Robbo Reckons

A week is a longtime in footy after copping a hiding against Norths in round one at Bashup Park the Dolphins struck back with vengeance against traditional enemies Easts with a clean sweep of all grades.

If some of you fans are wondering about some of the player?s facial hair the boys are having a low mo competition. There are some good ones. Sam Fillery looks like a 1970?s porno star, Chris Fox looks like he?s straight off Australia?s most Wanted and he?s not alone and even Iggy Graham has got in the act but Iggy why did you dye yours grey.

It was good to see the number of former players in the crowd from different era?s at the Easts game we had big Dessy, Col Weier and Jim Houghton from the 60?s, Tony Obst, Vic Tighe, Forrester Grayson, Bobby Jones from the 70?s, Steve Cherry, John Boxsell, Mick Webb, Greg Conescu, Bryan Niebling from the 80?s, Barry Denduck, Myself, Tony Vidler, Crusher, Wayne Miller from the 90?s and one of the games icons Arthur Beetson.Who along with Rupert McCall were at the game to show support for the Club we all spilt blood for in our fight with the right to keep our Dolphin logo. For me I am a proud Dolphin supporter and if you are proud of your Clubs history like I am vote online to help us save our history and traditions.

I ventured down to Dolphin Oval early on Sunday morning to see the future of our Club run around for the Keystar junior Dolphins. My young bloke Ben play his first game in the under 7?s. The best thing I saw wasn?t the scoreboard with results that?ll come later but the smiles on the boys and girls faces as they played and after the game. Well done to all involved not just with Benny?s team but all the teams. Junior sport should be all about enjoyment and participation. How about all the people who get along to the juniors with the 40 odd teams we have Crusher, Brian Winney, Katrina as well as Terry and his game day staff need a medal for organizing and running the days. Well done guys and not forgetting the canteen ladies wither who as usual do a top job.

There are quite few talented young players in the Colts side this year and Waverley is working them hard next time you head to Dolphins game try and get there early to watch the colts there are some potential stars of our game running around. Waverley is even introducing some of his old calls from his playing days. As the team was running out I heard a familiar voice coming out of the tunnel yelling our house our house luckily a trainer grabbed Wave before he ran onto the field I think he forgot he didn?t have a jersey on I think with someone as passionate about the Club as Waverley and Iggy our future first graders are in good hands.

It was also good to see a good roll up to first home game and the teams lifted once the crowds got behind them but we are greedy and want more of you, so grab a mate and come down to our next home game and cheer the boys on.

Until next Month Cheers Robbo