Robbo Reckons

G?day everyone can you smell it in the air, before you say have you gone nuts Robbo what I am talking about is some footy action it seems like 12 months since there has been a game and I?m chomping at the bit to get down to the pig pen and see some action. I hear the boys will be sporting a new look and it?ll be great. Well when I played I was always up for a challenge and I had one thrown to me by big Rob from the spare parts section here at Keystar, he challenged me to come up with an A to Z of the Dolphins and more importantly we have a carton on the result and as I said I can?t knock back a challenge so here I go.
A. Action, there is no better action than a day on the hill at Dolphin Oval.
B. Beetson , Big Arthur Rugby League Immortal who began and finished his career with the Dolphins.
C. Cherry there has been about 500 of them play for the Dolphins over the years from under 7?s to first grade.
D. Dolphin the emblem every one of us who ever played for the club is so proud of and well worth fighting for.
E. Eight first grade grand finals we have won 1965, 1994, 1996, 1997 BRL and Qld Cup, 2000, 2002, 2003
F. Fullerton-Smith, Wally represented Queensland and Australia from our club.
G. Gehrke, Bob our first Australian rep.
H. Holloway, Henry. Big H was captain coach of our 1965 premiership winning side.
I. Internationals we?ve 8 represent Australia from our club Gehrke, Oliphant, Close, F-Smith, Niebling, Conescu, Ribot and Murray.
J. Juniors the future of our club. At present we have over 800 players and are the biggest junior club in Queensland.
K. Keystar major sponsors of the junior Dolphins.
L. Legends Peter Leis and Troy Lindsay between them they have racked up a massive 508 games in first grade for the Club.
M. Murray, Mark represented Qld and Australia from the Dolphins he was also our first grade captain, first grade coach and the Club CEO.
N. Nine the amount of first grade grand finals we have lost 1973, 1975, 1977, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1996 Qld Cup, 1999, 2001 Ouch???
O. O?Brien,Clinton our first local junior to play State of Origin.
P. Pearce, Bunny Club legend. His point scoring record of 281 points from 1978 still stands today as the most points scored in a season.
Q. Queensland Reps we?ve had 66 since we entered the BRL in 1960.
R. Robinson, Me of course the best halfback to play for Reddy just ask me. Mmm might get a few arguments over that one but what the heck it?s my column.
S. Shellgrit the Club?s first unofficial nickname.
T. Tighe and Thinee two club legends that both played over 150 first grade games for the club.
U. Ultimate Prize the Queensland Cup lets hope the boys can bring it back to Dolphin Oval in 2006.
V. Van de Velde former first grade player and Coach Darryl, a highly intelligent man who knows potential when he sees it, he got me down from Mackay.
W. Webb. Big Dessy the heartbeat of the club. Player, Manager, Administrator, President, there isn?t much Des hasn?t done around the place.
X. XXXX drop into the pig pen and get a cool treat off the Old Boys while you watch the boys play.
Y. Yow Yeh, Kevin Yow Yeh an excitement machine who brought crowds to their feet everytime he touched the ball..
Z. Zero the number of times the mighty Dolphins have come last in first grade.

Until next month
Cheers Robbo