Robbo Reckons

Well for the first time since 1993 the Redcliffe first grade side isn?t in the semi finals and I?d be lying if I said it didn?t hurt but we?ll bounce back make no bones about that. The first grade and colts may be out of contention but Bertie Campbell?s A graders are still in there flying the flag, so all you supporters get along and cheer the boys home. Injuries haven?t been kind to us but we won?t use that for an excuse we just were not good enough when it mattered. Losing Daniel Green and Andrew Wynyard was a negative but on the positive side we saw the emergence of the Texas Ranger Nick Walker who more than held his own in top company. An interesting comment was heard from the doctor that Wynny was carrying a few too many kilos around the mid rift so it looks like I?ll have to get on to Wally and get him to cut down Wynny?s muffin intake at smoko. Words cannot describe the admiration I have for Troy Lindsay. Seeing him cart it in to the Burleigh pack time after time made we wish I could put a jersey on just to help him out. Cowboy is the first to training and last to leave and leaves no stone unturned in his preparation if he has an injury he gives himself every chance to play. And his form well I think the old bloke is playing as well as he ever has. I just wish he was 21 not 31. When we were up in Rockhampton CEO James Hinchey and myself to catch up for chardonnay with our old mate Ross O?Reilly who popped into our hotel for chat to catch up on old times. A funny story happened at the Club the other Friday Daley White was working in the garden when a patron come to reception and said there was a strange looking fella hanging about in the garden after three police cars and a motor bike turned up it was worked out that it was actually Daley who was the sus looking bloke. As most of us oldies would remember Bob Geldoff?s band the Boomtown Rats who had a big hit with the song I don?t like Mondays well the Dolphins (And I think cruelly) have a group of players nicknamed the Boomtown Rats because they never train the first session of week. I?m sure it?s just coincidence that these guys are hurt or sick every Tuesday night of the season. Quite a few of the Queensland Cup side have played their last game for the club with Ben Jones, Charles Vis and Gavin Cooper heading to the NRL while Brian Jellick and Matty Anderton head off to the land of red wine and crossoints for the next part of their careers, we wish the boys all the best and if something doesn?t work they?ll always have a home with the Red and White. I have also heard a strong rumour that a future superstar of the game has been signed to long term deal with the Dolphins. He has signed a 16year deal lucrative contract with the Fins, 5 month old Angus Hinchey and strong as an ox already has a strong passing game which he must?ve learned from his mum because we all know he wouldn?t have got it from his dad. Next month I will have the annual Robbo Reckons awards for the year and let me tell you there is no more prestigious award in the game than the Robbo. I?ll have to love you and leave you I?m sure as you all know it?s Mad Monday. Until next month Cheers Robbo.