Robbo Reckons

Another month has come and gone, how quick is the year going only a few more weeks and its semi final time. The Dolphins are looking pretty good in all three grades and are a chance of regaining the Club Championship. Over the last month there have been plenty of good signs for the Dolphins despite being on the wrong end of some results. The emergence of Tim Yee as a first grader is one that immediately springs to mind and overall the group of talented young players we have in our club aged 16 to 19. Matt Gillett isn?t far away from Queensland Cup selection, Logan Sullivan, Foisa Peni, Michael Wilson, Tim Benson have all performed well in A Grade. With Colts stepping up it also gives opportunities to the guys in under 18?s and they too have grabbed them with both hands Liufau Hala, Takai Tikinau, Tommy Butterfield, Adam Marr, Jake Marketo, Jack Reed and Rhys Cooke have all done very well when called upon. I think everybody should get down to Dolphin Oval early and watch these young guys go around you won?t be disappointed. It seems Shannon Fish is rubbing off on everybody at the Club whether this is a good thing or not I?m not sure yet. Story 1 City were playing Country in Cloncury Gary Belcher from the FOGS was the invited guest to do the ceremonial kick off and as you know on these occasions the players just stand there watch the kick off then the ball comes back and they do it for it real. But our brains at the back Ryan Cullen chased Badge?s kick off down field and attempted to make a tackle. Story 2 Prue Byrne the better half of Mick Roberts was in Melbourne to watch Mick play for the Queensland side. They were talking about Mick?s Maroons jersey when Prue asked what colour is the jersey. While talking about the Melbourne game Adam Starr got a cork during the game and was on an exercise bike on the sideline to keep the leg going when one wag from the crowd yelled out to Starry ?Hey number 16 get the pikelet off your head. Obviously referring to Adams bald spot. I am also trying to confirm if it was our very Troy Lindsay who was spotted in Molly Meldrum?s hot tub at an after Origin party. Rumours flying around thick and fast that there are wedding bells in the air for a popular Dolphins back rower. I think I might walk to BURKE and back if it?s true. The Dolphins had their annual ladies day against the Seagulls, The ladies enjoyed a few cold treats on the hill as they watched their partners run around, I?m not sure who was more vocal the pig pen or the ladies.The two lower grades done the job unfortunately the top grade didn?t aim up and got smashed. As a result I now owe Coach Wharton a carton of Crown Lager. As I said with semi finals quickly approaching the boys all the support they can muster so grab a mate and head on down to Dolphin Oval for a great day?s entertainment. Pop over to the Old Boys Can Bar for a coldy and tell them Robbo sent you.

Until next month Robbo