Robbo Reckons

Well another month has passed by and we are into the season proper now. In what promises to be the best Queensland Cup season yet, plenty of people are keen to write off the boys in red and white. But so far so good as the boys are two from two. And what about the form of young Gavin Cooper he starred in the trials against Ipswich and Toowoomba and then again in his first grade debut against Wynnum when he picked up the players player award. I reckon Danny Burke and Ben Jones will be looking over their shoulders. It has been a mixed a start for the lower grades with the Colts one and one and the reggies none from two. The reggies had the game for the taking against Wynnum but just couldn?t finish it off. I know coach Bertie was pretty disappointed after the Wynnum game after they put in a good showing against Norths. Crusher seems to have a very talented group of youngsters once again. As soon as they get used to the rigors of senior footy they will be very hard to beat. There are a few characters developing in the club early in the season this year we seem to splitting into the Julio?s and the nerds. The Julio?s are the pretty boys and are pretty easy to spot they are the ones putting gel in their hair after games and getting dressed up to the nines while the nerds they don?t bother with combs and are more at home in a pair of thongs and t-shirts. It was just awesome sitting back looking at the size of the crowd at the Roosters vs Broncos game. I?d say there were 11,000 at the game easily but we were bought back to earth pretty quickly with the next home game against Wynnum when a very poor crowd turned up. It seems people expect us to be successful and aren?t bothering to turn up like they used to. I can remember back to 1994 when we hadn?t won a premiership in a long time against the Crushers. There must?ve been 3 to 4,000 there that day and with 12 men we got up for unlikely victory. And I still remember Morgo up on the hill urging the crowd to get behind the boys and they did and I can say it was the crowd that got us home that day. It was just magic the pig pen was in full voice and I?d like to see it get back to that. So if you go to footy grab a mate who hasn?t been in a while and take them along you won?t get better value for money at footy game. Being a man of the world like I am I keep up to date with a lot of things on the internet and no before you ask I don?t know any of those x rated sites. But I stumbled across a good site on the Redcliffe Dolphins the address is there is plenty of information on the site, so next time your out there in cyber space go to the site and add it to your favourites. The webmasters show the highest standard of taste by including this column on the site and I?m told it will even get better. They even have a competition to name the best Dolphin side since the inception of the Broncos in 1988. So if you enter the comp and when it comes to halfback I?m sure you?ll all do the right thing and pick me won?t you. Well I?ll let you go now and remember if you want the best deal on a new or used car on the Peninsula pop out and see the Keystar team and you won?t be disappointed. Until next month Cheers Robbo