Red-hot Rabbitohs ease past Tigers

An impressive South Sydney has lived up to pre-match expectations by running out 54-10 winners over an injury depleted Wests Tigers side in front of 19,178 fans at ANZ Stadium.

The battle was expected to be a massively one-sided contest and those expectations were duly met in the opening minutes with South Sydney being able to expose the weakness of the Tigers' right hand defence with a try to Nathan Merritt after just three minutes.

The floodgates seemed to open after that with the Rabbitohs being able to make easy metres straight up through the middle of the Tigers defence leading to several breaks which included tries to debutant Dylan Walker, Beau Champion, George Burgess & Sam Burgess as well as the first two of Greg Inglis’ four tries.

The first half was a dim looking affair for the Wests Tigers but in the final minute Marika Koroibete made the score look a tiny bit better for the visitors to take the score to 38-4 at the Half Time break.

At halftime many people expected that South Sydney were just going to double their score but it wasn’t the case with the hosts taking their feet off the pedal, but remaining strong throughout the park through the attack of John Sutton.

Even though the highlight of the night was the attacking strength of the Rabbitohs, their defence was quite strong throughout the night with many of the Tigers attacking raids being closed down quickly. The second half saw tries to Adam Reynolds as well as another two tries to Greg Inglis which completed his awesome foursome of tries for Souths, as well as Liam Fulton scoring for the visitors.

The Rabbitohs next week will try to capitalise on this victory when they travel to Sharks Stadium on Monday night May 26 to take on the Cronulla Sharks, while it doesn’t get much easier for the Tigers when they host the North Queensland Cowboys at Leichhardt Oval next Friday night.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 54 Wests Tigers 10
Venue: Stadium Australia
Crowd: 19178
Halftime Score: South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-4 Players of the Match:
3 points - John Sutton
2 points - Greg Inglis
1 point - Adam Reynolds

Tries: Nathan Merritt, Adam Reynolds, Dylan Walker, Greg Inglis (4), Beau Champion, George Burgess, Sam Burgess
Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (7/9), Bryson Goodwin (0/1)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Marika Koroibete, Liam Fulton
Field Goals:
Conversions: Curtis Sironen (1/2)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary

Rabbitohs: 1. Greg Inglis 2. Nathan Merritt 3. Beau Champion 4. Bryson Goodwin 5. Justin Hunt 6. John Sutton 7. Adam Reynolds 8. David Tyrrell 9. Issac Luke 10. Roy Asotasi 11. Chris McQueen 12. Ben Te'o 13. Sam Burgess
Interchange: 14. Nathan Peats 15. Jason Clark 16. Ben Lowe 17. George Burgess 18. Dylan Farrell 19. Jeff Lima

