Redcliffe disappointed by Gold
Coast bid

The Redcliffe club is disappointed the proposed Gold Coast side is using the Dolphin as its logo. The Redcliffe Club who have been known as the Dolphins since 1968 feel that the Gold Coast?s bid teams marketing experts could have come up with a different name. When most people think of the Dolphins involving Rugby League in not only South East Queensland but nationally they associate it with the Redcliffe Club. Whether they love or hate Redcliffe it?s the Club they associate the logo with.

The Redcliffe Club has for many years indicated if it were financially viable they would like to play in the NRL and it is still a goal of the club. In fact they were the first proposer for a team in the New South Wales Rugby League competition at the time when Darryl Van de Velde put a proposal together which virtually lead to the birth of the Brisbane Broncos. And then again in 1995 the Club was courted by both the ARL and Super league and were ready to jump into the ARL had the South Queensland Crushers jumped ship to Super league.

Football Manager James Hinchey has indicated that the club will explore all avenues to protect its familiar nickname. ?We feel attached to the logo and it is something we certainly want to keep a hold of and we?re looking at what action we can take,? said Hinchey. ?You don?t have to be a genius to work out it?s the same sport, and for them to go down this line is in poor taste? added Hinchey.

Gold Coast Dolphins director Michael Searle ironically a former team mate of Hinchey?s in Queensland Residents sides said Redcliffe?s gripe was not a big issue and his side was targeting a national market while competed in the state based Queensland Cup. ?They may be disappointed but the NRL has approved the name and the QRL has no issue with it. We see ourselves as a national brand in a national competition,? Mr Searle said.