Robbo Reckons

G?day everyone we are well and truly into the season now and we are sitting pretty well on the ladder. Despite a couple of ordinary performances in the last few games we have managed to get seven players into the City side to play Country. Unfortunately Nick Emmett had to withdraw from the side after being suspended but big prop Pat Gardner comes into the 17 in his spot. It is good to finally see Danny Burke get some recognition from the rep selectors. He has been one of our best for the last few years but when it came rep time his name was never one read out, well done Burkey. Also good to see Mario Guimelli gets a start for the Queensland Rangers side on their tour of New Zealand.

While talking about rep footy how about former Dolphin Adam Mogg?s debut for Queensland in State of Origin two at Lang Park. He was sensational I know quite a few Reddy guys were at the game supporting him. I watched it at home with my boys, I was proud as punch to tell them I used to play with Moggy. They just looked at me and laughed and said yeah dad sure, that brought me down to earth real quick.

I?ve been doing a bit more research to come up with some more nicknames of the boys to share with you I?ve heard Richie Russell is Cadbury?s, Sam Schull from the Colts is Herman. We have the Spaghetti Brothers in the backline in A Grade Chris Guimelli and Adam Luchetti, Tim Yee is Rowdy because he speaks so much.
I know you have been waiting for the Shannon Fish update for this month and yes he does have one comment that sticks to my mind immediately. The boys were in the sheds one night when Fishy popped up and asked what month is Oktoberfest in.
And it appears Ryan Cullen has been hanging out with Shannon too long. Ryan got called up to train with the Broncos and Coach Wayne Bennett asked him his what his Christian name was, Ryan just looked at Wayne with a funny look on his face and said what do you mean Wayne replied what?s your first name you goose.
Reports are filtering back to me from all over the state from the millions and millions of readers from my column. When the City side came into Mt Isa they saw a big lake and one our boys in the side who plays prop and it wasn?t Starry or Cow said Gees the sea comes in a long way up here.

It?s great to see young Timmy Yee getting a few games in the top grade, even he isn?t all that familiar with the position he is making a good fist of it. It?s good to see the senior players still try and test out the rookies, when the boys were at the airport to go to Rockhampton Danny Burke asked Timmy if he had his passport for the trip, I have it on good authority Burkey got caught with that same trick when he was a youngster.

The Club is chasing any videos of games or highlights from the 1970?s or 1980?s apart from the grand finals if anybody out there can help can they get in contact with the club.

Until Next Month
Cheers Robbo
Up the Dolphins