Tigers: 1. James Tedesco 2. Matt Utai 3. Joel Reddy 4. Tim Simona 5. Marika Koroibete 6. Liam Fulton 7. Curtis Sironen 8. Aaron Woods. 9. Robbie Farah 10. Sauaso Sue 11. Bodene Thompson 12. Adam Blair 13. Eddy Pettybourne
Interchange: 14. Benji Marshall 15. Jack Buchanan 16. Ava Seumanufagai 17. Shaun Spence 18. Ben Murdoch-Masila
Just Minutes away from kick off at ANZ Stadium
1 min: Both sides are out on the park at ANZ Stadium & its South Sydney with first possession of the game
1 min: Souths complete their first finishing up just short of halfway & kick taken by Tedesco 10m out from his own line
2 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Looking at a possible Nathan Merritt try, Jared Maxwell says TRY
Scored by Nathan Merritt. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds unsuccessful.
Nathan Merritt gets the green lights from the Video Referees, coming from a Beau Champion break, try scored in the corner and conversion just fades across the posts
South Sydney Rabbitohs 4-0
Roy Asotasi makes an unforced error.
Roy Asotasi drops the ball around halfway & is cleaned up by Wests Tigers
Robbie Farah makes an unforced error.
Robbie Farah coughs the ball up 30m out from the Souths line
7 min: South Sydney get a penalty around 5m out from the Wests Tigers line
11 min:
Dylan Walker backs up from a Bryson Goodwin break to score his first try on debut, conversion successful
South Sydney Rabbitohs 10-0
Scored by Greg Inglis. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
This time Isaac Luke makes the break and its Greg Inglis who takes the pass to score under the posts, Reynolds has no problems from in front
South Sydney Rabbitohs 16-0
17 min: Benji Marshall comes onto the field in the 17th minute and almost leads to a try but Pettybourne knocks on
19 min: South Sydney look to be in cruise control through the middle and get a repeat set after an error by the tigers
21 min:
South Sydney take advantage of the Wests Tigers defender rushing up, for Beau Champion to score out wide for South Sydney's 4th try of the night, conversion successful
South Sydney Rabbitohs 22-0
23 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Checking the onside & the contest for a possible George Burgess Try, Luke Phillips is saying we have a TRY
Scored by George Burgess. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Video Referees give the green light for the George Burgess try, conversion from in front is good
South Sydney Rabbitohs 28-0
26 min: South Sydney making easy metres through the middle and get helped even more with a penalty against the Tigers
Scored by Sam Burgess. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Some excellent execution from John Sutton on the play previous gives Sam Burgess a try under the posts to give Souths their 5th try of the match & again no problems from in front for Adam Reynolds
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-0
30 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Looking at a possible Robbie Farah try from Dummy Half - Luke Phillips is saying NO TRY
31 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Video Referees say NO TRY for the possible Robbie Farah try
32 min: Wests Tigers get another repeat set after the kick was played putting more pressure on Souths defence but they easily defend it
Scored by Greg Inglis. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds unsuccessful.
Greg Inglis gets his second try of the night with a 95 metre solo effort, Reynolds unable to convert
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-0
39 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Checking a possible Marika Koroibete TRY, Luke Phillips says TRY
Scored by Marika Koroibete. Conversion attempt by Curtis Sironen unsuccessful.
The First half looks to end with a piece of good news for the tigers with Marika Koroibete awarded a try by the video referees, Sironen misses the conversion
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-4
40 min: HALF TIME - ANZ STADIUM, A rampaging South Sydney side take a 38-4 lead to the Half Time break
40 min: Second Half underway and Wests Tigers have the first possession for the half
42 min: PENALTY to the Tigers, against South Sydney being inside the 10m after some good play
44 min: PENALTY - Wests Tigers get another penalty for South Sydney being offside again
44 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Looking at a possible Curtis Sironen try, Referee Jared Maxwell immediately called for the Video referees & said No Try
45 min: NO TRY - Video Referees Jason Robinson & Matt Rodwell deny the Wests Tigers a second try for an illegal obstruction
46 min: Wests Tigers do a South Sydney and make a break through the middle but a poor pass gives possession back to South Sydney
Scored by Adam Reynolds. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Adam Reynolds breaks through some flimsy Wests Tigers defence to score besides posts and converts his own try
South Sydney Rabbitohs 44-4
Marika Koroibete makes an unforced error.
Koroibete makes a mistake in the play the ball which sums up the Tigers night
52 min: PENALTY - Wests Tigers give away a penalty deep in their own half for an obstruction and Souths on the attack
52 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Looking at a possible Roy Asotasi try, checking double movement - Jared Maxwell says NO TRY
52 min: NO TRY - Video Referees need just one replay to make their call, ruling a double movement against Roy Asotasi
58 min: PENALTY - South Sydney get a penalty for Joel Reddy unluckily (according to Jared Maxwell) being in front of the kicker
59 min: A beautifully placed kick gives Nathan Merritt a chance but the bounce of the ball doesn't help him & the ball goes touch in goal
Scored by Greg Inglis. Conversion attempt by Adam Reynolds successful.
Greg Inglis gets his third of the night, after some excellent work & Adam Reynolds converts from right in front to get their half century
South Sydney Rabbitohs 50-4
65 min: Marika Koroibete pushed into touch after making a break down the sideline, Souths get the scrum feed on their own 40m
66 min: Greg Inglis with some tremendous strength pushes Joel Reddy back into the ingoal to get a repeat set
71 min: Tim Simona shows some amazing recovery skills batting the ball back from well over the dead ball line but Tigers can't make anything of it with Koroibete going into touch
74 min: Wests Tigers get another chance for points after bundled Nathan Merritt into touch after taking a Tigers chip
Scored by Liam Fulton. Conversion attempt by Curtis Sironen successful.
Some desperate play from Liam Fulton means that he gets the ball down over the line, Curtis Sironen converts
South Sydney Rabbitohs 50-10
Scored by Greg Inglis. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin unsuccessful.
Some excellent vision from Adam Reynolds & Greg Inglis gives Inglis his 4th try of the match, Bryson Goodwin puts in a poor conversion attempt
South Sydney Rabbitohs 54-10
80 min: FULL TIME - As many expected South Sydney have been heavy winners tonight, though could've been by a lot more based on their half time performance, winning 54-10