Robbo Reckons

Another month has quickly passed and the boys are sitting on top of the Queensland Cup table. And with the three wins last weekend we also move back to the top of the club championship. It?s something that the Redcliffe Club unashamedly puts a lot of work into winning. We are very proud of the fact that we have won nine out of the last ten years and I hope we can bring it home again. As I write this we are preparing for a very tough match against Toowoomba in Toowoomba. Last week Tweed Heads came to play and had us a bit off our game but the boys stuck to their guns and came with the two points. I was pretty confident we could bring it home. Toowoomba vs Redcliffe always seems to have that little bit extra in them, often very physical encounters. It will be a huge test for the Dolphins but one I think we can pass and bring it home. There is talk of us going through the season undefeated which is very premature and hasn?t originated out our camp. Personally I can?t see it happening, it would be great if it did but I just can?t see it. What?s that old saying ?With each win you are one game closer to a loss?. I mentioned last month about Juilo?s and nerds, yes I did pinch it from the Aussie cricket side. We are trying to work out who to make captain of the Julio?s it?s a toss up between Shane Perry, David Simpson and Grant Flugge the skipper will selected by who uses the most product in his hair. I think Simmo might bring it home. A new Rugby League commentating star is born I?ve hundreds no thousands of letters, emails and phone calls about my interview on TV with Warren Boland after half time on ABC last weekend. Most from my mates bagging me but I tell you there was still a lot of fan mail, trust me I?m car salesman would I lie to you. I?m heading to the top watch out Fatty and Sterlo I?m gunning for you. Many of the calls said it was one of the most entertaining chats they?ve heard with Warren that they have ever heard. Most of the bagging I seemed to cop came from my good mate Iggy Graham who was on me like seagull to a hot chip about me saying ?we?ll bring it home? all the time, I think Iggy could be a bit mistaken I don?t say it that that often just check this column. With the rep season approaching and already the club feeling the effects of a big injury toll the boys need you at our games cheering them on. As I?ve said many times before Dolphin Oval is one of the best grounds in Queensland to play at with vocal home crowd behind you it really does lift you and drive you to want to win. Remember is little saying ?Redcliffe Our City the Dolphins Our Team? Well all good things come to an end and no I don?t mean this column I mean my holidays after 4 weeks of eating, drinking, drinking, eating, drinking and more drinking whoops that should be mowing the lawn, doing the gardening and sharpening the mower blades. I?m trying to turn my garden shed into one of those like on the Carlton Midstrength adds on TV, gees I hope the misses isn?t reading this. I?m heading back to work so if you are looking for the best deal on the Peninsula for a new or used car pop out to Keystar and see one of the team. And tell them Robbo sent you.

Until next month Cheers Robbo