Raiders take down Titans

THE Canberra Raiders have won their first match of the season with a 24-12 victory over the Gold Coast Titans in front of an 11,378 crowd at Skilled Park. 

In a match full of massive momentum shifts it was the Raiders who held the upper hand early with a weaving Josh Dugan crossing the line in the 11th minute following back to back penalties. 

Dugan gave Canberra fans another reason to cheer only minutes, with the superstar  tfullback a 40/20.

The Raiders continued to threaten the Titans' line but it wasn't until the 20th minute that they were over again when Jarrod Crocker scored.

Four repeat sets at the Raiders en ough was not enough for the Titans as they struggled with execution only ten out from the Raiders' line.

There was no problem with the Titans' execution when it came to scoring from 30 out with Jordan Rankin cappng off a brilliant team try in the 32nd minute. 

The Titans upped their intensity following the try as signs of the Raiders' fatigue became manifest in the shape of missed tackles, unforced errors and soft penalties.

The homeside made it an even ball game right on half time with Dominuque Peyroux scoring courtesy of a brilliant pass from Scott Prince.

The Titans maintained their momentum following the break as they shut down the Raiders' attack early in the second half. 

A penalty in the 50th minute helped the Raiders back into the match, with David Furner's side forcing a line dropout at the end of the set allowing them to mount some pressure. 

The Raiders reclaimed the lead only moments later with utility forward Joel Thompson scoring in the 53rd minute on the back of a brilliant pass from halfback Josh McCrone.  Jarrod Crocker added the extras to extend the lead to six. 

Thompson's try was followed by a messy passage of play from both sides as they struggled to hang onto the ball.

The scoreboard attendant was eventually put to work again in the 68th minute when Crocker claimed his double after finding the Titans' defense napping. Crocker converted his own try to extend the Raiders' lead to 12.

The Titans were giving several opportunities to hit back in the final 10 minutes of the game and were unlucky to be denied in the 77th minute when Luke Douglas appeared to have scored.

The decision was sent up to the video referee only for Steve Clark to hand the decision back to the match referees, who ruled Douglas did not get the ball over the line. It was not all smiles for the Raiders though with Terry Campese sent off for a professional foul, gifting the Titans another six tackles meters from the try line. 

Clark was asked to be the judge again only a minute later when Mark Minichiello crossed the line, on this occasion Clark denied the Titans himself, pinning Luke Douglas for an obstruction. 

With only two minutes remaining in the match the Raiders were able to hang on and claim their first win of the season.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 12 were defeated by Canberra Raiders 24
National Rugby League - Round 2 - Saturday March 10, 2012 5:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Steve Lyons and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Dan Eastwood and Peter Gough
Crowd: 11, 378
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 12 Canberra Raiders 12 players of the match:
3 Points - Josh Papalii
2 Points - Jack Wighton
1 Point - Nate Myles

Tries: Jordan Rankin, Dominique Peyroux
Conversions: Scott Prince (2/2)

Tries: Joel Thompson, Josh Dugan, Jarrod Croker (2)
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/3), Josh McCrone (1/1) Live Commentary Join the conversation - follow LeagueUnlimited on Twitter and tweet about the match using the Official Hashtag = #NRLgldcan.

