Reynolds the difference for the Bulldogs

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have come away with a hard-fought 9-8 victory over the 2013 Premiers, the Sydney Roosters at a rain soaked Allianz Stadium. A crowd of 12,854 braved the conditions in Moore Park to watch the tricolours once again fail to adapt to the rule changes in the new season.

The Bulldogs dominated the Roosters pack for the best part of 30 minutes as they mounted an 8-0 lead. The first points of the match came through a brilliant passage of play which saw Chase Stanley slide over in the eastern corner.

In the wet conditions, points were a premium as the Bulldogs capitalised on an opportunity opting for a penalty goal in the 21st minute.

A swing in possession and consecutive penalties gave the Roosters a shot at the Bulldogs try line. Michael Jennings cracked the blue and white defence as he sailed into a gap off a bullet pass from Mitchell Pearce.

Shortly before half time, James Maloney slot a penalty goal to lock the game at 8-all as the teams went into the sheds.

The second half saw a continuation of the poor ball handling as the rain set in. Both teams had several opportunities to take the lead but slippery Steeden saw points go begging.

Midway through the second half, Man of the Match Josh Reynolds saved what could have been the match winning try as he forced Daniel Tupou over the sideline before grounding.

The Bulldogs set up a sneaky play to give themselves a one-point lead as they dummied to Trent Hodkinson to take a field goal, but Josh Reynolds awaiting centre field struck it beautifully from 20 metres out. The Bulldogs jumped to a 9-8 lead inside the final 10 minutes.

The only injury news to come from the contest saw Chase Stanley assisted off the field with a dislocated shoulder in the 74th minute.

After a tough 80 minutes, the Bulldogs held on to leave Moore Park with two competition points.

Next week the Sydney Roosters travel to Pirtek Stadium in Parramatta to face the Eels. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs travel across the Tasman to Mt. Smart Stadium to clash with the Warriors.

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 8 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 9
Venue: Allianz Stadium
Crowd: 12854
Halftime Score: Sydney Roosters 8 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 8 Players of the Match:
3 points - Josh Reynolds
2 points - Aiden Tolman
1 point - Sam Perrett

Tries: Michael Jennings
Field Goals: Mitchell Pearce (0/1)
Conversions: James Maloney (1/1)
Penalty Goals: James Maloney (1/1)

Tries: Chase Stanley
Field Goals: Josh Reynolds (1/1)
Conversions: Trent Hodkinson (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Trent Hodkinson (1/1) Live Commentary

TEAM NEWS: Roosters - Frank Paul Nuuausala starts in the front row which sees Dylan Napa shift the bench. Aidan Guerra is promoted to the lock-forward position

Bulldogs - Frank Pritchard has been ruled out with injury to his ankle. Josh Jackson comes into the side, Greg Eastwood is added to the bench in jersey 22.

Welcome to LeagueUnlimited's LIVE COVERAGE from Allianz Stadium as we kick off the Men of League Heritage Round. Tonight the Sydney Roosters host the Cantebury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Both teams wearing their heritage kits.

1: We are UNDERWAY at Allianz Stadium after a slight delay with the Bulldogs bringing out the wrong kicking tee. Roosters get first use of the ball through Sam Moa

3: ZERO TACKLE called for the Roosters as the ball came free of the Bulldogs

3: James Graham is penalised for holding down in the ruck, the Roosters kick for touch and attack inside the Bulldogs 30 metre line.

3: VIDEO REFEREE for the Roosters, we have a possible TRY. Looking for a driver as Sonny Bill Williams came in to assist Jake Friend.

3: NO TRY for Jake Friend, penalty to the Bulldogs as SBW is ruled to have driven in and blocked the Bulldogs making a defensive play at Friend.

7: Penalty to the Bulldogs for crowding in the ruck. Trent Hodkinson kicks for touch and the Bulldogs attack inside the Roosters half.

James Maloney makes an unforced error.

James Maloney reached up to try and take an intercept off a floating pass, but the fingertips unable to take the ball. The Bulldogs were spreading wide to create an overlap, but luckily they come up with the scrum 10 metres out

10: Double knock on ruled, scrum will pack for the Bulldogs again 10 metres out. The Bondi Wall holding strong so far

Scored by Chase Stanley. Kick to come.

Chase Stanley finishes off a brilliant spreading play from the Bulldogs. Josh Reynolds took the line on to link with Tim Lafai who threw the final pass to Stanley on the wing.

Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.

Trent Hodkinson from the eastern side of Allianz Stadium nails the conversion attempt to extend the lead

14: Josh Reynolds is penalised for not clearing the ruck, Mitchell Pearce fires the kick downfield and the Roosters attack on halfway

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck makes an unforced error.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck jumps for a high kick from Hodkinson and in the wet conditions the ball slips free. Scrum for the Bulldogs 10 metres out

20: Penalty to the Bulldogs for a slow release in the ruck from Roosters. Michael Ennis opts to take the 2 points with a simple attempt from beside the post to come.

Penalty goal attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.

Trent Hodkinson is successful with the penalty goal attempt from beside the uprights on the eastern side.

23: Michael Ennis draws a penalty as Aidan Guerra was ruled to have blocked the ruck. Bulldogs on the attack inside the Roosters half.

25: Another penalty to the Bulldogs see them attack deep in the Roosters half.

