Raiders show a bit of razzle dazzle

The Canberra Raiders have handed down a 50-14 thrashing to the Parramatta Eels at Bruce Stadium.

The first 20 minutes was a bit sloppy from the Raiders. They didn?t want to do the hard yards first and the Eels matched it with them scoring the first try of the match through Matt Peterson.

Then things started to go wrong for Parramatta. The penalty count started to sky rocket against the Eels and Crouch was sent to the sin bin. Soon after the Raiders scored through Woolford. They followed that up with two more tries just before halftime to take a 22-4 lead into the break.

The Raiders momentum continued in the second half and Graham went over from their first set of six. That got the ball rolling and Canberra never looked back scoring another 5 before fulltime with Graham bagging a hatrick.

The Eels had no answer and were forced to merely sit back and watch the Raiders score some of the most amazing tries scored to date this season. The win proves that the Raiders aren?t just a one out no frills football side.

The Eels woes continue and their finals campaign looks all but over. The Raiders are high on confidence with a full rooster for the origin period. They?ll take on a battered and Bruised Broncos side next week which could cement their spot at the top of the table.

Leagueunlimited's Player of the Year Awards: 3 - B Drew (Raiders) 2 - P Graham (Raiders) 1 - T Smith (Raiders)

Saturday 7 June 2003 7:30 PM Canberra Stadium Referee: Stephen Clark

Scorers: RAIDERS 50 Tries: 3 Graham, 2 Lolesi, Woolford, Smith, Monaghan, Crocker Goals: Schifcofske 7/9 EELS 14 Tries: 2 Petersen, Hopkins Goals: Witt 1/3

By the clock:

0 min: Kickoff! Well the Raiders have made a few changes with Crocker coming into five-eighth and McLinden into half. The Eels have come out with a totally different side to that they named earlier in the week. Several players have also been omitted including Hodgson and Vella.

7th min: NEWS - The Raiders pack is getting into it early. A lot of one out play from the Green Machine.

10th min: NEWS - The Raiders have had a couple of early chances but their attack isn't looking too flash. Looks like we're in for a big forward battle early on.

16th min: TRY - Eels. Matt Petersen has continued where he left off last week. Quick hands got the ball out to Peterson and he dived over in the corner. The video referee was called upon who eventually awarded the try. Witt is unsuccessful with the conversion - Eels 4-0.

23rd min: NEWS - While the Eels were dominating possession the Raiders have been awarded 4 penalties in a row. The Raiders chose to run it instead of taking the shot at goal on all 4 occaisons but it hasn't paid off.

25th min: SIN BIN - Steven Crouch of the Eels has been sent to the bin for a professional foul. It had to come as the Eels had been conceeding a number of penalities.

27th min: NEWS - Some drama happening now. The Raiders knocked it on and the Eels went up field. Schifcofske dropped a bomb which the Eels nearly scored off. One play later they were held up in goal before losing it. Then all Hodgson had to do was catch the ball and score but he knocked it on for the Raiders.

34th min: TRY - Raiders. Hodgson made a big break and got it away to Woolford who toed it through and scored. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raider 6-4.

37th min: TRY - Raiders. Tyran Smith took the ball to the line, took on the fullback, spun and put the ball down. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 12-4.

38th min: NEWS - Steve Crouch is back from the sin bin.

40th min: TRY - Raiders. Joel Monaghan outjumped Matt Petersen to catch the ball off a Raiders bomb and score. The video referee was called upon to check the grounding and awarded a try. Schifcofske is unsuccessful with the conversion - Raiders 16-4.

Halftime: It hasn't been pretty from the Raiders but with a flurry of tries that have stolen the lead going into halftime. Halftime score - Raiders 16-4.

Halftime Statistics: The Raiders have completed 18 of 24 sets and the Eels have completed 16 of 17 sets. The Raiders have made 156 tackles, 90 hitups and 8 missed tackles. The Eels have made 154 tackles, 87 hitups and 18 missed tackles. The Raiders have made 6 handling errors and the Eels have made 2. For the Raiders Hindmarsh and Crocker have been the top tacklers with 19 each and Schifcofske has made the most hitups with 12. For the Eels Widders has been the top tackler with 19 and Vaealiki has made the most hitups with 12.

41st min: The second half is under way!

44th min: TRY - Raiders. Vaealiki was penalised for being in front of the kicker off the kickoff. The Raiders straight away attacked, Drew put up a bomb and Lolesi caught it, stepped and scored. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 22-4.

48th min: NO TRY DECISION - Witt put in a grubber into the in goal that Dunley dived upon. The video referee was asked to check if Dunley was offside and ruled a no try and penalty to the Raiders.

52nd min: TRY - Raiders. Drew made a break, put a kick through and Crocker dived on it to score another try for the Raiders. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 28-4.

56th min: TRY - Raiders. They're on a roll now. A great wrap around from Smith and McLinden saw the ball go onto Graham who ran a great angle to score. Schifcofske is unsuccessful with the conversion attempt - Raiders 32-4.

61st min: NEWS - The Raiders are looking dangerous as they start to throw the ball around.

65th min: TRY - Eels. Matt Petersen got down low and scored in the corner. The video referee eventually awarded the try. Witt is successful with the conversion - Raiders 32-10.

70th min: TRY - Raiders. Phil Graham bet Tonga then dragged Prince with him to score his second try of the night. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 38-10.

72nd min: TRY - Raiders. Monaghan made a huge break, got it away to Lolesi who then sent it on to Graham. Graham showed pure speed to score a great try and a hatrick for the match. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 44-10.

75th min: TRY - Eels. Dunley gave a long ball to Hopkins who went past racing up Raiders defenders to score a consolation try. Witt is unsuccessful with the conversion attempt - Raiders 44-14.

79th min: TRY - Raiders. Razzle dazzle footy from the Raiders. Schifcofske started the move, got it onto Graham who used his speed then offloaded to McLinden. McLinden flicked the ball to Lolesi who went under the sticks to score. Schifcofske is successful with the conversion - Raiders 50-14.

Fulltime: The Raiders have run away with it well and truely. It was a sloppy 20 minutes but from that point on it was all the Green Machine. Final score - Raiders 50-14.