Robbo Reckons

Isn?t it good to finally get a few wins back on the board after four losses in a row? I thought I was going to have to hand out the words to the club song again it?s been that long since we?ve heard it. All three grades against Souths Logan at home was a good way to get the momentum rolling (hopefully). Next assignment Easts at Langlands Park in the lower grades and the Young Guns in Cairns for the top graders. Let?s just say the lower grades didn?t go the way we planned. Both coaches were bitterly disappointed with their chargers efforts. From all reports they went there with big talk but when it came time they couldn?t walk the walk and surrended without much of a fight which is not like us at all and not how their coaches played. As you know the old saying what goes on tour stays on tour but here are a few stories from up in Cairns. My spies tell me it was great game to watch it had everything good tries, punishing defence and a few stinks. Some people love to see flashy backs scoring long distance tries but I don?t mind seeing two blokes going one on one in a slugfest, usually nobody gets to hurt and as long as there is no cheap shots. I wish I was up there to see to see Jaiman Lowe and Danny Burke go at it. I?ve been asked by Grant Flugge not to let it be known he was toweled up in a fight by the little North Queensland half back Nathan Fein so I won?t. As many of you know the Redcliffe Leagues Club purchased the Kangaroos Leagues Club in Cairns and they had a bit of a shin dig up there Friday Night. And as usual our Red and White supporters made the trip but it seems the Cairns weather didn?t agree with some of them or was it the wine by all reports there was a few sore heads the next day. Another funny incident happened everybody was at the ground and in the sheds getting ready for the game when a player said where?s Yatesy (Peter Yates) I need a rub, nobody found him it turns out Peter laid down for a sleep and slept past the bus departure time but he made to the ground in time for warm up time. I don?t know what Pete was more upset at, the fact nobody noticed him missing on the bus or that he had he pay the cab fare to the ground. From time to time when the travels the players are asked for autographs but I believe a first happened in Cairns when CEO James Hinchey was spotted signing autographs, it must have been from the national TV coverage he?s been getting lately or maybe because of his crooked nose they thought he was a player as was so kindly pointed out to everyone on A Current Affair. I am dirty I didn?t go on this on trip it meant somebody had to do my normal job of checking the local drinking establishments for good spots for the team to go to on the Saturday night after the game. From what I hear it was a very extensive search they done. All in all one weekend doesn?t make a season so the lower grades can still bounce back and the top grade know they still have plenty of work to do to be a force in the competition. Let?s hope next home game July 4 vs Brothers-Valleys we get a big home crowd. Wynnum and Burleigh are now both ahead of us for crowds who get behind their sides and in tight spots both those sides lifted against us and got home by two points, so don?t think it doesn?t make a difference. And don?t forget if you want the best deals in new and used cars come out and see the friendly Keystar team. Cheers Robbo.