Josh Jackson makes an unforced error.

Josh Jackson unable to handle the short pass from Josh Reynolds in the wet conditions. Scrum for the Roosters packs 10 metres off their goal line.

27: Daniel Tupou is unable to take the bomb and it's knocked into the hands of Chase Stanley who comes away with the zero tackle just inside the sideline.

28: Penalty to the Roosters as Aiden Tolman is pinged for holding down in the ruck. Kenny-Dowall wasn't allowed to play the ball. Maloney kicks for touch and the Roosters attack just inside the half line.

30: Sam Perrett comes up with a massive try saving tackle as he wrapped the legs of Mitchell Aubusson as he took a short pass from Mitchell Pearce. The Roosters unable to crack the Bulldogs defence.

31: Penalty to the Roosters as the Bulldogs fail to clear the ruck after the held call. Mitchell Pearce finds the sideline to give the Roosters a set start on halfway

Scored by Michael Jennings. Kick to come.

Michael Jennings sails into a massive hole on the Bulldogs try line and he posts first points as Mitchell Pearce links with him

Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.

James Maloney from just inside the eastern sideline nails the conversion attempt to close the gap to two points

36: Trent Hodkinson ruled to have knocked on as he dived on a loose ball as the kick from the Roosters was batted back in field.

37: Penalty to the Roosters as the Bulldogs fail to clear the ruck. The penalty goal on offer is taken as James Maloney lines up with the attempt

Penalty goal attempt by James Maloney successful.

James Maloney makes no mistake with the conversion of the penalty goal from beside the posts

40: HALF TIME at Allianz Stadium sees the rain continue to fall at Moore Park as the teams head into the sheds locked at 8-all

40: Second half is UNDERWAY at Allianz Stadium with the Sydney Roosters kicking off

42: Penalty awarded to the Bulldogs as Dylan Napa was ruled to have stripped the ball free in the ruck. The Bulldogs kick for touch and attack 20 metres out

Mitchell Pearce makes an unforced error.

Mitchel Pearce unable to take a pass from Daniel Mortimer and the mistake sees the Bulldogs scrum 30 metres out

46: The Bulldogs unable to use the scrum play and a mistake comes. James Maloney feeds a scrum for his team deep in their own half.

47: Beautiful leaping catch from Chase Stanley as he defused the kick from the Roosters. Bulldogs attack deep in their own half now

48: ZERO TACKLE called for the Roosters as the ball is dropped by the Roosters. They attack 35 metres out from the Bulldogs try line.

48: Isaac Lui backing his way into a tackle comes up with a mistake which lets the pressure off the Bulldogs pack. Hodkinson feeds a scrum feed 10 metres off their goal line.

51: Josh Reynolds with a poor kick on the end of the Bulldogs set, Michael Jennings takes possession on the fly and the Roosters attack deep in their half

55: PENALTY for a lifting tackle, Corey Thompson lifted Shaun Kenny-Dowall above the horizontal.

56: VIDEO REFEREE for Daniel Tupou, we have NO TRY as he appeared to slide over the sideline when grounding.

56: NO TRY! Josh Reynolds with a brilliant try saver on Daniel Tupou as he flew across and forced him over the sideline before grounding.

61: Josh Reynolds was flying through off a second kick from Trent Hodkinson on the last tackle. However, the Roosters through Minichiello clean up. Bulldogs unlucky not to score there

66: Trent Hodkinson is deflected off a Roosters defender which stops the kick making distance. Roosters attacking just inside the Bulldogs half.

66: ZERO TACKLE for the Roosters, they are on the Bulldogs try line

67: Josh Reynolds jumped the defensive line too early and it's a penalty to the Roosters. Jake Friend takes the tap 10 metres out

Field goal attempt by Mitchell Pearce unsuccessful.

Mitchell Pearce takes a snap at field goal on last tackle and it's just wide of the posts.

68: Time off here as Chase Stanley has been assisted off the field with an arm injury. Looks in a horrible way

Field goal attempt by Josh Reynolds successful.

Josh Reynolds lined up the field goal from right in front of the posts as he took the pass from Hodkinson. Beautiful play from the Bulldogs to fool the defence of the Roosters

72: Time off here, Trent Hodkinson has been cleaned up. Looking at it now as Jake Friend came in and made contact as he kicked.

72: Trent Hodkinson rejoins the Bulldogs defence and the Roosters attack 10 metres off their goal line.

74: INJURY UPDATE: Chase Stanley suffered a dislocated shoulder, he is sitting on the sideline now

75: KNOCK ON SBW! Bulldogs fan celebrate as Sonny Bill drops the ball. Scrum for the Bulldogs 40 metres out

75: Mitchel Pearce dives on the kick from Hodkinson and the Roosters have a lot of work to do to steal this game.

James Maloney makes an unforced error.

James Maloney unable to take possession of a rushed pass from Daniel Tupou as he bolted down the sideline. Bulldogs in control here over the Roosters

77: Trent Hodkinson slots a grubber kick through the defence of the Roosters on last tackle. Minichiello comes up with the ball 2 metres short of his own goal line

79: Anthony Minichiello unable to take the inside pass and the Bulldogs get a change over on halfway.

80: FULL TIME at Allianz Stadium has seen the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have defeated the 2013 Premiers, the Roosters, 9-8 in horribly wet conditions.