Redcliffe Dolphins News

The Dolphins only have one team playing this weekend and that's Ian Graham's A Grade game who play Burleigh at Bishop Park Sunday at 3.00. This game was deffered due to the Divisional championships that were on two weeks when the other grades clashed. This top of the table clash will also determine the winner of the Chairmans Trophy. This match also sees the debut of Tertiary League player Lucas Diernan for the Club. Welcome aboard Lucas. The A Grade side is 1. Luke Tonion 2. Chris Guimelli 3. Chris Fox 4. Nick Emmett 5. Lucas Diernan 6. Matt Dawson 7. Matt Anderton 8. James Ingram 9. Nathan Black 10. Quin Smith 11. Matt Gruszka 12. Dan Jones 13. Gerard Parle Interchange 14. Peter Delaivuna 15. Liam Tallon 16. Allan Hughes 17. Chris Jelich