Rip Off Tags Nothing New

The NZRL has been inundated with calls from Rugby League Development personnel throughout the country following a news item on TV One news about the introduction of 'Rippa Rugby' to NZ Schools.

A non-contact version of Rugby League (using Velcro belts and flags) known as 'Tag' has been delivered in NZ Schools and clubs since 2000 by paid and volunteer development personnel from Northland to Southland.

The game was first developed by coaching staff at the St George Dragons as a training tool and was introduced to Australian and NZ clubs in the early 1990's as an alternative to 'Touch'.

Since 2000 the game has been delivered to schools as a non-contact introduction to the game of Rugby League by the Australian Rugby League and New Zealand Rugby League development Foundations.

In 2001 'League Tag' was recognised by the Hillary Commission as a modified version of Rugby League in its KiwiSport junior programme.

NZRL acknowledges that Rugby Union has modified the rules to suit their game and wishes them every success in their endeavours to grow junior participation in sport.

It is also timely to acknowledge the investment in time, energy and money that has gone into the delivery of this concept by dedicated Rugby League personnel over many years.