Robbo Reckons

It?s not often I am lost for words but how good was that win. Unfortunately I was in Mackay and missed possibly the greatest grand final win our club has ever seen although I am a tad biased towards 1997 myself. But I was yelling as loud as anyone down the TV, I can tell you those around me thought I was MAD ?.. And I know many people who would agree.
I must congratulate Hook and all his staff, Gilly, Sounda, Whitey for a great job, as well as all the trainers Foo, Silent, Pecker, Jezza, Patrolman Pain all the boys who never get the wraps but work as hard behind the scenes as anyone in the Club and of course the man who bought it all together the boss Punchy.
Since my last column the Colts got knocked out one game short, it just wasn?t your day against Wynnum also well done to everyone involved with that side during the year you can all hold your head high. I reckon a few of these guys can go a long way in the game David Hala is off to the Roosters, Tim Yee has already played Queensland Cup, Matt Gillett, Matt Handcock, Logan Sullivan, Tim Benson just to name a few will who will push onto bigger and better things.
All the reports I got was that the boys are training well and will not lose. On the Wednesday night session the boys had some special guests drop into training Patron Dick ?Tosser? Turner addressed the troops, Tony Obst, Greg Conescu, Trevor Benson, Bob Jones, Dessy and Terry Webb were all there to lend their support and wish them the best. And game day there were a stack of ex players at Lang Park willing the boys onto victory in the crowd was Wally Fullerton-Smith, Bryan Niebling, Shawn Rubesaame, Festa Clanchy, Johnny Boxsell, Dennis Clarke, Jimmy Cowell, Greg Oliphant, Jason Campbell, Trent Leis just to name a few and the first player in the sheds after the game to say g?day and congratulate everyone was a bloke who had a bit of success at Lang Park earlier this year Adam Mogg. A phone call was placed to former captain Luke Scott from the sheds. They say being part of the Dolphins is very special and I?d say they are right.

Now one more time for Starry everybody sing along
Who are, who are, who are we
We are, we are the RFC
Where do we come from rah, rah, rah
Redcliffe, Redcliffe rah, rah, rah
Cheers boys here we are from Redcliffe
Every time we play, we play to win, play to win
We?ll show them one and all
With our backs against the wall
You cannot beat the good Reddy boys
Hip Rah, Hip Rah, Hip Rah

Redcliffe Dolphins 2006 Premiers sounds just right
Until next month
Cheers Robbo