Robbo Reckons

As another Christmas and New Year have gone and if you?re like me you?ve eaten and drank too much and also already have broken your News Years resolution, mine was not to eat or drink too much, well let me tell you I blew that one out of the water. It seems not everybody is aware of the white boot jinx first started by Graham Langlands in the 1975 Grand Final when he got a needle to play in the biggest game of the year and it didn?t work and left him a passenger on one leg. We?ve also had our share of misfortune with players in white boots at the Dolphins when Chris ?Choppy? Close was sent off in last competition game of 1981 and suspended he missed out on our semi final campaign and as you people old enough to remember will know we lost the grand final in the last twenty seconds when Mick Reardon dived over for a try. Fast forward to 2004. The former darling of the Dolphin Oval faithful Wayne ?Krusty? Miller trotted out in an over 35?s soccer game one Friday night in a pair of flash new white boots after a short sprint down the grand stand side in front of the crowd before play started Wayne thought he was warmed up enough but just two minutes into the game the curse struck and Krusty tore his hammy and took no further part in the match he was last seen limping away to the dressing rooms with an ice pack strapped to his leg muttering something about white boots. Mind you this was after his workmates at club had warned him all day about the curse you should?ve listened Wayne. With so many new faces around Dolphin Oval for next season the inevitable crowning of nicknames has begun and leading the way is A Grade coach Iggy Graham the self appointed christener of the nicknames. In 1987 when I first come to the Club as a colt we had Dave Brown playing for us and he was called ?Burger? then a couple of years back came his eldest son Mark who got christened ?Junior Burger? and this year along comes number two son Jordan and of course he?s been tagged ?Mini Burger?. Youngster Abe Barrett walked to into training only to hear the A Grade coach start calling him ?Lincoln? as in Abraham Lincoln.It seems even some of the older players are getting new nicknames when Adam Starr turned up to training with new recruit Shannon Fish who boards with Adam and his wife Lou, Starry copped the nickname ?Chips? as in here comes Fish and Chips. Daniel Green who seems to have put on a few kilos in the off-season has scored the nickname ?JB? for jelly belly, new Colt Kim Phoenix has scored ?River? as his nickname after actor River Phoenix, Duane O?Grady has got ?DOG? as his after his initials, Shane Perry is Merlin because he works for Wizard and it goes on and on. It?ll be no rest for the boys as they start back at training on January 3 and I am sure Gilly will give them some tough sessions before we lead into our first trial against reigning premiers Burleigh at Pizzey Park in February. And it?s no easy start to the Queensland Cup in March we draw Norths away, Easts home and Burleigh away to kick start the year. Should be tough start but I think we get away with the three games. One thing we do need at home games is bigger crowds so grab a mate and head on down for a game. It?s the best value for money ticket in town. Just like a ticket to a Dolphins a game if you want value for money and the best deal on a new or used car on the Peninsula pop out to Rothwell and see the Keystar team. Until next month Cheers Robbo