Robbo Reckons

I would like to start off giving someone a wrap, I don?t usually do this but I think it?s well deserved with so many of NRL players being in the headlines for the wrong reasons when they do something good it?s not often recognised. Not that this fella wants any recognition for doing it in fact he?d probably rather I not mention it all but I will. Broncos, Queensland and Australian star Petero Civoniceva went back to where it all began on the training fields at Dolphin Oval. What?s so unusual about that you ask well this just happened to be at 9.00 on a Saturday morning after he played a starring role for Broncos in their win over Manly the night before. Petero came down and ran around with the kids training and signed what seemed like a 1000 autographs for half an hour or so and he done this at a time he so easily could?ve been spending it with own family. If you could have seen the smiles on all the kids faces it was gold. Well done Petero you are a great role model and ambassador for the game. Footy wise the season is coming along nicely but there is a long to go and a lot of hard work still be to done. I have people coming up to me and asking can Reddy make the finals this year. I said in a word yes and I?ll take it a step further I believe we can win the competition. Burleigh are certainly the benchmark at the moment, while the Young Guns, Toowoomba and Norths seasons really are decided on what happens with the Cowboys, Broncos and Storm. And then you have Easts and Wynnum who will be there abouts. But I believe when we are firing we can match and get on top of any of these sides. The boys are working really hard at training and in the gym and I believe the results will come. Now onto the serious stuff. For years the Club has had a Goose of the Week award perennial past winners were guys like Trent Clayton and the Jones boys, one year we even changed the name to Jones of the Week because it seemed like one of the brothers would win it every week. But now we have a new contender Shannon Fish, he is in the grand final with those other boys mentioned. I mentioned in another column how he thought Romanian girls come from Rome. Well he?s come up with another couple of classics. Shannon was watching Getaway with Lou Starr when they done a story from Perth, Shannon made the comment ?Perth is that anywhere near Western Australia?. Lou asked him what did you say and he replied the same again and Lou just sat their shaking her head. Another time Adam Starr was playing his one his favourite CD?s by the Doors and with Shannon being a fair bit younger than the veteran front rower asked Fish have you heard of the Doors to which Shannon replied yeah yeah they are good and I really like their lead singer Mick Jagger. I can?t print Starry?s reply this being a family column and all. Now Shannon I know Mick Jagger may look like he?s dead but Jim Morrison was the Doors lead singer and has been dead since 1971. I wonder who the lead singer of the Rolling Stones is these days . After Shane Perry dying his hair it seems the trend is continuing with rugged second rower Danny Burke turning up to training with a red tinge in his hair one week and the next week black. When Burkey was asked by one of the boys why black he replied it?s not black it?s dark wood. It seems one of the players has got the nickname Snuffy after the Sesame Street character Mr Snuffleupagus I guess he must be a closet Sesame Street watcher. Another one from the no names files just who is the former Dolphin hardman of the 90?s who can be seen taking his dog for a walk in a cardigan. What is strange about that you may ask well the fact is the dog is one the one wearing a cardigan and the dog is a Chihuahua. I would tell you who it is but I?m scared what he might to do me when he sees me next, he might Crush me or something. Until next month Cheers Robbo