looking for more points, Jarrod Croker going sideway on the 4th tackle as result he was forced into touch for a Roosters scrum feed. Reece Robinson was on his inside in support but not opting for the pass.
51 min: Todd Carney going to the kick now and he needs to run and test the line of the Raiders. the ball coming off the Raiders hands over the dead ball line for drop out.
52 min: Tom Symmonds going to the short side with a hole opening for Leilua looking for the corner post, however the Raiders covering defence was strong forcing the knock on for a Raiders scrum on the 10m line.
53 min: Joel Thompson getting caught on the last tackling being forced to kick a low grubber over the sideline for a Roosters scrum feed.
56 min: Mark Khierallah under pressure managing to collect the ball in the contest of the high ball. the Raiders defence has been good night and the Roosters having to work it from inside their own 20m
57 min: Shaun Kenny-Dowall ruled to have knocked on in the collection of the ball, as a result the Raiders getting the scrum feed. 10 errors to 5 of the Raiders now for the Roosters. The Green Machine on the attack only 10ms from the line.
59 min: TRY
TRY! Again the Raiders making the Roosters pay for another error. Josh McCrone finding Bronson Harrison who as he went to ground got a pass along the ground to Jarrod Croker who picked it up cleanly and spinning around to beat Carney and two others at the line. However Croker failing to convert his own try as he rushed the kick again pushing it across the face of the goals.
Canberra Raiders 26-12
61 min: The Roosters under pressure trying to push the ball to the short side with Carney however his pass to Khierallah knocked on. The Raiders escape.
63 min: The Raiders not making use of the ball, Papalii now knocking on. the Roosters with the scrum feed on the 30m line.
63 min: Penalty with the Roosters now thanks to Sam Williams for having his hand on the ball. Roosters have the chance to finally score more then 13 points in a match in his set.
64 min: Josh McCrone taking the ball from an interpet and popping a pass to the faster man in Ferguson, but he was covered up defence after a good chance from Khierallah.
65 min: TRY
TRY! From the McCrone interpet the Raiders again making them pay. Shaun Fensom having the strength to beat the defence and Todd Carney coming across in his attempt to save the try however not so. the try given and conversion successful.
Canberra Raiders 32-12
68 min: The Roosters getting the ball back off the Raiders finding the sideline off the kick. scrum feed to the Roosters on halfway.
69 min: Jake Friend trying to catch the offload of Jared Waerea-Hargreaves but knocking on. Scrum to the Raiders. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs in the tackle with Hargreaves has injured his bicep it seems, he will be coming off the field.
72 min: A very late call from the referees with a penalty going Raiders for the Roosters not being square at marker after the Raiders made 10 metres.
73 min: TRY
TRY! The Roosters can't catch a break tonight, from the late penalty the Raiders with Nathan Massey going with the short side pass to Croker and he ran around the outside of the defence to find the line. The conversion made easier with croker running under the posts.
Canberra Raiders 38-12
77 min: The Roosters looking a little confused at the line with Todd Carney in that set running the ball for the one of the few times tonight. The Raiders saving the day from the try however giving the Roosters the drop out.
78 min: End of the set for the Roosters and it seems they will fail to score more then 13 points in a match. the Roosters fans will be disappointed with this match and result. Another drop out for the Roosters as Nathan Massey ran the ball dead on the last.
80 min: Siren sounds at the SFS and the Roosters chancing their arm on the last play with a two flick pass which only found the touch judge. The Raiders tonight have managed their first win at the SFS in 16 years, the last being in 1995. Tonight the fulltime score with the Raiders 38 points to 12.

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