You can also discuss the match with thousands of other fans in our Game Day Forums - click here. Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Skilled Park where the Gold Coast Titans take on the Canberra Raiders.
We have wonderful conditions on the Gold Coast at the moment and this fine weather should stick with us for the match.
Neither of our coaches have announced any late changes to their sides.
1 min: Canberra bring play under way at Skilled.
1 min: The Titans finish their set five meters into Raiders' territory before Rankin goes to the air.
2 min: The Raiders complete their set a meter into Titans territory before McCrone boots it down field.
4 min: Mead is forced to bat the ball over his dead ball line after the Raiders run it on the last. Line drop out for the Raiders.
5 min: McCrone is pinned for a forward pass and the pressure is the Titans.
6 min: The Titans receive a penalty 30 out from their own line.
8 min: Scott Prince grubbers it into the in-goal on the last and Mark Minichiello is there to ground the ball but fumbles. A real let off for the Raiders there, that was an absolute sitter.
10 min: The Raiders receive a penalty on halfway and should go on the attack here.
11 min: The Raiders will get six again after the Titans are pinned for being offside only a meter out from their own try line.
11 min: Possible try to the Raiders here.
13 min: TRY
TRY! Josh Dugan dodges and weaves through the Titans defence after receiving the ball ten out and opens the scoring. Jarrod Crocker adds the extras.
Canberra Raiders 6-0
14 min: Dugan backs up his try with a 40/20. Zillman had no chance of stopping that.
16 min: Jack Whighton is tackled into touch only 15 meters out from the try line.
17 min: The Titans receive a relieving penalty.
18 min: Blake Ferguson cleans up a Prince kick in his own in goal and runs it back to the 30 before being tackled.
19 min: The Raiders will get another goal line drop out.
22 min: TRY
TRY! Campese puts up a cross field kick and Whighton is there to bat it back to Jarrod Crocker who scores. Crocker converts his own try.
Canberra Raiders 12-0
26 min: The Raiders give away penalty late in the tackle count on half way.
26 min: Scott Prince knocks on only 10 meters out from the Raiders line.
26 min: The decision is reversed by the video ref, Travis Waddell knocked it on.
27 min: Raiders are penalised for an illegal strip.
27 min: The Titans will get six again as another Raiders' knock on is found.
28 min: Minichiello loses the ball in a bone crunching tackle from Josh Papalii.
33 min: TRY
TRY! Jordan Rankin finishes off a brilliant team try. Ashley Harrison slips the ball out the back and the Raiders defence are caught by surprise, Prince rushes past 3 players before passing to Zillman to shakes off some would be defenders before Rankin receives the ball and scores. Prince adds the extras.
Canberra Raiders 12-6
38 min: The Titans definitely have more energy at the moment,the Raiders are really struggling to contain them.
40 min: TRY
TRY! The Titans make 80 meters in one set and Scott Prince sets up Dominque Peyroux for a try. Prince converts the try he set up.
12 all
41 min: Scott Prince brings us under way in the second way.
43 min: The Raiders receive a penalty on their own 20.
44 min: The Raiders will receive a line drop out after Prince is forced to tap the ball dead.
46 min: The Raiders turn over possession after a poor pass from Josh Dugan hits the turf but Scott Prince knocks the ball on moments later and the Raiders are on the attack again.
47 min: Possible try to Shaun Fensom here.
47 min: No try! Nate Myles has held up Shaun Fensom over the line, that's an epic effort from the new Titans prop. Canberra still have three tackles up their sleeve.
48 min: Another poor end to the set and the Titans are off the hook.
49 min: The Titans will get a piggyback up the field after McCrone concedes a penalty.
50 min: The Raiders receive a penalty after Ashley Harrison hits Josh McCrone late.
51 min: The Raiders will receive another line drop out.
53 min: TRY
TRY! Josh McCrone redeems himself for his earlier errors with a brilliant pass to Joel Thompson who scores. Crocker adds the extras.
Canberra Raiders 18-12
54 min: McCrone loses the ball 28 meters out from his own line.
55 min: Zilman loses the ball within meters of the line and the Raiders are off the hook.
58 min: Thompson loses the ball just short of halfway.
59 min: The Titans are caught with the ball on the last only a few meters out from the Raiders' line.
62 min: Harrison loses the ball.
64 min: Raiders receive a penalty on halfway.
65 min: Zilman does brilliantly to diffuse a McCrone bomb under pressure.
67 min: Scott Prince's kick is charged down and the Raiders will have the ball a meter into the Titan's half.
69 min: TRY
TRY! Crocker gets his double after catching the Titans' defence napping. Crocker adds the extras.
Canberra Raiders 24-12
75 min: Brilliant take by Blake Ferguson under Prince puts up a bomb 30 out.
77 min: Penalty to the Titans 10 out from the Raiders' line.
77 min: Possible try to Luke Douglas.
77 min: No try penalty to the Titans.
78 min: Another possible try to the Titans
78 min: No try! Penalty against the Titans for obstruction.
80 min: The Raiders have defeated the Titans 24-12 in front of a 11378 crowd at Skilled Park.

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