Raiders turn up the heat in Canberra

A cold night in Canberra and finally the home crowd at Canberra Stadium witnessed a performance by their side they were hoping would come along in 2007 as the Raiders totally demoralized the Eels by 38-10.

From the outset the Raiders dominated the play allowing the Eels only one set of six in the first 15 minutes of the match, and while doing so, scored an incredible 4 converted tries in just 12 minutes, to basically blow the Eels out of the game.

The handling and defense of the Canberra side was to be admired as they set about the game with patience and class right across the park. Parramatta backing up from a Monday night game looked sluggish and totally caught unaware from the Raiders onslaught.

A lead of 30-0 at the break was never in danger of being mowed down as the Raider about finishing the game how they started, with a lot of composure.

The only black mark on their evening is Michael Weyman on report for a high shot, and his sinbinning in an altercation with Riddell. They face up against the Knights in Round 14.

The Eels lost Codorbra through concussion and can only go back to the drawing board and put this game behind them when they take on the Dragons in the next round.

Match scores:

Round 13 - Full Time :: June 9th, 2007 05:30 PM Venue: Canberra Stadium Referee: Jared Maxwell

Canberra Raiders 38 Tries: Glenn Turner (2), Terry Campese, Scott Logan, David Milne, William Zillman, Brad Cross Goals: Michael Dobson (5/7)

Parramatta Eels 10 Tries: Luke Burt, PJ Marsh Goals: Luke Burt (1/2) Player of the Match 3 Points: Colin Best 2 Points: William Zillman 1 Point: Michael Dobson

League Unlimited Live Commentary Cold night in Canberra as the players take the field

1 min: Kick off by the Raiders

3 min: TRY Canberra Raiders A penalty in their first set gives the Raiders excellent field position. A flat pass by Dobson to a flying Turner sees his scream through the gap to score by the posts. Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson successful. Canberra Raiders 6-0

6 min: Line dropout to the Raiders

7 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Campese does a replay of Turner's try but on the other side of the posts. The Eels defence in tatters at the moment Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson successful. Canberra Raiders 12-0

9 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Nine minutes into the game and three tries to the home side. Turner scores a double as a high bomb turns to gold for the Raiders. Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson successful. Canberra Raiders 18-0

12 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Unbelieveable. The Eels coach looks like a stunned mullet and not surprisingly. The Eels side are not in this match in any way as the Raiders look like they're at a training practice. Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson successful. Canberra Raiders 24-0

15 min: The Eels finally have their second set in the match

20 min: Fifth tackle option by Dobson for the Raiders, hits the referee and the Canberra side have another set 10 metres from their line

25 min: The Eels not making much headway in their sets, meanwhile the Raiders have the momentum, and the go forward and are rewarded with another set 10 metres out, following an Eel mistake

26 min: No try - Raiders. Called up for obstruction close to the line. Penalty Eels

30 min: A piece of individual brilliance by Dobson had him close to scoring apart from the fact that Ben Smith impeded him as he chased the kick. Close to a penalty try in my book, with Smith sent to the bin

31 min: Cordoba down on the ground following a high shot by Weyman who is placed on report. The Eels warned to settle by the ref.

34 min: The Raiders can do no wrong at this stage. Defiant on defence, hard on attack. Great to see, but not if you're an Eels supporters especially as the Eels look so lost. Canberra Raiders 24-0

36 min: TRY Canberra Raiders A dead set forward pass was missed by the official allowing the Raiders to sprint away down the field to score another try. Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson successful. Canberra Raiders 30-0

40 min: Dobson finished off an amazing half of football for his side with a 53 metre attempted field goal, which was unsuccessful.

HALFTIME: One way traffic in Canberra tonight. Possession totally dominated by the Raiders.

41 min: Second half underway. Cordobra won't be back for the Eels as he is concussed following the high shot by Weyman.

43 min: Pressure by the Raiders once more as they secure a goal line dropout. Grothe does a killer pass in goal to his other winger which luckily wasn't dropped.

46 min: TRY Parramatta Eels Finally the Eels are on the scoreboard. A beaut offload to Cannings who took off at full pace down the field, supported by Burt who scores. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful. Canberra Raiders 30-4

48 min: Weyman took offence to something Riddell said following a penalty to the Eels. Riddell retaliated. Good stuff. Weyman sent to the bin as a result. And Riddell joins him mainly due to his mouthing off.

50 min: TRY Canberra Raiders The Eels looked good on attack only to have Best intercept a pass and head down the field at a frantic pace. He was eventually mowed down but Zillman finishes off what Best had started. Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson unsuccessful. Canberra Raiders 34-4

53 min: End to end stuff at the moment with the crowd right into the match.

57 min: TRY Canberra Raiders Once again the Canberra side runs rings around the Eels defence. Campese bust the line and Cross is there in support Conversion attempt by Michael Dobson unsuccessful. Canberra Raiders 38-4

63 min: Weyman and Riddell both back in the game and behaving perfectly at this stage.

65 min: TRY Parramatta Eels Some of the Eels brilliance we've seen over the past few rounds has snuck back in with two great offloads ending in PJ scoring under the posts. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful. Canberra Raiders 38-10

71 min: A complete performance by the Raiders is giving the Parramatta no show of setting up any attack.

73 min: Almost another try to the Raiders but the ball was lost over the line.

78 min: A bit more niggle creeping into the game but the ref nips it in the bud pretty quickly.

80 min: Well done Raiders, their best game so far in 2007. The Eels missed their key players.