Ricky Stuart issued a breach notice

The Canberra Raiders have been issued a breach notice following comments by coach Ricky Stuart about the refereeing during last weekend's game against Penrith.

NRL Head of Football, Mr Todd Greenberg, said the NRL had a duty to protect match officials against excessive criticism or comments which attacked their integrity.

He said the comments and language used by Ricky Stuart on the weekend were excessive and a $10,000 breach notice has been issued to the Raiders.

The Raiders now have five working days to respond to the notice and will not be making further comment on the issue.


Your Two Cents...

  • George

    Ricky Stuart. Where do we begin? If he paid more attention on his coaching staff, players & club he would win a few matches & not have to cry over what he sees as poor refereeing decisions.
    This poor guy inherited a great team fin the Roosters from Graham Murray & subsequently destroyed them, went to my Sharkies & got kicked out, then went to Parramatta & did even worse than the previous coach. oh yeh, then he leaves them in the toilet & goes to the Raiders on a million dollars a year & his team dishes up crap every week. Extremely over rated coach. He use to have a tag line in the Sunday Telegraph column as the games greatest thinker. He now doesn't say that... It should be the games biggest cry baby.
    Toughen up you piss poor excuse for a first grade football coach!



    I'm neither a Raider's or Ricky Stuart fan but how ridiculous. Talk about a money grabbing exercise!!! All officials performances should be held up for analysis when required and the standard of referees and their decisions this year have been appalling.
    Considering we now have 2 referees, 2 linesman and 2 in the video box and they still make glaring errors instead of fining Canberra they need to get their own house in order. Maybe Canberra need to counter sue,
    Blood ridiculous decision as Ricky just showing passion which is what we need in league not the opposite.