Robbo Reckons

What a difference a month makes in football just 5 weeks ago plenty people around town were saying we?re gone and even more where happy to see it. But there was never any panic in the Redcliffe camp. The touch ups we got from the Comets and Easts seems a lifetime ago. It hasn?t been easy either with the Tweed game a very physical game and with five players backing up from the Residents game it was a very satisfying win. And comments out of the Tweed camp saying they ?smacked? us in the forwards didn?t sit well with our big men. So they were pretty fired up for the clash with Toowoomba also remembering the Clydesdales forwards taunts that we were soft in the middle from the last clash it was always going to be a bruising encounter. But there is nothing new in that I?m sure many of you will remember some of the clashes from years gone by. A good sign for the Dolphins in the win against Toowoomba was that Danny Burke finished a match against them without getting sent off. A good sign for the Fins is the good form of the A graders who?ve stepped up to top grade over the last few weeks Joe Burley, Tex Walker, Chris Bond, Joe Burley, Charlie Vis and Quin Smith have all played well and would be regular first graders at just about any club in the comp. It?s good to see Gavin Cooper back on the paddock after a lengthy spell on the sidelines with glandular fever. Coops is just one of several Dolphins who look like stepping up into NRL clubs. It wouldn?t surprise me to see Danny Green, Ben Jones, and Shane Perry all get offers to go NRL organisations next year. There have been a number of milestones reached in the last month Damien Richters and Danny Burke both joined the 100 game club and Richto also become the all-time leading point scorer in Queensland Cup history. And again we were well represented in the Queensland Residents side with Trent Leis, Justin McKay, Danny Green, Ben Jones, Adam Starr and Troy Lindsay all in the side and it quite easily could have been more with Shane Perry being selected in both the City and Queensland sides but withdrawing for personal reasons and Brian Jellick and Damien Richters both withdrawing from the City side that took on Country. It?s been an interesting month for the Jones clan losing things, Benny Jones in Barcaldine with the City side he had half the town, the local Police force, the neighbouring towns police force, the Army reserve and the boy scouts out looking for his lost mobile phone then only to find it hidden in his shoe right where he left it. And to top things off the very next week in the Queensland Residents camp Ben left his wallet on the team bus and lost all his cash. Brother Daniel had his car stolen whilst not to be out done father Bob lost his car keys and blamed everyone bar himself only to find them later on in the garden. With the season almost over there aren?t too many chances left to see the boys in action at Dolphin Oval so let?s all get down to the ground and cheer the boys home a big vocal crowd can lift the side so let?s get down and bring the boys home. For the best deal on a new car pop out to Rothwell and see one of our friendly team. Until next month Cheers Robbo.