Raiders statement on ASADA investigation

Canberra Raiders CEO Don Furner said the Raiders can feel vindicated about their involvement in the recent ASADA investigation and knew they had little to worry about from a club perspective.

ASADA has informed the NRL that aside from some well-documented concerns at Cronulla, it’s clear focus is now on whether individuals, or groups of individuals, which may have acted outside of club programs.

Furner said the news today is welcome, however it’s disappointing to have the brand and image of the club tarnished during the process.

“The Canberra Raiders believes it has been vindicated by an announcement today that ASADA’s investigation is focussing on individuals rather than clubs,” Furner said. “Canberra has always had complete confidence in its football operations and this includes a strong commitment against drugs.

“The fact that clubs were named earlier this year placed everyone in a difficult position and it we remain disappointed that the Raiders brand was tarnished by the government announcements this year.

“We always had full confidence in our Coaching staff, medical staff, strength and conditioning staff and administrative staff both past and present.”