Rhys Wesser vs Tammin Sursok

It is the age old debate rearing its ugly head up again. We are going to have to break it down by going through the facts and we will sit on the fence no more. I am an impartial judge when it comes to this heated topic, so I have taken upon myself to come up with the answer for the people, like myself, who are fans of both entertainers. We will come to a conclusion as to who is the greatest to watch. Tammin Sursok or Rhys Wesser. The soap opera and one hit wonder beauty up against the lightning fast number one for the Penrith Panthers rugby league side.

Both of these stars are naturally born talents. That is obvious. The pair's talents lie in the different fields of entertainment and sporting abilities, and due to this, it makes the debate more of a challenge to determine which one of the two is most enjoyable to view.

It was my former Bluebags teammate, Gorilla, who said Wesser had a head only a mother could love. True, you may not find him as attractive as other male sport stars, such as Michael Bevan. But still, the ladies, as well as the men, pack Credit Union Australia Stadium, Penrith to see this man do what he does every round; step, speed and score. Tammin could fill a twenty-five thousand capacity ground with blokes wanting the best perve you could possible get. But after that what is she going to do? Yes, she has a fair voice and then would probable sing a few of her less than fair songs that were written for her. But I doubt that it her ability to sing would pull in the crowds as much as Wesser?s ability to gain four points for his team. Yes, she may be able to act somewhat, but the script of a live Home and Away show would not gain a hefty audience. Maybe she could show her real acting abilities by performing Othello, but I really think that South Sydney would get a bigger crowd to a home match then Sursok would to one of her Shakespearian plays.

There is nothing fake about Wesser. The fact is Wesser is all Wesser. The fullback did not need enhancements to achieve his goal of a premiership. He did not need to alter his body to sprint away for those one hundred metre tries of his. He has such a natural ability that God has given him and he is using it to his full potential to win games for the Panthers and win over fans.

Though people maybe believe that Sursok mimes, that is not the case?but Tammin has got fake breasts. She couldn?t have the fan base without the augmentations to her face, lips and chest that she has clearly needed to impress.

If you cannot see any point to this article, then not to fret. It probably does not have any meaningful reason for being written. What I have done is gotten two of my most favourite sporting and acting stars together in one article. It was fun to do so. And that is what sport, music, movies/television and Forum Sevens are all about; fun.

Wesser and Sursok are totally different people in different professions and there is no possible way that you can compare one to the other. But what they both have in common is that they entertain fans. Tammin entertains young female fans (as well as me) with her songs and shows, as well as males fans with her looks. Rhys entertains Penrith and Queensland fans with his rugby league skills. And the pair entertains very well.

All work and no play make all of us dull people. Having fun and being entertained is a very important part of life. We need time to relax, chill and veg out. Too much work and stress leads to professional fatigue and indivertibly to health problems. Not always the health problems you can see as well.

So I guess the point to this article is that I am thanking such fav celebs of mine for keeping me happy, health and having fun. And I?ll keep writing these far out articles while playing Forum Sevens to keep me entertained and loving life!