Robbo Reckons

G?day everybody isn?t it good having the tri nations on TV it gives us footy tragics a bit shorter off season. And if you are like me you don?t mind a bit of biffo and a few big hits, you?d be really enjoying this season. And as we sit back and enjoy a few cold beers watching the footy and cricket after work, spare a thought for the players. It just seems like a few weeks ago the boys were playing in the grand final. You?d think they?d be having a well earned rest but no they are out slogging it out on the training paddock under the watchful eye of Sergeant Major Tony Guilfoyle. During the season I was lucky enough to attend a luncheon at the club and the guest speaker was mountaineer Michael Groom, he is a truly inspirational speaker. Well some of that must have rubbed off onto Dolphins assistant coach Gary O?Brien. Gary a teacher took a group of kids climbing and of course he was there to look after them but led me to think, who was going to look after Gary. As it happened Sounda had a little accident on the way down the hill he describes as Everest like and injured his ankle leaving him laid up at home for a few weeks. I don?t know about his students but I used to dream of something like that happening to my teachers. I know some people think front rowers are dumb and well some of them have given plenty of good reasons to think that over the years as well. Now you?d think after just playing a winning grand final side and retiring after 15 years of senior footy you would be kicking back and relaxing having a few beers with your mates telling lies about how good you were (That?s what I done anyway) but not Adam Starr, Starry has been seen in the gym at Dolphin Oval 3 days a week working harder than anyone. I have only one question why Starry. Or will this be the shortest retirement in history. I remember as kid in Mackay watching the Sunday night BRL match of round on TV and whenever Norths played and Campbell Dews would get the ball you would the crowd chant Zuuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuu and since then the nearest cheer I?ve heard to that was the Toooooookey cheer everytime he carted the ball up. Hopefully I?ll be hearing a few of those cheers coming from the pig pen next when Mark Tookey is carting it up for the Dolphins. One of Dolphin Ovals favourite sons made a comeback to sporting field a few weeks back. The girls from the retirement home were there lending support to our hero, the familiar cough was heard and the song Wild Thing blared out over the PA system the crowd erupted as Wayne Krusty Miller ran out in the local 35?s soccer comp the white boots were on, the bike shorts were on, he warmed up with a few sprints down the grand stand touchline in front of the laughing spectators. Then 30 seconds into the game Miller went looking for space and took off only to fall to the ground like he?d been shot but it was his hammy that shot.

All the best to everyone over the Christmas period, may you all have a happy and safe holiday period and a great new year.

Until next month Cheers Robbo