Ricky Stuart speaks out

The Canberra Raiders' recent disappointing recruitment results will not alter or affect this club's commitment to developing a successful football team in the future.

As the club's head coach, I am fortunate to have such a strong and supportive board and management, an extremely talented and experienced coaching and high performance team and a wonderful group of players who want to be successful.

When I was chosen for this job - which I regard as one of the privileged coaching appointments in the NRL - I recognised, as did our board, that we needed to recruit players in key positions that would add the necessary strength around the players on our existing roster.

Despite the recent disappointments of losing players whom we had identified to fulfil these roles, I want to assure, in particular, our members and fans, stakeholders and the Canberra community that we will continue to push forward with an aggressive recruitment program that's aimed at bringing deserved success to a great football club. These disappointments have only added to our resolve to achieve our goals.

We want players at the Raiders who share our vision and who will have pride in our jersey.

We have a clear and uncompromising plan to achieve the big picture and the Canberra Raiders will continue to seek to bring success to our organisation.


Your Two Cents...

  • George

    Seriously, Stuart is a knob. His ability to destroy teams he goes to is evident. Inherited Roosters side from Murray & they got rid of him. Went to My Sharkies & got kicked out. Went to Parramatta & took them to the wooden sponge & now on a million a year has Canberra in turmoil. Assistant coaches don't talk to each other & various players not talking to coaches & some players.
    As for a privileged coaching position, no one wantas the job. No one wants to play under this clown & no one wants to go there even if you pay them way over the odds.. Instead of crying & talking crap, get off your ass & do your job. You're an embarrassment & no one is interested in listening to your crap. Results count, not the bullshit you dish out week after week.


  • Malcolm Belcher

    Reads like Ricky is trying to convince himself.