Robbo Reckons

We are back in the real stuff now playing for two points each week. After some patchy trial form the Dolphins have started with two solid wins.

Round 1 against Ipswich took its toll with several injuries and 4 suspensions. Ipswich will be real competitive this season actually there isn?t an easy game in competition anymore as the Comets showed when they beat Burleigh last week then put twenty four unanswered points on us in twenty five minutes. But we didn?t turn it up the boys just put their heads down and worked their way back into the game. The Highlight of the game was a 100 metre try from fullback Ryan Cullen who defused a kick on his own tryline and danced, weaved, ducked and shimmied his way through the Comets defence to score a great solo try.

Back in my day when you were hurt you would go and sit at the ute and talk to the trainers, managers and Bevan Canning who was always at the ute I think he reserved a seat there each session.

But not now they train harder than the guys who are playing and the man leading the charge is Mick Neiland who is in his second season with us. Now when you meet Mick you think gees he?s a good bloke that is until you have to train with him and being a family column it prevents me from telling you some of the things the boys say about Mick who has the nick name Patrolman Pain and if Mick can?t make it doesn?t get any easier Sergant Slaughter Tony Guilfoyle takes the session. I tell you none of our guys take the soft option and not train when they can.

Nick Walker has had a busy off season getting married as we saw in the paper and also taking up some knew hobbies. Reports are coming in thick and fast that Nick is going horse riding and taking his lovely new bride on romantic picnics, and he is even having dancing lessons. Now come on Tex you are giving front rowers a bad name pull your head will you.

When the boys had the bye in round one a few of the lads went into to pay a visit to Phil Shilvock at Merthyr Bowls Club for a few cool treats and a roll up. Now it wasn?t a fancy dress day quite a few boys were a touch surprised to see Chris Jelich turn up in a pink strapless dress and a g string and if you know Chris it isn?t a pretty sight. Maybe we have found another side of Chris we didn?t know about. Needless to say as bowlers the boys are great rugby league players.

A few little stories made there way back to me from the Queensland Cup launch one particular story was Grant Crusher Cleal trying to get our playing kit back off a mannequin it looked like he was auditioning for a role in Brokeback Mountain.

There was also a promotion for Wizard to see who could wizard sign with a Golf Ball from 100 metres away each person got one each well Charlie Day decided after his 50th go and not getting with in 100 metres of the sign he?d give it a miss. James Hinchey was the straightest except he was 50 metres over the top of it.

The KEYSTAR Dolphin juniors are also back into it and once again I can?t say enough about the junior staff and volunteers you all do a great job getting everything organized and running smoothly for the day. From the Office staff, ground controllers, Canteen operators, Coaches, Mangers everybody you do a really good job well done. If you could get an arial shot of Dolphin Oval when the juniors are on it would resemble an ant warren.

Until next month Cheers Robbo